The FabuLESSly Frugal Idaho Statesman DEAL!

For the mere price of $3.41 per week, you will receive the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers.

for only $3.41 per week!

This comes to $.68 per Sunday paper
(and it’s like the rest of the week is free!)
You won’t find a Sunday paper ANYWHERE in town for that price!!

This is such a fabulously frugal deal,
we’re calling it FABULESS!!!!

So here is the nitty gritty. In order to take advantage of this FAB DEAL, you have to prepay. You can get 52 weeks (yes, that’s a whole YEAR of 5 Sunday papers delivered to your door!) for the up front cost of $177.49.

Is this a FIVE STAR DEAL that I want to
LOCK IN as long as possible?!?!

And you do realize that you will EASILY save that much money during your first month of serious couponing, RIGHT?!?!

Not ready to lock in a year, you can prepay for 26 weeks and only spend $88.74 OR only prepay for 13 weeks and spend $44.37

You will NOT be able to renew at the end of your period at this promotional rate!  THAT IS WHY YOU’LL WANT TO SCROUNGE EVERY PENNY TO GET THE 52 WEEK SUBSCRIPTION!

And remember that when there are DOUBLES, just one week will be worth $18.00 alone to you in doubles!


Q: I’m already a subscriber. Can I still get this deal?
A: YES! Just call 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want to upgrade to the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 deal! If you’re already getting the paper 7 days a week, you’ll just prepay  for your extra Sunday papers and then you’ll start getting 4 extra Sunday papers. SWEET!

Q: Why would I want to get the daily paper as well?
A: First of all, because it’s part of the deal. Secondly, you’re going to want the daily so you get the Albertsons ad (and sometimes DOUBLES!) from the Wednesday paper. Third, sometimes there are other coupons (like for Fred Meyer) that come out on Thursday or Friday. Fourth, the man in your life certainly won’t complain about getting the sports section to read every day!

Q: What if I’m going to leave town?
A: You can just call the circulation department and put your paper on hold (although I’d still want to get my Sunday paper if I were you!). They’ll extend the length of your contract by however many days/weeks you put it on hold.

Q: What about the weeks when there will be NO inserts in the newspaper?
A: We’ll warn you so you can call and put your paper on hold for that Sunday. This usually only happens on holiday weekends. Again, your subscription will be extended!

Q: I’ve got a big family, can I get more than 5 Sunday papers delivered to my door?
A: YES! It will just cost you an extra $.75 for each additional Sunday paper you want.

Q: I can hardly wait, who do I call to get this FAB deal!?!!?
A: Just contact the circulation department at 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 deal! Of course, when you tell them that FABULESSLY FRUGAL sent you, the Fab FruGALS get a small commission too. This is just one way to help support our site and keep us running!

So to recap:

  • Call The Idaho Statesman at 377-NEWS(6397) and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 NEWSPAPER DEAL and choose one of the following:

52 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers for $177.49
26 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers for $88.74
13 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 4 EXTRA Sunday papers for $44.37

  • Then wake up Sunday morning feeling like a 7 year old on Christmas morning all excited to open up your paper and find all the coupon inserts {and sometimes DOUBLES!!} your little heart desires!!

THIS IS HOW we are building our stockpile!

THIS IS HOW we are feeding our family for pennies on the dollar!!

THIS IS HOW we are making the most of the sales and promotions!

THIS IS HOW you can start doing the same thing we are!!

What are you waiting for???
Call The Idaho Statesman today (377-NEWS) and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 NEWSPAPER DEAL!!

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  • sheila

    Just letting you know the people that live outside Ada County or Canyon County cannot receive this great offer. It cost those who live in Payette county $6.89 per week or $358.28 a year.

    ada or canyon cannot receive this offer. It is $6.89 a week for the same thing.

    • Dawn

      Even though Red Plum and Smart Source claim that they will have inserts for counties outside of Ada, the Idaho Statesman will NOT always distribute the inserts to these areas. There is no rhyme or reason to when you will receive inserts or not- and this can be expected even when you are on the COUPON SUBSCRIPTION ! So buyer beware! I live in Elmore county, only 40 miles to the East of Boise, and I pay for 5 Sunday papers each week, but frequently receive papers void of inserts, and the Idaho Statesman offers no apologies…..other counties are considered “secondary” and they do not promise weekly inserts of any kind.

      • Bobbie Dimick

        I called the Statesman this morning to ask why again, for the 3rd week in a row I did not have my coupon inserts.  I pay for 6 Sunday papers and do not read them, even though that ‘s what I was told my subscription was for.  I politely explained the the lady that took my call that my subscription was for the coupons on Sunday and that I don’t read 6 papers!

        In addition, I was told that because we do not live in a bigger demographic area (Boise) that Mountain Home pretty much gets what’s left over after Boise and surrounding areas get their papers.   I was stunned, this was not told to me when I subscribed nor was I told that I would not regularly get my inserts.  Had I known this I would have saved my money, and gone with a coupon clipping service.  If this is going to me the norm, then I think that I should get a refund of the weekends of no inserts and will be stopping my subscription.

        I was also transferred over to a Supervisor who has yet to return my call!

        Thanks Idaho Stateman for failing us again!!!

        • Amy Glass


          I also called the Statesman today and was told that we get what is left over. Why should we get the leftovers? We pay more for our papers and after all isn’t our money just as good. The customer service rep I spoke with agreed and told me it is the advertisers that tell them what towns they want their coupons in. We also don’t get all of the sale ads Ada and Canyon counties do. The rep also told me that because they have seen a major influx in orders for the papers in Ada and Canyon counties, of people getting multiple papers there will be less coupons for the rest of us. She said if we call Frank Peak at 377-6380, who is the circulation director and ask him to request more coupons for our area,and if he gets enough calls she said maybe he will see there is a want. If we all start cancelling our subscriptions after we call then maybe they will act. It isn’t right that we pay more for less of a paper, it just isn’t a good business practice. Another fellow coupon clipper today brought up a good point when she said what demographic are they trying to appeal too, do they not care about the military families who are in the area that are not getting coupons? The only reason I get a paper is for the coupons. I will be going with a coupon clipper service, even if I spend $2.00 a week on a coupon clipping service it will be cheaper than what I spend on a paper that I may or may not get coupons in. BTW even our local stores aren’t getting inserts either, the Statesman customer service rep did tell me home subscribers will get first dibs, so anyone thinking the local stores have coupons, I was told they don’t.

          • Bobbie Dimick

            Amy, I totally agree with you, when I brought up the fact that military families also subscribe in our town and that I felt like they and the rest of us are being ripped off, she got a bit snippy, but understand, she’s just doing her job.

            My daughter is Air Force and she counts on the coupons that I mail to her overseas and does not get inserts where she’s at.  Thank you for posting Frank Peak’s number, but I think as the coupon craze got steam rolling they should have seen the demand not just from Boise but surrounding areas…

            My take is maybe those who are subscribing to more than 6 papers should be set a limit, that way it makes it a more enjoyable experience for all.  I know people who are going out of town to purchase papers so that might be another avenue!

            You know if they disclosed that you will not be guaranteed getting your sunday inserts, they would not have people getting the coupon special.  I’m letting my run out and I will also be using a clipping service from now on.  My money was good enough to take on false pretense, I should be good enough to get what Ada and Boise areas get too!!!


    • AmyG

      What a bummer. I just got off the phone with the Idaho statesman and was sad to find out my rate in Elmore Co. was more than double this great deal. They also have a coupon clippers deal where it is a $1.06 per paper there is a minimum of 4 and a max of 9. You only get the Sunday paper, but it is cheaper then the $300+ it comes out to $220.48 for 4 Sunday papers for 52 weeks, they also have 13 and 26 week subscriptions, too. Dawn brought up a great point and I didn’t ask them if we were guaranteed inserts in the coupon clipper package, when inserts are running in the paper, so I would be very disappointed to only get 1-2 papers with coupons and inserts and the others with nothing, because we are considered “secondary”. Still on the fence about this deal. I didn’t realize the paper can be so expensive. I will probably just keep to the one paper I get and then swap my coupons with neighbors and print the others.

    • Dissapointed

      They will not restart this offer until you have waited two months. You cannot immediately restart after you have been on the special offer.

  • Sure wish they delivered to Idaho Falls!

  • Char Wilcox

    I just wanted to say that I just took advantage of your restaurant.com offer and got (3) $75 gift certificates for $27; I am very impressesd.

  • Nicki

    Bummed they don’t do this for our area. So FYI for Fruitland area it is 2.65 for the weeks papers and $4.24 for the additional 4 Sunday papers at a total of $181.74 for 26 weeks. OUCH. Does anyone know of any store that sells their Sunday papers cheaper. I know walmart used to sell them cheaper at one time.

    • Carri Ames

      Dollar tree! It is only a dollar!

      • cher

        only downside to buying from stores is that there are only X-amount of inserts/coupons printed for the paper and subscribers get them first, and the rest goes to the ones in newstands and stores, so it could be a hit or miss buying them that way.

  • katy atkinson

    my friend in utah just announced they can receive her paper for 20$ a year. so if you want 5 sunday papers thats just 100$ a year.

  • tara

    I live in twin falls, and I wish we could get the Idaho states man delivered, I think sometimes they have better inserts then the times news…:( I guess I will continue to buy it at the store.

    • Callie

      I live in Twin Falls also and would like to get the Idaho Statesman deliverd. What store do you get it at?

  • Holly

    I just wanted to say this deal is still current in Ada and Canyon County! Thanks!

  • Traci

    I am in Ada County, and was just told today by the Statesman staff that this special rate is only an introductory rate, and that each time we renew our rate will increase until we are paying full price. Is that how this deal is supposed to work?

  • I was unable to upgrade to this deal because I am already a subscriber, but they let me pay .56/paper for the Sunday only paper. Idaho Statesman.

  • shaz

    how do I find a deal like this in charlotte,nc?Are any of your friends or bloggers out here?watching your dvd now 🙂

  • Lee Poehler

    Got any deals with Times News or any papers in Twin Falls/ Buhl area?

  • Sheena Davies

    Do they have 5 papers cheap in Vancouver, WA area? Anyone?

  • Katie

    I live in Elmore County (mtn Home) and signed up for the Idaho statesman sunday paper a year ago. At that time they would not give me any deal on extra papers. i had an intro rate of $1.33per paper. It was time to renew – rate went up to $1.53per sunday paper. When i called to renew I asked again how much it would be for extra papers. She said i could get a minimum of 4 papers at $0.53 each (max 10) for their coupon sense deal. I said “SIGN ME UP!!!” First time I heard you can get this deal in mtn home! yay. this morning was my first morning to wake up to 4 sunday papers! my husband laughs at me. i dont care 🙂 lol

    • Marissa

      I just called the statesman and was informed the max to an address in Mtn Home was 9 and for only sunday papers (9) for 13 weeks was 124.02.

  • Candace

    Q: I’m already a subscriber. Can I still get this deal?
    A: YES! Just call 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want to upgrade to the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 deal! If you’re already getting the paper 7 days a week, you’ll just prepay $2.00 per week, and then you’ll start getting 4 extra Sunday papers. SWEET!

    I, too, was told that this is not accurate. They won’t give you the special rate unless you are a new subscriber. I cancelled my service and they said I will be elligible for the new deal in 60 days.

    • Monica


      Thanks for the update. Seems the statesman is changing the rules on us with out letting us know. 🙁

      You can just sign up for the idaho press tribune. You only have to pay on a monthly basis and you can sign up for 60 days and then switch to the statesman if you wish.

  • Nikki

    Just a note, those numbers don’t include tax. For a year, after tax, it’s $165 and change.

  • Dee

    I’m SO excited! I called got a twelve month subscription with this deal. It’s going to be like Christmas on Sunday morning!!!

  • Jules

    I just signed up for the Statesman and it ended being 13weeks @ 41.34 🙁 is that because of tax?

  • Idaho Statesmen is now doing Sunday only papers for 53 cents a copy, and you can get a minimum of 4, maximum of 9 extras. We just signed up, getting 5 every Sunday for a year for $137.80!!

  • RP

    Just an FYI:
    It’s not the “total up front cost of $156.00”. Total cost with TAX (of $9.36) was $165.36.
    STILL a really great deal, but would love to see the “True” total up front cost clarified on this promotion.

  • gramma

    A wonderful lady in front of me at the store told me I could get the Sunday Idaho Statesman for $2 a month. Does anyone know if this is true?

    • Gramma, this is not true. You can get it for $3/week… that’s the best deal they have for getting multiple papers. Sorry to disappoint!

  • Krystal

    They wont let me upgrade to this as an existing customer!! Dang them!!

  • Julie E

    This IS a good deal, but I think it stinks that you have to come up with the cost all at once. Also, we have previously canceled our Statesman subscription because every other Sunday we’d wake to find NO paper in our driveway, and the lady I got when I called to tell them was generally rude.

    I have to wonder why, just to save newsprint, the Statesman can’t simply deliver the inserts on Sunday. Heck I’d even go to where ever they ‘stuff’ the papers to get my own.

    The greatest deal in the world can’t fix crummy customer service.

  • angie d

    wondering if in the near future the statesman will honor a deal like this 4 payette county?

  • gramma

    Still not able to find a $2 a month subscription for just the Sunday paper. Fab. Frugal keeps sending me back the the newspaper info….none of which show the $2 deal. I keep hearing its out there. Anyone know where?

    • cher

      she stated before that there IS no $2 a month deal for Sunday papers.

      • Meaghan

        I was getting just 4 Sunday papers for $2.00 a week. I think that is what she might be talking about. However, they said they changed their deal and you have to get a weekly paper with it. Looks like I am going back to the $3 a week deal. Not looking forward to paying for a year up front though.

  • Kathy K.

    I just renewed my subscription and I can tell you it was not a fabuless price for the second year. They charged me $220.00 for my next year and they still haven’t gotten my payment account. BEWARE the Statesman!!!!

  • Erin

    After the 1 year special, what does the cost jump to? Could one cancel their subscription after the year then re-sign up with this deal?

  • linda

    i get the 5 papers on sunday and i called when there were not going to be coupons to hold it for a week we were told that if we did that we would not get it again for 4 weeks, so i got the 5 papers anyway.

  • Tommi

    I’m very glad I read the comments before subscribing. I live in Emmett, and was about to take the paper, but I only want it for the coupons. I have been buying them at the store, but many times there are no coupons. I have friends who subscribe who complain about not getting inserts, but I didn’t know that the paper was so unapologetic. Looks like I’ll be using insert or clipping services and NOT subscribing to the Idaho Statesman after all.

  • Jen

    Your newspaper deals date is dated 2009, is the deal the same now in 2012? If not, are you updating the information? I called the statesmen mid last year and had a hard time getting a straight answer about the Fab Frugal deal and what they honor, and sort of gave up. I’d prefer the Tribune since I’m in Canyon County.

    • Just call them and tell them you want the couponing special and see what it is. Most papers have them, no matter who the referrer is.

    • jen

      This post is updated. You should be able to get this deal no problem. If you have trouble let us know and we will give you our statesman contacts number. We do update this post to show the most current info.

      We have a deal with the press tribune, but they have a wait list right now due to a shortage of coupons.

      Thanks for mentioning us when you call it helps support our site and keep our content free. 🙂

      • Heather

        Hi I just called the Statesman and the best deal she would give me was $114.10 for 26 weeks
        I read them the info from your site but she said you would need to update it. Please help. Thanks

      • Hey I just wanted to share some info about the Statesmen. I get the 7+4 deal and in the past few months have started delivering papers. I wanted to share some tips that will make your delivery person very happy. First if you are not going to use the bags your paper comes in sometimes save them and when you get a bunch leave them on your porch for your carrier. We have to pay for the bags and rubber bands. So every little helps and allows us to make more money. Also if you have a minor complaint maybe just leave a note on your porch. Every time you call and complain our pay gets docked. And tips no matter what amount are very appreciated. Even if it is only a buck or 2 a week or 5 to 10 a month it is very appreciated. We are all sub-contractors and the higher the gas prices are the less we take home.

  • DaVette A.

    Help! I just called the Statesman to renew my sub, and it has doubled in price. I was paying $38.83 every 13 weeks for 5 Sunday papers. Now they are asking $66.30 because they said I was not paying the right price because I did not get the daily paper as well.
    Now she tells me the deal is Intro daily for 1.08 wk then multi-Sunday .75 each. Or if I keep only Sunday it is 1.25 each. Also after the Into deal for 13 wks, it will go up to $2.27 for daily and still .75 each additional Sunday.
    I asked if this was the Fabulessly Frugal deal, and she said it was. She said that you need to update the info on the website.
    I do not want to pay $57.05 for 13 weeks of daily paper and coupons. That is not a Fab deal to me. As of now I have to stop my Sub, but I still want to get coupons and deals.

  • Jessica B

    This is the info I received in an email on feb 4th from the statesman. I started my subscription last may. The daily price includes 1 sunday paper.


    Thank you for contacting us. I looked at your accounts ( the daily)

    and ( the multiple Sunday). When the daily subscription expires

    on 5/18 it will renew at the next rate of $2.27 per week. When the Multiple

    Sunday subscription expires 03/26 it will renew at 75 cents per paper. These

    rates should continue the same as long as you keep both accounts active.

    If we can be further assistance please let us know.

    Thank you for subscribing.

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