Fresh Chicken $1.59/lb: ORDER NOW!

Attention Idaho….

We introduced you to the Zaycon Foods last year. And told you how they would be bringing us FRESH boneless skinless chicken breasts again in March, well it is time!

We’ve patiently waited.

You’ve patiently waited.

The day has come.

It is time to order your $1.59/lb FRESH chicken!

Zaycon will be bringing your chicken straight from the farm to your area!

March 4th and 5th:

Mountain Home
Twin Falls

March 11th and 12th (open for ordering):

  • Rexburg
  • Rigby
  • Idaho Falls
  • Shelley
  • Blackfoot
  • Pocatello
  • Burley
  • American Falls
  • All other Idaho locations, if you are not listed, watch for your dates in the next week or two. For our Lewiston, Kamiah, Kooskia customers, don’t dismay, we are waiting for better assurance that weather won’t prevent travel to your area.

Here’s How to Get Fresh Chicken at Stock-up Price:

  • Register on the Zaycon site.
  • Place your order for farm fresh chicken
  • Orders and payment must be received by March 2nd, but don’t wait once they are gone they are gone. Chicken is expected to sell out fast!
  • If you can’t pick up your order, consider finding a friend to pick your order up for you. You really don’t want to miss out on this delicious and affordable chicken!

Wondering how much chicken you should order?

Look no further friends. We wondered as well, and decided to show you how we figured it out. Yes, that’s right. It’s another cheesy video from your favorite fruGALS!

(if you’re viewing this in an RSS or email, click through to view the video)

Here is how we figured out how much chicken to purchase for the Zaycon Foods Event. Keep in mind that in one box, we got about 54 nicely sized chicken breasts.

Calculate how much chicken you eat (on average) per week:

Average # of Breasts Consumed per meal: Monica 3 Cathy 5
x (times) Number of days you eat chicken in a week: Monica 4 Cathy 3
x Number of times a day you each chicken: Monica 1 Cathy 1
=(equals) Servings per week: Monica 12 Cathy 15

Calculate how much chicken you’ll need to last you 20 weeks:

x 20 weeks (the approximate length of time until we can get cheap chicken again)
= How many breasts you’ll need for the next 20 weeks
DIVIDE that # by 54 breasts in a box
= How many 40 pound boxes you’ll want to order Monica 4.5 Cathy 5.5 {we will share a box}

Note I ended up ordering only 2 boxes last time for me and one for freezer meals. It proved to be enough. So if your number comes out high and you can not afford the bill just get what you can! 🙂

Go Order at Zaycon Foods today before it is GONE!
You can also watch our video about HOW to STOCKPILE fresh CHICKEN!


  • Stacie

    Is there any in Idaho Falls? I don’t see any and I was just wondering if I order later than the Boise area or something. This is a first for me! Thanks!

    • Susan

      Stacie, I haven’t ordered from Zaycon before so I can’t say for sure, but it does appear that there is a sale coming up in IF. If you go to the “Events” tab on their website and scroll down a little bit, you’ll see the message saying that they are “expecting to sell out within the next several days in Boise, Idaho Falls, and other S. Idaho locations”

      I just registered, and after I did that the screen with all the available pickup sites came up. So if you haven’t registered yet (or aren’t logged in), do that first, and then it should give you more info.

    • Stacie –

      I talked to JC at Zaycon and he told me that they’ll be in Idaho Falls the following weekend. They hope to have it opened for ordering by the end of this week. We’ll let you know! You can still go register by clicking on the links above, and then they’ll email you when you can order. (I’ll add this to the post).

  • Crystal

    Any comments on the quality of this chicken? I’m assuming if you post this deal, you like the chicken, but I was just wondering–is it better than what you get at the store or the same? Thanks.

    • Becky FabFruGal

      FANTASTIC!! It’s probably the best chicken I’ve ever eaten 🙂 SO AMAZING! Take both your hands, ball them up into fists, put your knuckles together, and that’s about how big each breast is…
      I WAY over baked a set once, the outside was almost black, but the inside was still nice and juicy! AMAZING stuff!!

  • Thomas

    did any one get in on this one? GROUND BEEF SAVINGS EVENT (Northwest) SOLD OUT

    I would like to know how much it was a pound.

    • Julee

      2.49/lb for 93% lean – it was GREAT!

      • MaMaLaLa

        The beef is to die for. So lean and yummy!
        I also bought the chicken last time. The breasts are huge. I had to do some trimming of the breasts- but so worth it. I used our food sealer to seal them up- worked great.
        I still have some chicken left, so this time I will only buy 1 box (Family of 2 adults, one toddler).
        Great quality of meat!

  • Katie

    Does the chicken come fresh or frozen?

    • Julee

      It comes fresh, but in a big 40lb box, so you need to make sure you have time on the day you pick it up to do something with it. My mom canned all of hers in October. This time we’re both going to can some and freeze some.

    • Becky FabFruGal

      Ours was partially frozen… we trimmed and froze all of ours 🙂 I just pulled the last bag out today, I”m SO EXCITED!!! they are coming back!

  • Jenny

    Any word of chicken ever coming to the Salt Lake area?

    • Becky FabFruGal

      The more people that request it, the more likely they are to do one… I would suggest the Idaho Falls area, only a couple hours away if I remember right… totally worth it!!

      • Susan

        Nope, more like 4-5 hours. At over $3/gal for gas nowadays, it could cost $100 or more to make the drive.

        • Ashlee

          It’s actually only about 3- 3 1/2 hours, we travel that way a lot. So its not a long drive, but I guess for chicken its still a long drive 🙂 Probably not worth it hehe.

  • Emily Cabrera

    Anything like this in Southern California, Burbank to be exact? This is a great offer!

    • Monica

      Emily go register and and you will be able to see the areas they are opening. If you do not see them in your area email them and let them know you want them to come. Also have your friends register too, the more people in your area the better chance they will come!

  • Thomas

    My mom canned all of hers in October. This time we’re both going to can some and freeze some.

    how do u go about canning chicken?

    • Julee

      I’m not sure of the step-by-step process, but she used glass jars and a pressure cooker. It took a long time to do 80lbs of chicken. Maybe if you google it you could find directions? I was largely pregnant at the time and didn’t help much.

    • Julie

      Canning meats, since they are low-acid, requires carefully following a recipe written by a trusted source. The US Dept of Agriculture has safe canning instructions for meats (those USDA instructions are on a bunch of university web sites, too) as do mason jar manufacturers and pressure-cooker manufacturers (such as Presto). I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I also don’t want you to google it and find some quack who tells you you can safely can meat without a pressure canner and then months later you would find yourself some spoiled chicken in your pantry.

      You can also try your local county extension agent and/or your public library. Many libraries have canning cookbooks.

  • Thomas

    I got two boxes hope it is good. and thank you Julee says:
    February 23, 2011 at 5:42 pm
    2.49/lb for 93% lean – it was GREAT!

  • haley

    Any chance Seattle maybe soon? lol

  • KD

    If I ordered the chicken, do I have to be the one to pick it up? Can I give my receipt to my mom to pick it up?

  • Michelle

    I got a box last time Zaycon was in Spokane. LOVE it. (I had to borrow some of my mom’s freezer space…but an additional freezer is on my wish list for our basement) I’m wondering how you got SIX breasts in a bag! Did you trim and separate them first? I put only two in a bag at a time. I could have fit more…but not sure about six! They are huge!

    • Monica

      The chicken they gave us for that video was smaller so we could get six in a bag, last time the breasts were much bigger and I got about 4 per bag.

  • Annette

    Okay ladies……thanks for the info. I just bought 80 pounds of chicken ! (gasp) I plan on freezing and canning it all ! I guess I need to start stocking my freezer bag coupons and canning coupons ! 🙂 Thanks for the video ! – Annette

  • Rachel

    I bought a box of this chicken last fall, and we’ve really enjoyed it. It’s tender and juicy; however, it did require a lot of trimming because it’s amazing how much skin can be on boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I weighed my chicken before and after trimming. I had to trim off 5 pounds of skin. I’m sure all of the boxes were different, but it did change the cost/pound in the long run. I’ll probably buy this chicken again because it’s still a good price.

  • Kari

    Zaycon came to Portland 2 weeks ago and I didn’t get any because I didn’t see it listed here as a good deal : (… and I was unsure…

    SO: now I am HAPPILY driving 1 hour north (visiting a friend to double dip the purpose of a trip!)
    and getting one box.

    I got one box last fall and canned most of it but havent used it because I found that I am more used to defrosting / cooking strips etc… this time i will be freezing. I froze some last time in different marinades like lemon / terriyaki and bbq. this time I am leaving it plain to make it more versatile.

    love you ladies!

    • Monica

      Sorry Kari- We would have blogged about WA and OR again, but the guys at Zaycon did not notify us about the event. We will let them know for next time. 🙂

  • EmilieAn Kemper

    I’m in Colorado Springs, CO. I know they don’t service this state but wondering if you could suggest another co you’d trust to do a similar thing for my area. Thank you.

    • EmilieAn –

      Zaycon could expand to your area if they get enough interest, so register on the site and let them know you want them in CO. Tell your friends to do the same.

      I do not personally know of a company doing this in CO. Anyone else?

  • Julie

    I just found out about the zayconfoods website and the chicken deal. Do you know when it might be coming back to the Boise/Nampa area? Thank you.

    • Julie, as far as chicken goes, it may not be until next fall. But don’t quote me on that. You may want to shoot them an email and they’ll have a better answer for ya!

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