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I’m really excited to share with you a journey I’ve started.  I’m a little nervous too.  I LIKE hiding behind the keyboard.  But please, in your comments (and yes, I’m ready for the haters, but I’m really hoping there aren’t any), remember that I’m a real person… this isn’t just some sales pitch.  This is my REAL story.

It all started about two and a half years ago when I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  After 32 hours of labor I finally gave birth via emergency c-section… which saved my son’s life.  His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck so tightly that had I delivered naturally, he would have been strangled.

Becky and Baby Bug

My C-Section then proceeded to get an infection.  You can’t fathom the pain I was in.  I wanted nothing more than to be BACK in labor.   But it wasn’t to be.  And after 9 days in the hospital, my little man went home from the hospital.  I stayed for 4 more days… They were some of the darkest, and scariest days of my life.  But, in our darkest times, God is the most faithful, and my walk with Him deepened in unimaginable ways.

Eleven (yes, 11) surgeries and 18 months later, my AMAZING surgeon finally performed the last one, on the day after Christmas in 2014.   Or, so we thought.  Turns out, not so.  The “last” surgery failed even quicker than the previous ones, and for the last year, (okay, really 3+ years, but who’s counting) I have been living in constant pain… but my doctor wanted to give me a year to heal.  Totally and completely.  A year with no surgeries would make all the difference.  So here we are, a year later.  I’m still in the same shape (round) I was in a year ago.  I didn’t put on a single pound in 2015, which for me is totally awesome!  It was the first year I haven’t put on ANY weight about 17 years!).  I have several medical issues that make my body respond to food differently than most people.  Loosing weight to me has been a lifelong impossible battle.  It feels like I can look at food (even healthy food, like an broccoli) and gain weight.  So not gaining weight is huge for me.  And I didn’t, not for a whole year!

However, I’m still not happy with where I am weight wise.  I won’t be happy for more than 100 lbs.  On the bright side, I’m FINALLY past the 1 year post surgery mark.  Part of my “year of rest” as my doctor called it, was very, very little activity.  One of the many things I’m dealing with is an abdominal hernia, that’s about the size of a watermelon.  If my intestines twist while they are on the outside of my abdominal wall (where they live now) and create a blockage, I might not make it through the surgery.  It will get very bad, very, very quickly. So, my doctor didn’t want me doing anything more strenuous than walking for more than 15 minutes at a time or swimming for as long as I wanted.  So that’s what I did.  I walked a few minutes a day, and I swam every chance I could… And I waited… in pain, fearing I would do something that would cause me intestines to twist, and I would leave my babies without a mom.

BUT, we are finally past the year mark.  It’s safe for me to have surgery again!  And after lots of time praying, talking, and thinking about it (remember – a year on basically couch rest), I’ve finally come to peace with a decision on the surgery.  I’m not going to have it.  I’m going to shed as much weight as I can… as quickly as I can.  And THEN I’m going to have the FINAL surgery.

My goal?

Lose 100 lbs or more in a year.  (Which I’m doing under my doctor’s close supervision).

My tools?

Essential oils! – You can see why we love them, Monica and Cathy’s journey and more by going to Fabulesslyfrugal.com/category/natural-solutions. They have helped me so much over the last year!

Eating Whole Foods!  – We have a ton of Clean Eating recipes… and I’m trying to go with a 80/20 approach.  80% of the food we eat is fresh, whole, and natural.  20% can be processed.  It’s an extreme change in our lives!

Drinking lots of water! – I have an app that reminds me to drink every 30 minutes… I have a daily water goal.  I use these 12 ways to drink more water!

ExerciseI have to admit, there’s no way I would step foot in a gym.  Maybe in 100 lbs.  For now though, I can work out at home.  I’ve got this great program I love!  I just started a FREE 30 day trial of Daily Burn!  I’ve got it on my TV, my Kindle, and my phone.  So no matter where I’m at, I can stick to my schedule.  I can work out for 15-60 minutes!  They have programs for everyone, including me!  And if I can find programs I can do, you can too!  Trust me on that!

I know you want to know… what happens if you fall in love with Daily Burn, and don’t want to cancel after the first 30 days?  It happened to me!  I know I’m not cancelling.  I love the program!  So, I decided to keep it.  I’ll be billed monthly, at $10 a month.  Seriously.  It’s that cheap.  $10 a month, for all the workouts, training and support you could possibly need!  Want nutritional help?  I know I lack there in some serious ways.  Get nutritional support for an extra $5 per month!

Do you want more than the basics?  They have Prenatal Yoga, Inferno, and Move! (a dance aerobics workout.).  You won’t ever get bored.  You’ll love the variety.  AND if you are struggling in one area, or with one workout, you can do it over and over until you get it where you want it!  Or you can just move on!

I would love to hear your stories!

Your success, your failures, your tips and tricks!

Try Daily Burn for FREE!


  • Shacarra

    What app do you use for the reminders to drink water?

    • It’s called Aqualert. http://amzn.to/1RerJJP 🙂 It’s awesome! You can choose how often you want to be reminded (I have it set up for every 30 minutes in the morning and after lunch I switch it to every 60 minutes). It also calculates how much water you need to drink based on your weight!

  • Jennifer jensen

    Good luck on your journey. I think I need the water app because it’s so hard for me to remember.

    • I gotta say, it’s brilliant. Sometimes, insanely annoying, because I get focused and don’t want to break to drink water, but I’m so glad it’s there! My water intake has doubled or tripled, and some days MORE! It’s awesome!

  • J. Macall

    Thanks for sharing! If you can do all that then I surely should be able to get off the couch! This is the motivation I needed :)) good luck! You are one strong mama.

  • Stacey

    You are such an encouragement in so many ways with everything you provide through your emails and website. It takes courage to share your story with us and I am adding you to my prayer list. Keep your readers posted! It is amazing how you are so strong and positive with all you have gone through and how your love for your children motivates you. The kind of role model we mom’s need. I will DEFINITELY be getting the water app!! Thank you and God bless your journey.

  • Wow! Becky I’m so excited for you. Congratulations on your decision to take control of your health. You are going to rock this thing!

  • Ursula

    Thanks for sharing your story. Congratulations on your beautiful addition. Just want to wish all the best in this new year. May God Bless and Keep you.

  • I’m proud of you Becky. It takes courage to choose to take on a new challenge in your life… although this challenge will in the end be a blessing to you and your family! XOXO

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