Get a FREE Movie Ticket Today PLUS 50% Off Future Movie Tickets! {Dead Deal}


Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, is closing its doors.

As of June 3rd, 2011, no active subscriptions will be renewed.

We understand that many members may have tickets that still need to be redeemed, as well as members who have ticket codes already active. Please read all the information below before contacting customer service with any questions.
  • As of June 3rd, 2011 no new subscriptions will be started and no active subscriptions will be renewed.
  • All active accounts charged on June 2nd, 2011 will still receive their ticket codes which will be available to the subscriber until June 30th 2011.
  • As of July 1st 2011, all un-activated movie ticket codes will no longer be available to any subscribers.
We appreciate the business you have done with us, and hope to see you at the movies soon.


50% off movie tickets IS BACK!!

It’s a new company called Bargain Movie Tickets and it is FABULOUS! I just took my entire family (there are 4 of us) to the 3D showing of Tangled for $19.99 (even less if you factor in my FREE ticket!). It would have cost us $47 without Bargain Movie Tickets!!

Here’s how it works:

You head HERE, choose a 3 or 4 ticket membership and get signed up for a free 3-day trial membership. You automatically receive a FREE movie ticket to be used right away. After your trial period is up, unless you choose to cancel, you are charged your monthly fee and your ticket codes appear in your account.

You then take that code and enter it at You choose the theater you would like to purchase tickets from (this program works at hundreds more theaters than just Fandango ticketed theaters!!), enter your name and email address and print out what’s called Hollywood Movie Money (just a tip: set your printer to black or grayscale before printing!). At the theater, hand over your certificate (aka. Hollywood Movie Money) as payment for ANY movie (even NEW RELEASES!!).

Works like a charm.

You all know what a movie buff I am, so obviously I LOVE IT!!

Again, I have had absolutely no problems redeeming these certificates. I even called random theaters across the country (Jasper, Alabama anyone?) that are listed as participating theaters (you can check for a theater near you HERE) just to verify that they would take them. They ALL said they are familiar with the program and the certificates would absolutely work as payment!

So what are you waiting for. If you sign up today, you can get your FREE movie ticket TODAY and head to the movies after a big turkey dinner for FREE!!

*DISCLAIMER* I know many of you used and loved Weekly Cinema. I also know that many of you had a rotten experience! While this company has ABSOLUTELY no connection to Weekly Cinema, the idea is the same and like Weekly Cinema, the company is fairly new. With that said, I waited to post this until I used this program on a number of occasions. I have successfully redeemed 5 separate tickets using Bargain Movie Tickets and have had no problems at all. We have also been in contact with the “Big Wigs” of this company, and they assure us they are completely legit. Still we have no crystal ball. While everything about this company’s business structure is leaps and bounds better than Weekly Cinema, this company could disappear tomorrow. And while I certainly hope they don’t, I just wanted you to be prepared for that possibility before signing up.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Lay ’em on me!


  • Crystal

    Bummer, my theater isn’t a participating theater. It would have been fun!

  • Teresa

    How long do you have to use them? The expiration explanation on the website was a little confusing. It indicated they expire 30 days after the code has been activated….when is the code activated? Can you not activate them for a few months and then use them?

    • Amber

      You have 1 billing cycle (30 days) to activate the code. Then codes expire 30 days from activation and your certificates expire one month from redemption. So if you were to wait until the last day at each step, it would be about 3 months.

  • Heidi

    For the people that have already signed up, is there way to use the tickets without a printer? When I had Weekly Cinema, I was able to write down the confirmation code and give it to the person in the box office. Will this program let you do the same?

    • Amber

      I would ask at the ticket counter. They just manually enter the numbers like a debit card, so you might be able to write the numbers down if they don’t need a hard copy. Worth asking!

  • Laury

    I would really like to do this but when I click on the link, it takes me to Favorite consumer brands with those requirements to get a free $50 gift card where I have to do all sorts of thinkgs before I can get in to the movie ticket. This makes me nervous. Did everyone else have to jump thru hoops to get the deal?

  • Liz

    M&M’s has a great deal. Buy single-serving pkgs of M&Ms that have a movie marquee symbol in the upper right corner that says “WIN MOVIE TICKETS.” Cut the end off the package and empty the M&Ms into a ziploc bag. Tear open the pkg along the edges – there’ll be a code inside. Go to this website: Follow instructions to enter information, don’t forget to checkmark the two boxes when they appear. After you’ve entered the code, hit “submit” – there’s be a delay of several seconds – and most likely, you’ll get a notice that you’ve won $3.00 off a movie ticket. Read the fine print: these are also good at the concession stand. My husband and I took 4 of the coupons with us to the movie – used 1 each before buying our tickets and then went to the manager inside the theatre to check with her about how to use them at the concession stand. She said, “Not many people know to use these for concessions.” She then offered to exchange them for me for 1 coupon for a free small soda + 1 coupon for a free small popcorn. Both coupons worth $10. I think she gave those to me because she thought her concessionaires wouldn’t know what to do with them. With the coupons, you’re also able to upgrade – which we did – to a large popcorn and large drink – which we only paid $3 for. We were at a matinee, normally $6 per person, our tickets were $3 with the coupons. We saved more than half. We spent .88 per bag of M&Ms or $3.52. I got them at Rite Aid. We saved $4 more by the trade-in from the manager for the free drink and popcorn – I’m going to try to get that every time. Or, you can just save the M&Ms and let that be your treat – even cheaper. What a deal.

    • Liz

      P.S. Be sure to take cash – these are cash transactions only. Set your printer to black and white or greyscale before printing the coupon. The movie coupons are good until 8/31/11. Larger prizes are available – one time I got one that was $5 off. Within this is a contest for large prizes, too, and that goes through the end of December 2011. These coupons are valid for ALL MOVIES – it’s in the fine print. Also almost every theater I checked was a participating theatre.

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