Give Back: Gift Card Giveaway Nominees {Vote}

As we read through your heartfelt give back submissions we could not hold back the tears.  In the more than 90 submissions, we read of  injured children, lost jobs, hard working single mothers, hard working single dads, tragic deaths, insurmountable hospital bills,  injured veterans,  families living in their cars, cancer afflicting multiple members of a family, cheerful attitudes against all odds, heart breaking miscarriages, giving grandparents living month to month, bankruptcy, lost homes, fires destroying homes,  foreclosure, families in bleak situations serving others, caring for aged mother and grandfather on a meager income and many more.

This was such a difficult decision because we so badly want to help each and every one of these families. It warms our hearts to know that there are friends and family who care enough to take the time to share their stories and submit them in this giveaway.


So now we need your help.  Below you can read about the 4  families we narrowed it down to (again, this was hard to do!!!).  We need you to select the family you would like to see win the $100 Fred Meyer Gift Card. You can vote here on our facebook page.

Reyes Family-

Eight year old daughter hit by a car and struggling to recover from brain injuries.
This family is such a great family. They have 4 little girls 2-4-6-8. They are beautiful children. A few weeks ago the oldest daughter was hit by a car while walking home with her mom. She was in a coma for a two weeks and is still struggling to recover. Her prognosis is still unknown at this time as brain injuries are unpredictable. This sweet little girl is my daughters friend and classmate. The father has taken much time off work as to make it possible for the parents to care for the child in the hospital as well as three little girls at home. They are doing the very best they can with the situation they have been given. They could use this gift card for simply living as well as much needed things for the upcoming holiday season. I am sure you will receive many valid entries however I hope this one stands out to you as this family could use the money as well as the emotional lift such a gift would provide. Thank you for always being so willing to give back.
To vote for the Reyes family leave a comment with the name Reyes here.

Owen Family –

Young Couple, with two kids and  both parents have major health issues.
They are a very young couple in their 20’s and have two young boys. Both parents work very hard while experiencing very trying health issues. “Linda” has fibromyalgia and is in constant pain day in and day out. With this disease comes many other side effects. She suffers from arthritis as well and new health issues are constantly springing up for her. She is at doctors offices way too regularly. “Jack” has had a partial colon removal because of his health and digestion problems. It was a major surgery for such a young guy. They both continue to push along and work so hard even with all the daily pain they experience. They have so many endless medical bills and can’t seem to get their heads above water. This family really deserves something extra to help with holiday expenses as well!! Please pick them, they would be so very grateful!!!
To vote for the Owen family leave a comment with the name Owen here.

Casper Family –

Husband dying of Cancer, could be last Christmas.
Tressa Casper has been my best friend since we were little. Her dad died of cancer when we were in Junior High. She married shortly after High School (9 years) and had a little girl with many disabilities. Then they were blessed with another little girl. Six years ago her husband John had a lump in his neck. Later to find out it was cancer. They were able to remove it but ended up with paralysis on half of his face. The cancer has been cruel to him and has come back several times since then in different parts of his body. After a long six year battle the doctors told him there is nothing else he can do. He is unable to work due to the pain and sickness that he always has. This poor family has gone through so much and they aren’t even 28 years old yet. I know that they could use anything they can get at this point as they are hoping that John can make it to Christmas one last time.
To vote for the Casper family leave a comment with the name Casper here.

Landroche Family –

Single mother facing foreclosure.
Erin is my ex-daughter-in-law. Even though she and my son are divorced, she remains my “daughter” in love and spirit, as well as my friend. She is a wonderful, devoted mother to three beautiful boys. She has recently returned to work as a bus driver and is barely making ends meet. She has just been served with a foreclosure notice on her home, but she is cheerful and loving for the sake of her children. Their needs are met, the spend lots of fun, quality time together and she goes above and beyond to make them feel loved, safe and important. She deserves a little help for Christmas!!
To vote for the Landroche family leave a comment with the name Landroche here.

*No matter who wins this contest we hope that each of you are touched by these stories and have a renewed desire to help people like this in your life!* 

  • Voting will be open until 11/14 at 5 pm MST.
  • Results will be posted on 11/14.
  • Gift card will be mailed on 11/15, just in time for Black Friday shopping!

A huge THANK YOU to Fred Meyer for making this all possible!

See the results here!


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