FREE Toothbrushes at Albertsons!!!

This deal doesn’t even require doubles!
There is an Oral-B coupon in RP-11/14 $10/1 Oral-B Vitality or any other rechargable toothbrush. That includes the ones that you put a battery in. They are $6.99 at Albertsons. The cashier will just adjust the coupon down and you have yourself some free toothbrushes!!


  • tschmoka

    I think there is a difference between Rechargable and Battery Operated. And there was a coupon for $3/1 Oral B Battery operated TB.

  • Martha

    I was wondering the same thing…I would think battery operated would be different than rechargable.

  • Amy Conner

    I have done it at three different Albies. I first found it about a month ago and the store I was at had them taped the coupon to the front of the toothbrushes. So maybe results may vary. Anyone else tried this?

    • camie

      Do you know what Albies this coupon has been working at? The Greenhurst in Nampa said the coupon was for the correct product but they would not adjust the price down. Bummer.

      • Stephanie Roberts

        I did mine at the 7th one in Nampa and it took 4 different managers but they finally adjusted it down and said now they are prepared.

  • Nonna

    I just did it this morning, and I got 6 of them for free on 2 seperate transactions. Worked great. They did have to decrease the value as she said, but I still got them. Great tip FabFru gals!! I never would have found this on my own, so THANKS!

  • melissa

    Has anyone tried Caldwell Albertsons?

  • Kimberly Lorenz

    I just tried it and the checker wouldn’t adjust the coupon down. So None of my coupons applied! So bummed, no free toothbrushes.

  • Julie

    Just a couple of days ago, the cashier at the Albies on 17th in IF told me she could not adjust coupons down. She even checked with the customer service person who was on duty at the time. The coupon at issue then was the Wholly Guacamole $4/1 coupon. Since the guac and salsa only cost $2.50 each there, she wouldn’t let me use the coupon since she couldn’t adjust the coupon value down, and she also wouldn’t just let me use one coupon to get the two products for $1. So, apparently, YMMV on that.

    Anyway, I would also suspect that “rechargeable” does not mean “battery-operated” and while I’m sure it does “work” I really don’t feel comfortable using a coupon for something it wasn’t intended for.

    • Jamie S.

      I had the same problem with the wholly coupon at my albies in Mtn. Home. She wouldn’t adjust it down to the 3.50 the salsa cost and she asked another cashier and the cust service lady and they just flat out said they couldn’t take it cause it was for more than the product. Anyone know if it says anything about adjusting coupon amounts in their coupon policies? I couldn’t find anything about it in anything I read.

  • Linda

    The coupon says RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH – the coupon may not beep – but I honestly don’t think it’s meant to be used on the battery operated ones. I’m not going to try it. I don’t think it’ right.
    (Just my 2 cents…….)

    • Amanda

      Ditto. Not really what the coupon is for. Ethically speaking it’s a really gray area. I personally wouldn’t do it because I don’t feel that it is right. Actually a little surprised you guys posted it.

      • Cathy

        Amanda – Amy (our November featured F.A.B.) just sent me a message asking about this post. She posted this deal because she saw the coupons taped to these toothbrushes in two different stores. The coupon does state “any ONE Oral-B Vitality or other rechargeable Electric Toothbrush”. Although it is hard to see exactly what the packaging says (if they are called Oral-B Vitality or not), it seems that if that is what they are called, then the coupon will work for this product.

        I know Amy would never intentionally do something (let alone post something) unethical. 🙂

    • I was at the Albertsons on Fairview and I asked the casier that I was told it would work. She said, “Well, lets try.” The register took it. The casier also said that if the coupon would doesn’t work then the cash register would not accept it. Which means, it’s up to the company on setting the UPC codes. If the Oral-B company didn’t want it to work then they would make it so it wouldn’t… I would love to get my hands on more of those coupons!!

  • Amanda

    So, I went to the Five Mile/Overland store earlier to do the toothbrush deal & let me just say that the cashier was NOT impressed! Lol. Anyways, after discussing it with the manager, they gave me the deal! Thanks!

  • lindsey

    My albertsons in Emmett wont let me adjust the coupons down.. .. =((

  • Susan

    I got two toothbrushes with the $10 coupons at the Albertsons on Vista in Boise. The coupon scanned just fine, and the cashier just adjusted it down with no issues. They had quite a few in stock.

    Regarding whether or not the coupon is intended for the battery operated models, I don’t thiink this is a gray area at all. Based on my many years of working in marketing … companies want you to buy their products, and they really don’t care which specific sku you buy. Oral B is happy that you bought Oral B and not some other brand.

  • Tiffany

    Yeah the IF store on 17the wouldn’t take the coupon…. it does specifically say that its for a Vitality toothbrush, which these are not…. so it looks like it depends on the store.

  • Felecia

    I was over by the Albie’s on State & Glenwood, and they would not take it. The cashier had the manager come out and everything, but she said that it won’t work because it was battery-powered and not an electric rechargeable. I though about it for awhile, and I am not so sure about using it either…

      • Janet

        I bought 5 of them at the State and Glenwood Albies on Tuesday and no problem at all the register took them and the cashier just adjusted them down. I did do 2 transactions because of the 4 at a time limit. I don’t know why they wouldn’t take yours, mine wasn’t even questionable. Try again with a different cashier.

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