Grocery Budget Challenge {Week 28}

How are you doing with your Grocery Budget?

Did you know we have a weekly challenge going?  Lucky for you, it’s not too late to join!  Here are the details about our 2012 Grocery Budget Challenge. Even if you are not yet using coupons you need to start saving by setting some goals!

We hope you will join us! Set a goal today and get on the path to taking control of your grocery budget!

Here is how the fabs are doing on their budget…

Monica: Feeding a family of 4

Monthly grocery budget: $150

Spending this week: $19.02
Savings this week: $12.00

Spending For July : $70.55
Savings For July: $164.00

Year to date spending:  $900.81
Year to date savings: $1,333.21

Last week, the only place I shopped was Fred Meyer. I did not even take in any coupons. I simply picked up the ad and used the store coupons to get eggs for $0.99, bread for $1.33 and water for $1.99 per 24 pk! Easy peasy quick 10 minute trip.

Becky: Feeding a family of 3

Monthly grocery budget: $200

Spending this week: $42.23
Savings this week: $38.50

Spending For July: $84.08
Savings For July: $117.74

Year to date spending: $1130.18
Year to date savings: $1779.66

We’ve been doing a lot of sandwiches, cereal, salads, etc… things that don’t require cooking because we only have AC in one room and I’m not willing to turn on the stove and heat up the house 🙂  I’d love to  hear your “no heat required” recipes!  email me at becky @

Amber: Feeding Family of 4

Monthly grocery budget: $250

Spending this week: $
Savings this week: $

Spending For July: $
Savings For July: $

Year to date spending: $
Year to date savings: $

Okay guys, truth time. You see all those blanks up there? Well they are going to stay that way for awhile! I’m in a couponing slump. As in, I’m not couponing right now. I suppose you could say I’m at a point in couponing when I’m living on my stockpile and rarely purchasing anything new with coupons, and that would be half truth. I have a pretty hearty stockpile of foods and toiletries I’m relying on, and also a freezer full of salmon, beef, chicken and pork I purchased in bulk. We’ve basically been grilling meat, harvesting veggies from our garden and picking up fruit at local farmers markets. Doesn’t leave much room for couponing right now.

So I’m calling it, at least for the summer. I’ll reassess come fall and see where I’m at. Because we’ve switched to a Paleo lifestyle, there are fewer opportunities to coupon, although we do give you a lot of pointers on how to do so in our 5 Jamber installments! So until then, enjoy your summer and happy couponing!

So are you ready to track your spending and join our challenge?

#1 – Pick a monthly grocery budget amount. {Tips for setting a budget goal}

#2 – Complete the form below with your #’s, and be entered to win our monthly $20 amazon gift card drawing.

#3- View the results below and see what sort of goals other Fabulessly Frugal readers are setting!


Tools to help you:

  • Here is a grocery budget tracking spreadsheet to help you keep track of your spending/saving each week. It’s nothing fancy, but it will help you track your spending so you can quickly enter in your #’s each Monday afternoon.
  • {NEW!}  We also encourage you to download our Fabulessly Frugal Budget Tool to easily set a budget, track your spending and compare your actual spending to the budget you make.

Enter your goal and spending here:

See how other Fab FruGALs or Fruguys are doing here


  • Emily

    Hi, I have a question for Amber.. What kinds of foods do you keep in your stockpile that are Paleo-friendly? I’ve been trying to mesh Paleo with couponing and find it pretty challenging. Thank you!

    • Amber

      My stockpile is a bit different these days, that’s for sure! I stockpile olive oil, nuts, real fruit leather, raisins, dried cranberries, etc. I actually find fruit when it’s on sale & preserve it by freezing or dehydrating it (doing the same with veggies from our garden, but that’s nice and free!). Fred Meyer had whole pineapples on sale the other day for $1, so I bought a BUNCH and dried them. We picked cherries for $1/lb and canned/froze/dehydrated them as well in bulk. It’s just a matter of buying at a stock-up price just like before, but instead of buying cereal and crackers, I’m finding deals on apples and almonds!

  • I would really like to see the menu plans that go with a budget like this.

    I would love to get my spending to even twice what you gals are doing, but like Amber, we are doing something close to the Paleo diet and I guess I can’t see the vision.

    What is a real goal for a family who is starting out (i.e. has no stockpile)? What is a real goal for a family who mostly eats fruits, veggies, meats, & nuts?

    • Kristen

      I would like to know also. I spend $200 a week for our family of 5. We don’t eat out, I make my own bread, cookies and stuff. We do buy potato chips and cereals. But, I don’t buy a lot of canned goods. I never used cream of chicken or anything. So what are some meals that go with these budgets? It’s just doesn’t seem realistic for a large family. Help!!

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