Gift Card Winner Bridget’s AMAZING Results

Remember awhile back when we reached our 1 millionth site visit and we had a fun $100 gift card giveaway? Remember how that giveaway had a bit of a twist?  The winner had to take the $100 gift card and turn it into at least $200 in groceries in a month. Then give at least $100 in items to charity and keep the remainder. Bridget was our winner, and what she did with $100 using our FAB fruGAL couponing ways will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

I’m not kidding. Her results were


You might need to sit down for this. She spent $100.02 and bought $1665.23 worth of groceries and products. Let me repeat myself. She spent $100.02 and bought $1665.23 worth of groceries and products.

That means she saved $1565.23!!!!

Now if that isn’t FAB, I don’t know what is! She was able to help a number of families with her haul, including our Fab Pay It Forward Garage Sale families. So incredible! (And no hoarding or shelf clearing took place AT ALL! She drove all over the Treasure Valley and back again to do her shopping, which she spent many days completing.)

Here are some pictures of her amazing shopping trips:

A HUGE thank you goes out to Bridget for not only taking on our challenge, but blowing it away!!

You did an incredible job!!


  • Teresa

    Where did she do her shopping? I’m figuring Walgreens. Wow that is incredible. I want to be like her.

  • Cathy

    WOOOT!!! Way to go Bridget!!!

  • Brittany

    That is AWESOME!!! I am seeing some definite walgreens and albertsons deals and possibly safeway as well. How did you find the time for this Bridget? Seriously though, I would REALLY like to know an estimated time spent!

  • Sophie

    See, that is why I didn’t even enter 🙂 I knew the winner would do an awesome, W.O.W, amazing job!!!!! Way to go Bridget! This just shows how much couponing can bless our lives, and how you can pass it on to others!

  • robin

    Bridget- You are a super star!!! KUDOS big time, would love to know how you did that. I’m somewhat new to couponing and now hate shopping without them, today was bummed that I only saved 30% at Target on my overall purchase, I want to become as good as you! Way to go girl!!

  • Mel

    Simply AMAZING!!!

  • Meridian Mama

    Wow, Bridget, you rock!!!

  • kimi

    Wow ~ I am inspired ~ Thank you!

  • Dee

    PLEASE share how you did this! I am amazed!

  • Bridget

    Thanks to everyone! It was sooo much fun. These are all Walgreens & Albertsons deals. Once I had my trips planned out, it was easy. Rolling register rewards used to confuse me, now I can do it in my sleep! I won’t lie & tell you that it wasn’t time consuming, but I really wanted to see how far I could make that $100 stretch! There was really only one day that I spent A LOT of time. I had knee surgery the week that the Nivea was on sale, so I didn’t really get out until the last day. So the kids & I hit most of the Walgreens in the Treasure Valley…took us a few hours. 😉 The rest of my trips were done while I was waiting for my daughter while she was in karate class. I can easily hit 3 Walgreens & 2 Albertsons within the hour she is in class, times that by 2-4 times a week! Oh yeah, add a different Walgreens stop on the way to swim lessons! Again, thank you so much for the opportunity! It has been so wonderful to be able to help & continue helping families around me who are also struggling. (Hugs)

    • Becky Ruths

      Did you type out what you were going to do where? Could you post it? Or email it?

      • Cathy

        Becky – she did all these deals in June, so they aren’t around any more. We just put her up to the challenge and posted this so we could show an example of how powerful couponing can be! It is INSPIRING!! Woot!

  • JoeyfromSC

    That is incredible!! Major kudos for a job well done!!

  • Amanda

    I was just wondering where you got all the coupons to use? Do you buy online, get a lot of newspapers, have multiple computers, ect….? Well done by the way!

    • Bridget

      I forgot to factor in what I spent on coupons. I did purchase some on Ebay, total cost was less than $5. I also get 6 Sunday papers.

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