Gardening: Last Seeds to plant & Garden Maintenance

Time to Plant cucumbers, squash and melons!

The last week of May is already upon us! The weather is just right outside for planting the last of your seeds. If you live in the Northern States May is the time to plant cucumbers, squash and melons. (Warmer states can plant now if you have not already.)

Last week of May:

  • Outdoor Planting:  cucumbers, squash and melons
  • Weed your garden, and keep it watered…now the fun of begins!

While most all of the hard work has already been done to get your garden going and started, it is important not to sit back and relax for too long. Weeds will creep up and around the plants that are growing, so make sure to get them while they are small. We have what I call “binde weeds” and they are incredibly obnoxious. They grow up and around the raspberry shoots, and wind their way through the strawberry patch. About once a week I go out and weed the boxes. (Although the bees are still VERY busy on both fruit plants so I have to be careful not to disturb them!)

Making sure to water your plants is also vitally important. If your seeds are still germinating, or if small sprouts are showing make sure to give them water daily unless you live in a rainy area. Next week I will be talking about different kinds of watering systems, so make sure to check back again next week.

Here are some melon seeds that you can plant and enjoy later this summer!

    Ferry-Morse Seeds Cantaloupe – $1.99 & Free Shipping (Add on item)

 Certified Organic Butternut Winter Squash – $3.42 & Free Shipping (Add on item)

 Certified Organic Sumter Cucumber – $2.89 & Free Shipping (Add on item)


All Purpose Garden Foam Kneeler – $5.69

  • Free shipping with Prime
  • Made With dual density closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Hard density surface to withstand rough surfaces
  • Soft density inner padding for added comfort
  • Packaged in attractive colors

Washable Suede Cowhide Palm Glove – $8.98

  • Free Shipping with Prime
  • Washable suede cowhide palm glove
  • Gloves are made of durable leather and cotton
  • Landscaping gloves recommended for pruning and brush removal
  • One size fits most ladies



  • I want as many garden tutorials as possible! Now that we’re getting into house soon, I plan to finally have my own little garden. But I have to design my yard from scratch.

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