High Country Produce Deals {FAB PRICES}

Have you stopped by High Country Produce Yet???

Learn why we love “HCP”!

I just got back from Winco & these prices at HCP  crush the produce prices at Winco (and Winco typically has the lowest produce prices of any grocery store in the area, so that’s saying something!).

Green Leaf Lettuce 89¢ each

Small Tomatoes 99¢/lb

Small Avocados 2 for 99¢

Last of the Season Honey Crisp Apples $1.09 lb

Jonagold Apples 59¢/lb

Celery 2 for 99¢

Sweet Corn 2 for 99¢

Satsuma Tangerines  99¢/lb

Cucumbers 4 for 99¢

Iceberg lettuce 3 for 99¢ Wow!

Large Green Bells 3 for 99¢

Zucchini 8 for 99¢ Awesome!

Red Delicious 49¢/lb Rock Bottom!

Large Pinkerton Avocados 2 for $2.99 {& I mean GIANT}

California Navel Oranges 69¢/lb

Juanitas Tortilla Chips 1.79 each or $3 for 5.00 {My favorite chips!}

Romain Lettuce 99¢ each

White Onions 39¢/ lb

Check out their new products Home Made from Dorothy’s all Idaho Preferred Products . Look for Huckleberry Products to include Jams and Pancake mixes along with other products local Boise products.

Store Hours:
M-Sat 9 to 6:30
Sunday 11 to 4

{Five Mile & Victory in Boise} click for the map

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  • Tonya

    Thank you! I love seeing produce prices!

  • Ellen

    I like being able to see what their prices are when I’m heading into Boise anyway. Thanks.

  • Patti

    I like this. It gives me a good price reference. But also, this week I am heading there to get my produce. And without your post I wouldn’t have known about it!

  • Collette

    YES, please continue! I am going to head there tomorrow and I love to know that there is somewhere locally for produce that is good produce with great prices! I wouldn’t have known about this place if it wasn’t for your post, so thank you!!!

  • Felecia

    YES!!! Please keep it coming!! It is so hard to find cheap produce these days. I still have not been to this particular place but I plan on making a trip there Staurday and am very excited 🙂

  • Mary Jane

    Yes! Please continue. I always hit their store if they’re having some fab deals. And the owner there is really nice 🙂

  • Karma

    I think it’s useful and would like to see it continued.

  • Kari

    I would like to see it continue. I do find it helpful!

  • Lynette

    Yes! I plan to check it out tomorrow, but have used it for price comparisons when I don’t have time to get there. I especially appreciate that it is “local” !

  • Shannon

    I live in Meridian and have never been to this place either. After seeing these prices I plan on checking it out. I love the info, keep it coming!

  • KristinaD

    I shop there all the time! I like seeing the prices ahead of time so I can plan my menu for the week.

  • Michelle

    I didn’t even know about this place (new to Boise), so am definitely going to check it out and would love if it you kept posting their deals!

  • Amy

    I shop there frequently, but I always check you site first to see what I should purchase. I LOVE that they sell raw milk.


    Not to be a downer, but I always skip over this section. HCP is no where near my home or on the way to anywhere I to go. I don’t feel it worth my time or gas money to make the extra trip over there. I’m afraid if I go, (to make it worth it) I’ll purchase more than we can consume before it goes bod in the fridge.

  • Jodie

    Love the HCP updates. Our Christmas tree from there was the best we have ever had and lived forever!!

  • MH

    I like seeing what the prices are there too. We also got our Christmas tree there and it was GREAT.

  • Brittany

    Just went to HCP for the first time and it is my new favorite place! I don’t live in Boise but for me, it’s worth the drive to get fresh produce. Prices are amazing and the fruit and veggies look delicious! I’ll be reading all the posts about HCP from now on. Keep them coming!

  • Courtney

    I love seeing the prices but they are really far from my house so I usually can’t get there to take advantage. 🙁 Not to be unloyal but any chance we can strike a deal with someone in the Meridian or SW Boise area??

  • Heather

    I really appreciate this post- we’ll be making a trip to HCP very, very soon. Those prices are better than Winco’s, and that’s our current go-to for produce (at least, until summertime.) We’re on EBT right now, but when our finances are in better shape, this will probably be our new favorite veggie shop. :o)

  • Amy

    I am lucky enough to live within walking distance of HCP so I love seeing the deals before going so I can plan my list!

  • Rachel

    I enjoy your posts about HCP. I shop there, but I think I would miss out on some of the best deals if you didn’t have them in your posts. Thanks for your work!

  • Shannon

    Thank You! This is GREAT info. Keep it coming! 🙂

  • Cheryl_hiccups

    I haven’t been going out there very often lately, but I went today and got a lot of really good items. I think in the future I’d head out there a couple times a month, so I do like this feature.

  • Jennifer

    I love that you post about a local place that has such awesome prices, and being able to check the price when doing the menu before shopping is another plus!

  • Jenn

    I check this post often!

  • Susi

    Did you discontinue posting about HCP? I can’t find any current posts.

  • MamaLaLa

    Sad you discontinued the posts on High Country Produce.

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