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We love it when our readers send us their fabulous shopping trips! Because we do not have time to put them all up we opened up our blogfrog community for you to post your shopping trips. But every once in a while it is fun to put one on the front page so everyone can understand couponing a little more!

I just got back from Albertson’s and it turned out better than I had planned! The GM items are triggering TWO $2 cats for every 4. So after factoring in the $6 cats (I spent a bunch of them on these transactions) and 6 free milk coupons I came home with, I ended up getting paid $3 for this whole trip! I was even able to buy a jicima and some goat milk for my 14-month old (yieks! That’s $4 for that little carton!! Sure hope she likes it, we’re desperate at this point!) and since the butter rang up wrong, I got that free too! Full Shelf cost is $124 and my OOP was $27 with $30 worth of Cats so a $3MM! Thanks for your help! I don’t do it without checking your site first! –Tara
 Thanks Tara!


  • mavis

    Holy Cats Tara! You are a coupon clipping rock star! Way to go!

  • Teresa

    you can get free stuff if the items ring up wrong?

  • Kim LaTour

    Great trip for you! Wish we had milk offers here in Cali.
    I didn’t have such a great Albertson’s trip recently but.. did get awesome deals at the commissary; and had my best savings trip yet of 86% at CVS!!

    thanks for sharing the savings

    • Megan

      You might not have free milk offers or TTV’s like up here, but you do have stores we don’t have, like CVS and Vons. Good luck!!:)

  • Patti

    Very impressive!

  • Becky

    How did you get 2-$2 catalinas? I went yesterday and only 1 printed on my items here in the seattle area.

    • LaToya

      Mine printed (2) $2s as well. No idea why. They looked different, but they were both from General Mills. Got them for buying the Honey Nut Cheerios and the Multi-grain Cheerios. So essentially I got 4 boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk for $2…several times.

    • Tara

      Becky, I’m in Tacoma, so not sure why you didn’t get yours. Not sure exactly what triggered them, the cashier didn’t even know! Got double cats for every 4 items I did: HN Cheerios, MultiGrain Cheerios, Nature Valley and Fiber One bars.

  • Ryan

    The Auburn Albertsons were printing 2 $2 Catalina’s as well. We went there last night and we only do small transactions with no stockpiling, and ended up spending 6 dollars for $30 of stuff.. it would have been free, but my husband needed salad and baby carrots to snack on, so that was the six dollars. He was so confused when I handed him the 2 Catalina’s for his transaction!

    Tho one thing I noticed at Albertsons… their non-sale prices are EXPENSIVE. We always check the price of the DiGiorno Pizza & Wyngs, and their non-sale price is $10.15.. regular prices everywhere else are 3 dollars cheaper! The cereal prices were over $4 for a tiny box of cereal that most places have for under $3. So when I seen the picture I was like.. for that little bit of stuff, and its over $1k total before discounts/coupons… GOTTA be Albertsons.. only they have the crazy high prices that are only worth it on sales! But they are so good for their Catalina’s/double coupons that I dont mind one bit how much their regular prices are! 😉

  • Lorrie Pearce

    Thanks Tara! I loved your very well explained display…. I followed it as much as I could tonight– Purchased– two honey nut cheerios, two NV bars– then purchased the 3 boxes of pop tarts… (and threw in a pack of discount gum) the total oop came to $10.10.. with the following Catalinas…$2 from the cereals + free milk, $1 for the pop tarts, and I received a $1.50 off on 3 general mills cereals, and then finally a special one for $8 off a $80 or more purchase. I will be going again tomorrow with a slightly different mix up:) hopefully it will be as successful!:) Thanks, again!

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