Free Movie Tickets w/ Weekly Cinema

Can I just say how excited I was to see this deal!! Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do, but I can’t stomach paying $10 a ticket (GAG!). Now I don’t have to! I just pay $14.99 a month and get THREE MOVIE TICKETS PLUS ONE MORE for signing up! That’s a $40 value! And they sent me my free movie ticket seconds after I signed up!

Plus if you have other movie lovers in your life, pass this on and if they sign up, you get TWO MORE FREE MOVIE TICKETS!!

I pulled some more info directly from their site:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I refer a friend?
Have a friend sign up! Then contact us with their name and email address and we’ll credit you both tickets!

How many tickets do I get?
It depends which offer you chose when you signed up. You get one ticket for signing up and then 2, 3 or 4 tickets per month!

How do I use my tickets? How does it work?
You can redeem your coupon codes at for up to $14 value per ticket towards any movie (even IMAX and 3D movies)! Fandango is accepted at most theaters across the US. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Where can I find out if my theater is covered?
Click here to go to and see if there are any Fandango ticketing theaters near you.

When do I get charged?
You will get charged after your free trial period ends. During your free trial, we will do a pre-authorization hold on your card for the amount of your first month. This will only turn into an actual charge if you decide to start using our service after the free trial.

When can I cancel? Will I be charged?
You can cancel anytime, without a cancellation fee.

When do I get more tickets?
We give out your monthly tickets at the beginning of the month. Log in to redeem them!

Head on over to the Weekly Cinema’s website to sign up and I’ll see you at the movies!!


  • Lilly

    So does this mean if I sign up today I wont get my movie tickets until Aug. 1st??

    • Amber

      I got my free one seconds after I signed up, but the 3 you get monthly won’t hit your account until Aug. 1st. I would say wait to sign up closer to Aug. 1st, but this offer is only temporary and it might not be available then.

      The good news is if you do decide to cancel next month, say you sign up today and they charge your card on the 19th, you can still get your 3 tickets on the 1st & then cancel before the 19th & you won’t be charged again. So it’s not like you are paying for 2 weeks you are not using. You are just paying 2 weeks in advance!

    • Stephanie

      I signed up for this deal on Friday ( the 16th) and I got my free ticket immediately. I just signed into my account today (the 19th) and my three monthly tickets are available now. You may not get the email til the first of the month, but after the 2 day trial the other 3 tickets become available…Hope this helps

  • monica

    Wow thanks for doing all the research for us Amber!

  • Debra

    Do you know if the tickets expire at months end, or can you have “rollover” tickets? 🙂

    • Amber

      They expire 3 months from the issue date. So they will roll!

      • Sophie

        I got told the initial free one expires in 3 months but the 3 monthly ones you pay for are only good in that month.

        • Amber


          Thanks for helping me not lead people astray!! I just checked the certificate I got for signing up & assumed all the rest were the same. Good to know. Sorry Debra!!

          • Debra

            Thanks ladies!!

          • Sophie

            I may have been wrong Amber. I redeemed my normal monthly tickets today and it tells me the codes are good for 90 days too! Maybe I got told wrong. That would be really nice if all the tickets were good for ninety days. Hopefully it is not just a fluke.

          • maidagravity

            Mine says that my August tickets are good until November…So not sure why some people’s say that they are good for only that month?

          • maidagravity

            Okay just to clarify…they DO roll over in a sense…You need to click the “redeem” button each month to get the codes…but the codes themselves are good for three months at fandango. The expiration date is on the code after you click redeem….

            What I think is the best idea to do (i do this lol) is click ‘redeem” at the beginning of the month and print off each coupon code…..then use them when you want, this way you can be sure they will not disappear the following month. I know if you do not click redeem before the end of the month, they wont be there the next month.

            Think of it like this……It is like they are in a “tray” and if you don’t take them out they are no good the next month because they have just been replaced with new codes…. but if you do take them out, the following month there will be three or four (depending on your plan) new codes in there..that didnt replace the old ones, because you took those out.

            Im putting this in caps not to yell, but so people will see it: IF YOU CLICK REDEEM YOU ARE NOT USING THE CODES RIGHT AWAY YOU ARE JUST ‘CLAIMING’ THEM.

            Hope this clears things up 🙂

          • nelliescloset

            Do not click “redeem” until you are going to redeem them or else the code will no longer be good. When you try to use the code it will state already used. I made that mistake following someone elses advice. I e-mailed Weekly Cinema explaining what I had not, not expecting them to give me new tickets….but the did.

  • Cindy

    Does anyone know if you will still be charged the service fee from Fandango?? and how much it is?

    • Amber

      Fandango does still charge a $1 service fee, but the certificate covers it! I just redeemed my first one & paid ZERO out of pocket!!

  • judy

    got charged for 3 months worth of tickets so far. company cancelled me and I only received 3 tickets. can’t get a reply from them and their phone is an auto system which there is noone home to talk to. bogus company. rip off artists.

  • Beth

    I have been on the phone with the owner of this company. He was a jerk. I tried to use my codes on Fandango and they had already been used. I called Fandango and they told me the codes had been used in Georgia (I’m here in ID). She gave me the owner’s number and email. He said I had to contact customer support but so far they have not responded. His name is Shane xxxxx and his number is xxx-xxx-xxx and his email is The lady at Fandango was very helpful and she said she had never heard if this company.

    • Amber

      Beth (and Judy),

      I’m sorry to hear you have had bad experiences. I have only had a positive experience or otherwise I would not have posted. I received (and sucessfully used) my ticket for signing up. Then I referred a few friends and received (and used) my tickets for that as well.

      I was having problems logging in and so I contacted the help desk via email. They responded and corrected the problem within the hour.

      Now I’m not sure what to think of them? Hopefully they are a legitimate company. I will attempt to contact the owner with our readers concerns. If I hear back. I’ll let you know.

    • judy

      that email address is no longer available. Must of got tired of complaints

    • Shane

      This is Shane from Weekly Cinema.

      I am NOT the owner of the company, I am just an employee of the parent company.

      Please do not contact me directly as I just work for the parent company. You can reach Weekly Cinema at .

      Unfortunately has shut down due to economic pressures. Weekly Cinema is just as heartbroken about this as their users.

      Weekly Cinema will issue refunds for all users that bought any deals or have subscriptions. Just go to their site and submit your email address.

      Once again. I am NOT the owner of the company. And for someone to post personal information of someone claiming they are responsible for something is very wrong.


      • Tami

        tell us about wrong Shane. For 3 months I got nothing but hassle and run around.
        When the live helpdesk chat WAS available from 8:00 am to 8:03 am there was nothing
        but smart aleck people indifferent to your plight. I have 6 unredeemed tickets I will never see.
        They made 30 bucks off of me and that is fact. Economic woes me arse, they were flooded with sign ups that likely started dropping like flies with the bad service.
        Give me my REFUND!!!

  • Jessica L.

    I just signed up for this and tried to redeem the code on Fandango and it says the code is not valid. I canceled right away. This seemed too good to be true. I just hope I don’t end up with some sort of a bogus charge on my credit card account.

    • Amber

      Just email their help desk. I guess they have been having a problem with duplicate codes, but if you just email them they will get you another one. From the looks of it this company is hit and miss. I have emailed them twice and both times gotten responses within an hour. I have also redeemed 6 codes so far with no issues. Hopefully they cancel you without a problem! Let us know what happens!

  • Victim

    SCAM big time, beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    A bit… no… A lot concerned. It is hard to not feel this is a scam. We have tried to get a hold of people or anyone for a few days on the number we were given on our voucher. Nobody will answer. My wife spoke with someone and he asked for my wife to forward the email to him so he could “take care of it.” No response. The number now, suddenly…conveniently says, “You have reached a non-working number.” Figures. Now…for all those that say…”this is not a scam.” Wouldn’t you feel this was a scam if suddenly the number you are given is now a non working number? I wonder what this company will do to make up for this irresponsibility? Wonder what they will do to make us feel like they are not a scam. Seems shady. Bummer…feels like we lost cash!!!

    • Jim


      This is a legit company. I just spoke with their CS department and they are having a slight problem with redemption for GROUPON users which will be fixed by monday.

      If you signed up for a subscription you will be able to redeem online right now. Groupon users will be able to redeem online again Monday

      Why don’t you do some research before you start spreading filth and lies about a good company.

      Also, $5 movie tickets are pretty nice right? Stop complaining, do your research, log into your account and redeem your tickets.

      • Pat

        I got my first two tickets just fine but when I went to get the next promo code it said to contact them by phone but they NEVER ANSWER and they do not return phone calls either – I have been trying for a week. I have done the research and this is not lies, so I am another one that this company does not seem to work for. Just today I did manage to get online my next two sets of promo codes however Fandango will not redeem them for the full price of the tickets and the tickets are only $11.00 – not even the $14 MAX. This is NOT a good company — they DO NOT return phone calls (I have given them a week). I just turned them in to the Better Business Bureau — beware they do not work for everyone —
        WE have a right to complain if we have paid money for something and we are not getting what we paid for AND are being ignored by the company — complain away !!! Maybe others will not be taken!!

      • Pat

        Well Jim, You say — “Do your research” — have you been on their website today??? They say their Future is under review and you cannot access your account or get any movie tickets and they will get back to you on what will be the future………
        Evidently we are not spreading filth but TRUTH about this company! —
        Maybe you should do your research!!

  • Dee

    Yeah I believe this is a HUGE scam in the sense that you can’t contact the people behind this company if you have any issues that need to be resolved. I emailed them telling them that they gave me a code that is NOT working (it says “already used) and they have not gotten back to me in over a week. Can’t get through to anyone on the phone. And stupid me for not knowing that the codes don’t roll over. UGH! WTH. So essentially I just paid $16 to get only ONE movie ticket in which the DOESN’T EVEN WORK. I’m so angry.

  • Samantha

    It’s not a scam, but with every company there seem to be issues, I got 4 tickets for 19.99 (1 free for the trial) and I had no problem taking my 2 siblings and one of their friends plus my stepmom and i to see RED. Once you understand the process it becomes significantly easier. Granted I can see how people might think it is a scam, but remember the people on the other end are people too, and they work their daily job just like you.

    No need to worry though, as I know me and a few others who have successfully gotten what we paid for. Just try their email or livechat, the people seem nice enough they will do what they can Im sure of it!

    And for those who thinks it’s too much of a hassle, I ask of you this…. 5 tickets 8pm showing $19.99 = not as much of a hassle as paying full price at $11.50 per = $56 dollars. I paid less than half of what people pay at the ticket window.

    Give it a shot I say, it’s well worth it.

  • Rich

    Conditions were changed a few days ago and it is extremely difficult to redeem movie tix. Removed online redemption. Was just on hold for 45min just to get my tickets I already paid for from Groupon. Wouldn’t recommend!

    • Amber


      I just redeemed two last night successfully. Hmm? Also I never recommend calling them. They have a live help desk where you can get instant help! Have you tried that?

      • Sophie

        So I found out that they didnt change their redemption process for subscribers. What they did change was their redemption process for single orders. So if you bought a movie pack from Groupon or a similar site, you can no longer enter your redemption code on their website to get your tickets. You have to call or email them to redeem. Once redeemed, they are available online in your account just like they are for subscribers, but it is that initial step that has changed.

  • DraftBuyer

    I just waited on the phone for 40 minutes to redeem the tickets I bought through The support person fixed my problem in 30 seconds, but the hoops to jump through are ridiculous! I’ll never do business with this company again.

    • Jim


      I spoke with their SC person today and this was a glitch in redemption. They said it will be fixed by Monday at the latest

      • DraftBuyer

        Apparently, you spoke to someone who lied to you. I did manage to use 3 of my 4 tickets, but the last one is gone for good since the COMPANY SHUT DOWN! They obviously knew they were shutting down soon. You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to close the business. They were trying to redeem as few tickets as possible in preparation for declaring bankruptcy! They lied to you and everyone else.

  • Maria

    I purchased a single package through livingsocial, and I had NO trouble redeeming my 4 tickets in sets of two, 2 different times. Although, because of some of the complaints I have read about the codes not working i’m hesistant to sign up for a subscription. yikes!

    • Amber


      I have referred 8 of my friends/family members. We have had our memberships for 3 months now and none of us have had any problems redeeming any tickets. I think the response to the company was so overwhelming there may have been a few glitches, but Weekly Cinema is legit! And I LOVE it!

      • Jay

        Legit oh really. Go to the site today and it will say you can’t access your account and that they are under review and will try to refund your money, but they will not let you access your movie tickets. This is horrible.

  • jenn

    Yeah, this is really disappointing. I was really looking forward to seeing some movies soon because these cheaper prices were the only way I could afford to go to the theater these days. I had activated and saved a few codes to my computer. I tried them on Fandango, but now they ALL say they are expired. 🙁

    Groupon gave me an instant cash refund – lightning quick. I also bought from Tippr and they say they will credit me “Tippr credits.” I don’t want their stupid credits – I want my freaking money back! So I will never buy from Tippr again.

  • WC

    Weekly Cinema has shut down? It looks like they are going to be in additional economic troubles, when they have to refund money to the people that never got their tickets. I had four ticket codes that I tried to redeem but it never worked. Just like many of you out there, I am so frustrated. I’ve been calling them and leaving voicemails and emaiing them, but there is never a response. For those of you who had success with getting tickets, I’m glad for you. The concept is good – providing people with tickets for low prices. But a company cannot continue running if there are so many complaints about their services along with impossible contact info. It was really a matter of time and glad that there time is over.
    I entered in my email address on the website to get updates from them. I really hope they keep their promise of refunding unused tickets.

  • WC

    Weekly Cinema has shut down? It looks like they are going to be in additional economic troubles, when they have to refund money to the people that never got their tickets. I had four ticket codes that I tried to redeem but it never worked. Just like many of you out there, I am so frustrated. I’ve been calling them and leaving voicemails and emaiing them, but there is never a response. For those of you who had success with getting tickets, I’m glad for you. The concept is good – providing people with tickets for low prices. But a company cannot continue running if there are so many complaints about their services along with impossible contact info. It was really a matter of time and glad that there time is over.
    I entered in my email address on the website to get updates from them. I really hope they keep their promise of refunding unused tickets.

  • judy

    Since this company is a bust, has anyone heard of
    Suppose to be able to get tickets at half price but you don’t receive the confirmation number till 60min before the show starts.
    Haven’t been able to find any reviews on them.


      This site is fraudulent they take your information- then pay for it with a stolen credit card then give you a confirmation- they then hold onto your cc and make charges with your information later on!

  • WC

    FYI: I went to their website and went to their web chat and requested a refund (Back in the summer, I signed up for 3 free movie tickets at $15.99 and was never able to redeem any of them). They told me it takes up to 72 hrs to see the refund on my bank account.
    I just checked my bank account and it says I got $15 back.. so they do really refund you if you ask! Thank goodness! I know they didn’t refund me the full amount (didn’t give me 99 cents) but no biggie and I’m not going to complain about it. Just happy that I got a refund and wasn’t scammed!
    For those of you that were able to get a lot of tickets at a good price, I am happy for you. But lesson learned on my part is that I will never do deals like this ever again from an unknown company.

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