Get Organized: Inside the Coupon Binder {Part 2}

The #1 Secret to Successful Couponing is to GET ORGANIZED!

Organization can make or break you when it comes to couponing. You can learn about our Coupon Organization methods here!

Here are some FAB suggestions for accessorizing your coupon binder…

I have included some of the online options from Amazon that appear to be of good quality and have received good average ratings from customers. All items below are eligible for FREE Amazon Prime shipping. I hope that you find some of these ideas to be useful and helpful! prices can fluctuate at any time!

The most important thing about organizing your coupons is that you find something that will work well for YOU!



Highlighters, Pens, Markers:

Pencil Pouch:

Magnifying Glass:

What are your favorite things to keep in your coupon binder?