Fitness Challenge Results {Before and After}


We have seen some awesome results from the TERRAFit fitness challenge! These lovely ladies gave us permission to share their personal before and after photos. You want to take a look? Would you like to see these kinds of changes for yourself?

You can get the results you want too! And you don’t have to do it alone.

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I needed a change…

“I decided to do the TERRAfit challenge because I just needed a change. I’d put on some weight and it wasn’t coming off. I was drinking too much diet coke, not exercising, and not sleeping well. I just wasn’t happy with the direction I was going with my health. When I heard about TERRAfit from my sister-in-law, I figured if I was part of a team and held accountable to others I would be more successful.

The first couple of weeks were hard as I detoxed from sugar and caffeine. I was sore from the workout program, but I loved it so I kept going. My team was great at helping me stay motivated. I didn’t want to let them down and be the one who didn’t get 100 points. As the program went on, I started feeling so much better. I wasn’t craving sugar, I’d kicked my diet coke habit.

My friends were all amazed that I was sticking to it and eating healthy foods even when we eat out. My family loved the healthy meals I was cooking and they were really supportive. The meal plans and recipes were amazing. I’ve been able to come up with my own healthy recipes as well.

I loved the TERRAfit workout program.

I could feel my self-getting stronger and having more endurance. The weight was coming
off and I looked better. I was able to do more in the workouts each week and not have to do the modifications.

12 weeks later and I’m down 20 lbs., which was my goal. I look better than I have in years. I’ve dropped a size in my clothes, and they are falling off of me. I can go on a run and not have to stop to catch my breath. I haven’t exercised regularly since I was in high school on the track team, and that was over 20 years ago!

I look forward to my daily workout and love how good I feel. I love the variety of workouts that TERRAfit has. I never got bored with them. I’m sleeping better and not popping ibuprofen daily for headaches and other aches and pains I had. I am so excited for everything I learned about myself while doing this challenge.

It was hard, and I did it. I felt like quitting at times, but I didn’t and I felt better for sticking with it. I’m so excited for my new lifestyle and look forward to maintaining it in the future.” – Marji


Exactly what I needed to get back to where I need to be.

“This challenge was exactly what I needed to get back to where I need to be…since the end of July I’ve lost 25 lbs total!!!

I feel so much better about myself, not only by how I look but by how I feel. No more stomach pains! More energy! Increased self confidence! 🙂

More than anything I’m excited about the changes I’m seeing in my family! We are all eating healthier and feeling better…and that to me is priceless!! I’m loving the regular exercise and my husband tells me I’m happier! I feel happier too!

I’m so grateful I decided to sign up again! And really do it this time. I feel great, people have complimented me on how I look, and this I commit to keep it going!! I’m still going to go to my 530 am cycling classes even after this is all over! You’ve been a great support team!!! Thanks everyone for being my support!” – Andrea


I needed to commit to something and to someone…

“I had been struggling to get back into shape and to get into a pattern of consistent healthy eating since I had my third child who is now 3.5 years old. I knew what to do. I had done it before. But I lacked motivation and accountability. I had plenty of excuses. Moves, family health issues, miscarriages, stress, stress, and stress.

I let it all weigh me down and I put on weight. I put on more weight than I had ever done in my life (outside of pregnancy). I was at the point where my “fat” pants were getting too tight. I had no energy, and I just did not feel good about myself or about life. I knew I had to do something.

I heard about the TERRAfit challenge from a family member who had been very successful with it. I was amazed at her results but I knew she had worked hard to get to where she was. Finally after I had gotten so tired of being stuck I decided I needed to commit to something and to someone. So I signed up for the TERRAfit challenge and talked a few friends into signing up with me. I had done a fitness challenge before and was worried this was going to take over my life and make my life more complicated.

The TERRAfit challenge is so simple and straightforward.

There is no calorie counting, detailed food journaling, or specific workouts that are required. It is very flexible but the rules are also well explained and easy to follow. The point system is so easy to use. You just put in whether or not you eat foods from the healthy list, how much water you drink, if you work out and whether or not you follow the TERRAfit program, and whether or not you are using any essential oils or other products. Super simple!

It takes me about five minutes a day to track my points and it is really fun to watch the points go up with every good decision. It’s also fun to see my team’s points going up and to know that I’m not alone. The team support is very helpful and gives extra motivation. I love having a support group and knowing that someone actually understands what I’m trying to do for my life and why.

Now that I am finished with the program I have lost 12 lbs, my stress is more manageable because my energy level has gone up. I am thinking more clearly with the absence of sugar and refined carbs. My clothes fit and look good on me again. I have gained muscle and feel stronger. I have learned to turn to my essential oils in times of stress or when I just don’t feel quite right instead of turning to chocolate and caffeine. And I have also gained new friends in my teammates.

I love this program and I look forward to completing another challenge and sharing this with others as a TERRAfit coach. Another opportunity that I never dreamed I’d have.” – Dacia

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