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We have teamed up with local produce stand:

High Country Produce

{Five Mile & Victory in Boise}

to bring you their best deals on produce.

We are proud to introduce you to:

Craig and Denice Sawin Owners of High Country Produce

High Country Produce started in 2008 in Stanley, Idaho. While we really enjoyed having our Fruit Stand in such a beautiful location surrounded by some of Idaho’s most breath taking views, the season in Stanley came and went too quickly.

Some friends of ours knew Chuck and Sharon Gross, Owners of Five Mile Farms and Greenhouses, and had mentioned that they where looking for someone who would like to run a fruit stand inside one of their buildings. We decided that this was the opportunity we were looking for.

On March, 21st 2009 we opened for business. Since that day we have grown to almost double our original square footage and have gained 100’s of loyal customers. We really appreciate and enjoy each and every one of our customers.

Our goal is to provide not only fresh and local produce, but to have our customers be able to enjoy good old fashion customer service. We want our customers to enjoy the experience of shopping in our market just as much as they enjoy the fresh produce. We are very family oriented and through the past few years our parents and each and every one of our six boys have worked along side us to help build High Country Produce to what it is today. Come in and be a part of our family!

This is how it works:

Every Thursday we will be bringing you new hot produce deals.
To find the latest deals simply look for this button on the site:

Look for these HOT ITEMS THIS WEEK:

Avocados 2 for .89 These are $1 at Albertsons this week

Large Red Bell Peppers .59 each Use these to make one of my favorite recipes.

Large California Navel oranges .49/lb These were .59/lb at Freds last week.

Red Delicious Apples 5 for $1.00

Strawberries $1.79 per 1 pound clamshell. or $11.95 a flat ( 8- 1 lb clams) I have not seen Strawberries this low anywhere yet this year!

XXL Avocados 1.49 each These babies are HUGE! mmm Guacamole to go with your Jose Ole products?

Also Look For:

Click {Five Mile & Victory in Boise} for a MAP!

Make sure you tell them you are FabFruGAL and they will help you find the best deals!


  • Do they have local organics?

    • Ann Wilson

      They carry Cloverleaf products, which are not true organic products but they do use a FEW of the organic processes. I am not sure about their fruits and veggies…

  • Ann Wilson

    It would be so much fun to have a business like this! My favorite part of this place is that in the summer when I buy a watermelon, they tell me which one is ripe! I hate buying watermelon anywhere but local stands. We love riding our bikes over during the summer. One thing I wish they would carry is more of a variety of organics. Congrats!

    • Craig S.

      It is a very fun business, Our customers are what make it fun! I love to pick out the perfect watermelon for our customers, I have even gone as far as cutting the melon in half and letting the customer taste their melon before they buy it. The way we look at it is … anyone can sell you fruits and veggies, but we like our customers to enjoy the experience of shopping in a good old fashion market with good old fashion customer service, as well as enjoying the fresh produce.

  • AJ

    This would totally be worth the drive. I love locally grown produce…mmmm….strawberries!!!

  • Karma N

    There is a possibility that I could get organic milk carried here for a very frugal price! Would there be interest?
    My parents own and operate Organic Acres Dairy in Rupert, Idaho. They produce and bottle USDA certified Organic milk. They have considered trying to sell their milk at Five Mile Greenhouse, but weren’t sure if there would be enough interest.
    The two main advantages are that Organic Acres milk is “true, certified” organic where Cloverleaf is “natural”. Also, my parents have promised to give us frugal shoppers a GREAT price on their gallons of milk!
    If there is interest, I will follow up with the if, when, and the price!

    • I have been looking for reasonable organic milk and milk products everywhere. I would definitely be interested!

      • Ann Wilson

        That would be great! I would love to buy local organic milk rather than get it at Fred Meyer! I currently pay about $3.20 for a half gallon. If it is certified organic I would be willing to pay around that price for it… of course the lower the price the better 😉

    • Lisa

      I would love to see Organic Milk at a reasonable price. It is a shame how much we have to pay for “healthy” milk. I would be interested.

    • Karma N

      Thank you all for your interest! We’re going to keep working on it, and if or when we are able to sell Organic Acres on this side of town, it WILL be for a great price! In the meantime, the only place it is available in Boise is at the Boise Coop downtown. They sell it for $5.49/Gallon. (Still a great price for a full gallon of true, certified organic milk!)

  • Wow, that place looks great! I wish they had something like that in Twin Falls!!

  • Lori

    Thanks for the info. I wish it were a little closer, but I’ll definitely try and stop in. I wish there were more places like this closer to Star 🙁 I would love to buy local produce, milk and eggs.

    • J

      There is a place closer to you, it is a big white barn across from the Walmart on Eagle road (right next to Jake’s Gluten Free Store). You can get the same Cloverleaf milk (it’s fantastic by the way), local eggs, produce, etc. Plus, added bonus, their customer service is killer!

  • Sophie

    I drive by every day but I will have to stop now. I did not realize that there prices were so comparible or even better than the grocery stores. Thanks.

  • Christy Lopez

    I am very interested in the organic milk from Rupert…just started buying Cloverleaf…so is my mother whom still has 6 teenagers at home and drink a lot…thank you

  • Mel

    I’m so glad you posted this! I drive by that place nearly every day and just last week stopped for the first time. It was great! I got 5 apples, 5 oranges, 6 bananas, 6 kiwis, 1 pinapple, 4 pears, 2 red leaf lettuce and, 2 broccoli crowns for $13! The man was sooo friendly chatting with me and my little one! I will definately be returning. The produce was so fresh and you can’t beat that kind of service!

    Are they giving additional discounts to fruGALs?

    • Monica


      fruGAL’s can find their best deals and specials here at Fabulesslyfrugal, but if you tell them you are a FruGAL they will help you find those great deals in store!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for letting people know, the milk from Cloverleaf dairy in Buhl is soooo YUM!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    I drive by almost every day as well. Its been a long time since I’ve stopped in. They are very nice and helpful. I dont know if they still have this policy – but the last time I went there was a $10 min. to use your debit card. I will try to remember to bring cash. They did help me pick out the best cantaloupe and had samples for my kids to try. My boys loved going in there 🙂 I would by organic milk if its affordable. We go through 6 gallons a week at my house, so I cant afford the $4 price tag 😉 I will be stopping in again for sure 🙂

    • Tiffany

      The salsa they sell is YUMMY!

    • Trina

      There is no longer a Min on Debit or Credit Cards.They also except EBT Cards now.They have always excepted Checks&Cash of course.So Please visit High Country Produce Your Family Friendly Fruit Stand.A Happy LoyAl Customer.!!!! : )

  • Timmery

    I have been stopping there the past few weeks. They have super produce and some great deals!! So glad that you did a post about them.

  • Tisha

    Very friendly, charming, little store! Thanks for sharing. The cloverleaf milk and ice cream is sooo good! The clerk said he had about 12 people shop at his store because of this blog. I think it is great that we can support a local business along with local farmers! Thanks

  • jim

    The man there is so nice. He was very helpful and friendly. great prices too.

  • Karma N

    Update on Organic Acres milk from Rupert: Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it will happen very soon to start selling it at Five Mile Greenhouse. Sorry. We’re still going to work on it, though! For now, Organic Acres milk is available at Boise Coop for $5.49/gallon.

    In the meantime, I’m heading over to the produce stand tomorrow for some of those strawberries! 🙂

  • shelli

    Hey, girls ~ If you live in Nampa or Caldwell, Cliffy’s Country Market on Blaine Street in Caldwell is another locally owned and operated mom n pop (my hubby’s!) fruit stand. They also have a huge variety of organic, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Low Carb, and other heart healthy products that are made IN their store. They have a BAKERY with yummy, but not-so-healthy treats too. They carry eggs and milk from locals and are getting ready to start carrying beef from local ranchers too…grass fed.

  • Trina

    The Guacamole is fresh today and I just bought some for lunch and WOW it was fabulous.The chips go well with them.I recommend you get your today while it’s Fresh.The best I have ever tasted and it’s Home made.

  • Sharon S.

    Have been gone for the winter but it sounds like this produce stand has made it through the winter due to all the local support. Can’t wait to get in on all the great buys. The prices are much better than where we were in AZ.

  • Oh, thanks gals. I am starting to buy everything local now. Including milk, eggs, etc. I will check them out this week!

  • Craig S.

    I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Cathy and Monica ! We have had an unbelievable response from this ad. I would recommend this website to any small business owners as a great way to give your business a kick start to get off the ground. Thanks again ladies, You Rock! I would also like to thank all of our new Fru-gals and guys for supporting our business. We will continue to bring you great deals on a weekly basis and are looking forward to a great year!

    • Cathy

      Craig – we’re happy to share the produce love! 🙂 Even happier to hear many of our fabs stopped in! I still need to get over there with my wallet instead of my camera!

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