Fred Meyer Match-Up June 22nd – June 28th

Stock Up on Free Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade, Plus Cheap Ronzoni Pasta, General Mills Cereal, and More!

Fred Meyer Top Deals

Here are this week’s top deals at Fred Meyer!

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Natural & Organic


Bulk Almonds, per lb – $4.99


Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade, 32 oz – $1.00

Final Price: Free

Grains, Pasta & Sides


Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta, 12 – 16 oz – $0.79

Final Price: $0.29

Breakfast & Cereal


General Mills Cereal – $1.66

(Limit 3; Fred Meyer In-Ad coupon) – Expires 06/28/20148.9 Cherrios, 11.25 oz Cookie Crisp, 11.5 oz Lucky Charms, 12 oz Golden Grahams, 12.25 oz Honey Nut Cherrios or 13 oz Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs

Final Price: $0.66



Starbucks Coffee or K-Cups – $5.99

(Limit 2; Fred Meyer In-Ad coupon) – Expires 06/28/2014Any Variety, 10 – 12 oz Bag or 10 ct K-cups

Final Price: $4.99



Fred Meyer Milk or Orange Juice, Half Gallon – $1.25

(Limit 4; Fred Meyer In-Ad coupon) – Expires 06/28/2014


Kroger Cheese, 6 – 8 oz – $1.66

(Limit 6; Fred Meyer In-Ad coupon) – Expires 06/28/2014Any Variety, Bar, Shredded or Sliced



Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer, 32 oz – $2.00

(Limit 2; Fred Meyer In-Ad coupon) – Expires 06/28/2014

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Do you have questions about our new Match-Up System?  See our post with the answers here!


  • heather

    do you have any problems with the lemonade since the coupon says something about 1.99 purchase price?

  • Lynde

    I think the comment I posted last night got lost somewhere. Actually, I found it was meshed between older comments from May. Here it is again…

    When I went to Grocery Deals > Northwest Stores > Fred Meyer it didn’t pull up the current week’s matchups. I found it only by going page by page on the regular, default, feed.

    I also wanted to give you some feedback since the latest changes to your site using Favado. I find myself moving towards another blog for my primary couponing matchups. That saddens me because I feel like I’ve ‘grown up’ with you Fab gals teaching me the ropes of couponing. I thank you so much for that! It’s the shift away from the brown stars I find myself really missing, along with an overall feeling there’s less excitement on the site…less shopping trips, less ‘hey check out this awesome find, now run to your store!’. Do I sound like a coupon junkie at this point?! You’re not alone in the shift to Favado. It seems most blogs I encounter are using it. I understand from a business perspective it makes sense saving the hours and hours each week doing matchups. I’m worried that your blog will suffer with followers looking for another blog that offers what you’ve now lost. I do hope I’m wrong! I feel like you gals are my close friends and I want to see your blog thrive! Again, thank you for all you do and always listening with an understanding and kind ear!

    Oh, and has anyone reported that when going to Grocery Deals the most current post is nearly 2 weeks old, from June 11?

    Thanks again,
    Spokane, WA

    • Lynde- Thank you for your concerned feedback. I wish we had the time and money to continue to provide the lists that way we always have. We actually were really close to dropping all of the lists, but did not want to disappoint our followers that still coupon. I hope we don’t lose you friend. We are grateful for your loyalty. Besides match-ups what more can we do to make your experience better?

      • jj

        I feel the same way with Lynde, I like your site, and have been using it a long time it is to the point, not a lot of distracting graphics, but I have found myself checking the adds myself for matchups and some of your matchups have missed some good deals. I love the service but it has been difficult to even find your current matchups, I get old matchups when I click on your links. I would keep coming to your site if I could get the current deals more easily. I would love if you put the stores on your home page again so I can instantly go to the store I need, instead of having to search for it. I love what you do and will keep trying with you because you are the best.

        • Monica

          JJ- Thanks for your sweet words. We did have a glitch with the lists not updating properly, but it is all worked out now.
          Here is a short cut tip for you. To find a store you love just go to or or All you have to do is add the name of your favorite store and BAM You are there!

      • Lynde

        Monica, thanks for replying! You said, “did not want to disappoint our followers that still coupon”…don’t most your readers coupon? I thought that was part of the foundation of your site? Here’s my number one thing that if a site could provide, I’d be addicted. Let me create a shopping list of items I need in the near future. When any of the items on my list hits a star status, notify me. This would save me a lot of time!

        Thanks again for listening!

        • Monica

          Lynde- We did a survey and had our readers let us know which parts of our site they value and how much they coupon and we found that sadly couponing has really declined over the last few years. It makes us really sad.

          I love your idea about the notification system. We worked on that concept for a while and found that the development would be so expensive. Maybe that is something we can afford next year because I just love that idea.

          Again we appreciate your love and support! 🙂

  • Ellie

    I also agree with the other two ladies. I really loved your site before you made changes. I miss having the Fred Meyer matchups Saturday night so I could plan for my shopping on Sunday. If I don’t use another site, my FM is sold out of a lot of the items that I need. Rainchecks can be a real pain. I come/came to your site exclusively for matchups. I don’t care for all the amazon deals, etc. I just need to feed my family as cheaply as possible, using coupons and scanning ads for the best prices on meat and produce. We have a budget to stick to. Sadly, I will likely be going to another blog.

    • Monica

      We are happy that we can continue to provide the coupon match-ups to all of our readers with the handy grocery list tool. Do you use our shopping list tool? Or have you tried the app? Do you like it?

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