YIPPEE!!! FREE One Year Membership to Coupons.com Savings Club!!!

Get a FREE 1-year membership ($30 value) to the Coupons.com Savings Club!

To get the Free Year Use Promo Code: BIRTHDAY 

You have to submit your credit card info, but it’s easy to cancel before you get charged!

Have you seen these coupons?!  They are AWESOME, High Value, printable coupons and you get to print them all twice!  For a year! For FREE!!!  

Note: You can only print these twice per ACCOUNT, so make sure your spouse signs up too!

Here’s how to enter the promo code so you get the 1 year free!




  • Sharon

    Can you tell us again how to change the zip code on this site? Can’t find your video. Thanks so much.

  • Carrie

    Are they always adding new coupons for the club members?

  • I guess I was too late. Offer no longer available??

  • Lindsay

    Are the high value coupons the only ones that each account can print twice? Or are all the coupons available to print twice per account? Also, a reminder at the end of August next year to cancel your account if you don’t want to get charged would be awesome! Probably hard to remember though 🙂

  • Susan

    Why would you sign up and then immediately cancel? It seems to me that you’d need to stay signed up in order to continue to access the coupons. Am I missing something?

    • Deb

      I’m talking about canceling the renewal. The site says you will receive a reminder email, saying that the subscription is going to renew and your card charged, sometime next August. The site also says you can cancel and your free year will continue. I guess it is not that big of a deal to wait. I just have never heard of Trial Pay and don’t like companies having my CC info on file. And I don’t want to forget if for ‘some reason’ I don’t get their reminder. Kinda like when you use Amazon’s subscribe and save. You don’t have to wait to receive the product to cancel.

  • Bri

    Does anyone know how to get the savings club coupons to show up on the coupons.com app (I am using the ipad and iphone apps)? I am still only seeing the normal coupons after I logged on. Thanks!

  • Gene

    I did not see the promo box and I was still looking for it after it told me I just spent 30 dollars on the “promotion.” I tried to contact someone, but they are closed. I am upset because we couldn’t afford that 30 dollars and it’s already gone out of my bank. They took it asap.

    • Erika

      Because of the long weekend, I’d guess that there wouldn’t be anyone around to fix it until Tuesday. I never process something with my credit card/debit information without double-checking the price is what I’m willing to pay. In the order section, to the left of where it said the total was a hyperlink to apply the promo code.

    • That stinks Gene. 🙁 I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one who has had this issue. I’ve updated the post with a screenshot so people don’t have this issue anymore.

  • Wendy

    Has anyone used the Savings Club? Do you really get enough GREAT coupons to make it worth the aggravation of remembering to cancel and having one more place have my cc # ?

    • I’ve used it for several months now. I LOVE the coupons! It’s awesome! How does $0.25 per bag for 18 oz of Milky Ways sound? Cause you can get those with a Savings Club coupon at Dollar Tree! and lots of times they have BOGO coupons in the savings club and $1/1 coupons in the regular part of it, and most stores will let you use BOTH! They also have a bunch that are just plain higher value… Like the Renu Coupon. You can get a $2 off coupon on the regular site, or $2.50 off at the Savings Club! It’s awesome for those REALLY great deals when you would rather have 4 coupons than 2!!!

    • Heather

      Yeah, they really are good. I wouldn’t pay $30 for it, but I got a free one year membership last year when they launched and it’s been great. Many of the coupons are a much higher value than regular, or maybe it’s the same amount but you only have to buy 1 instead of 2, etc.

  • MaryB

    OMG,What did i do wrong? I entered promo code BIRTHDAY and was still charged $30 dollars!

  • Sarah

    Help, How do I cancel the membership? I have been looking and looking but cannot find it. If someone could give me a clue that would be great.

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