Fabulous Coupon Tip Tuesday: How to Avoid Leaving the Store Without the Deal

Occasionally we get emails like this one below.

So I thought for this weeks Coupon Tip Tuesday post we might need a little reminder.

I don’t live near an Albertsons, so I have to specifically go out of my way to get to one. (Sorry, but yes, this is a grouchy e-mail.) The one on Cherry and Meridian is the closest though I’m about to give up couponing. I was wondering if you could give a shout out to fellow couponers to SHARE! I just got home from Albertsons with NOTHING. I couldn’t get the $20 of stuff we use because they were wiped out. I’m not usually so hot under the collar about such things, but they are always wiped out. Guess I’ll have to drive a little farther to a different Albertsons, but I work and don’t have to go Albie hopping. Anyway, it helps to vent after wasting 1 ½ hours of time not to mention gas to go across town to be disappointed yet again. Maybe you could give a friendly little reminder. Thanks so much! Susan, a very frustrated couponer.

Seven Ways to Avoid Leaving the Store Empty Handed

  1. Make an order of the items you really want or need a lot of. You can do this with your manager or at customer service. It can be done on the phone or in person.
  2. Get a rain check(s) for the item(s) out of stock. This can not be done for a catalina. It can be done only on the sale price.
  3. Choose another store! Some stores are overloaded with shoppers and are always going to get cleaned out. Some stores are within a demographic that has many coupon shoppers. Shop in the area of town that is low for this. It is always worth a few extra miles for a hassle free shopping trip.
  4. Don’t wait until the last day of the sale to shop, your store is likely to be out of the items you need!
  5. Find out your stores ordering schedule. Then shop on the days you know they will be stocked. Most stores receive shipments 3 times a week and it is always the same three days. Keep in mind the time of day the shipments come in too. So you don’t show up a few hours before it arrives.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have items in the back. Many times the store has just not had time to re-stock.
  7. Call right before you leave to see if your top 3 items are in stock. That will help you decide if it is worth a trip to the store. Try your three closest stores and choose the one that is stocked the best.

Feel free to add in the comments any tips you have to make the shopping trip worth while!

I hope everyone will remember to be considerate of other shoppers when making your coupon shopping trips! It is up to us (you and me) to give couponers a good name.

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  • I’ve asked about placing an order at Albies before, and the ones I go to won’t do it. I have, though, found that Tuesdays are often decent days to go there, even though it’s the last day of the sale. They seem to get trucks on Mondays, and by Tuesday, most of the serious shoppers have already done their business. But, since I also have two kids and two jobs and live an hour away from stores, I can’t just pick up and go on Tuesdays when I would like to. Our stockpile is good enough now that we almost never actually *need* the sale items, so it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but it is annoying. Yesterday I had my husband go and get drumsticks, and I really thought they would be out of them (but the store is on his way home from work, so it’s not out of the way), but they weren’t.

    The only tip I have to add is that I always figure that if I’ve seen the deal posted on here, they’re probably going to be out of it. But, if I can figure out a couple of deals on my own that aren’t posted online, then they probably won’t be out of those things, because most of the really hoarding type couponers seem to only hoard when it’s announced online. They don’t seem to put the deals together on their own. I know it takes your own time to do that, but I’ve done some great deals that no one else seemed to know about doing this.

    • Totally agree…….when I scan the ads myself and match my coupons, I can score BIG. D

      • Yes! Nobody has the exact same collection of coupons. Peelies and tearpads are available in some areas while newspaper inserts are available in some areas. My suggestion is to do the clipless method with OpenOffice (Fabs use Excel, but OpenOffice is free) and match the deals ASAP while you’re having coffee BEFORE kids get up for school. And I can’t EMPHASIZE this enough, if you don’t have time or money, just get 2-4 quantities of the first 1-3 items on your shopping list by priority and skip the rest. Missing out on deals is OKAY. I used to beat myself up when missing out on deals but now, it’s a speed bump then we move on. That deal will come again next year.

  • There are A LOT more couponers these days so it is just going to happen. It doesn’t mean someone is out there wiping the shelves. This is a hot trend right now and has changed in demand since I have been doing it. Couponing is simply not made for everyone.

  • My store actually lets me pay for my items (with my coupons) even if the items are not in. They just write it on my receipt & I pick them up when they come in (usually on my next trip). This is really nice because I can still get my catalinas. I don’t think this is standard Albertsons policy – but it’s worth asking about if you’re ever in need.

    Also – Julie – your store doesn’t let you order? Have you ever seen those white slips of paper on the shelves that say “Special Request?” – I just fill those out and hand in my order. If your store doesn’t have those, I’d think about emailing/calling corporate – I am pretty sure it is standard for them to place orders for customers. Worth a try anyway, I’d be really bummed if that option was out!


      • I do know that the Twin Falls store does do customer orders for those big purchases on really great sales. I have not had to order yet but I have talked to the manager who is more than willing to order them so they stay on the shelves longer.

    • Im pretty sure those special request forms are for us to fill out and the store to try an order special items that the store does not currently carry on their shelves. I know and understand why my Albertsons does not take orders on “HIGH DEMAND” and or “Stock up” items. The Managers have told me that they want it to be a first come first serve, so as many customers get the chance of getting product. Most times their warehouses do not have enough product for the demand that is out their. And believe it or not, I have been told by my Albies that there are many orders that had been taken in the past that simply do not get picked up by the customer, so the store is stuck with the product at that point. Plus, They don’t know when their warehouse will be back in stock on certain items. That is why my Albie’s doesn’t like taking orders. That is ok with me.

      • My Albertsons is in Liberty Lake, WA.

        Those white forms are the ones they ask us to fill out whenever we want to place a special order (although I’m sure they could also be used for specialty items). That’s actually the only way they will place an order for me. I just have to make sure the form is in before Friday if I want the order before the sale ends the following Tuesday.

    • Nah, I’ve asked a couple of times, and they’ve said no. There are a couple of other Albertson’s in Idaho Falls where I could ask, but at this point it’s not that big of a deal for me. I probably need to start going to a different Albies anyway considering that one also won’t take any IPs that don’t have the dot-scan barcode on them (so they don’t take SmartSource or e-Centives coupons, basically), and that is *really* annoying to me. There has been a lot of coupon fraud lately, though, so I guess it’s understandable.

      They have those forms in the aisles, but I was under the impression that they’re for items they don’t normally carry. At any rate, I think they would have suggested using those if they wanted me to use them that way.

    • My Albertson’s lets me prepay for my rain check items also. When they had the really good sale with Kellogg’s cereal and the free milk catalinas they were all out when I got there. The manager had stashed one box at the register and scanned it for me, multiple transactions and all, so I could get my catalinas and the sale price. Then he filled out rain checks for them, wrote prepaid on it and signed it, and attached my receipts to them. I picked them up a few days later and had no problems with it at all.

      Also, they were out of the Purex Crystals on that sale, and when I asked about getting a rain check for them, instead of ringing it up and having me prepay, he had extra catalinas that he said they preprinted for just that situation and gave me one for each of the rain checks I got. It may just be that I have a really nice manager, though.

      • Michelle, what store was that? During the sale I asked 2 stores if I could prepay for my order so I could get the catalina’s as well and was told both times it was against company policy and if he did it for me he’d have to do it for everyone?
        I ran into the problem of placing an order (being told they had it and to come get it whenever) and when I came to pick it up they had sold it. They also told me because they had so many orders they weren’t even going to try to fill them.
        I have rain checks but am worried the coupons will expire before it can be filled…maybe worth asking to prepay again now that the craziness of the sale is over. Second question, I see all the time on the site to place an order if you need a good number, is it common for them to sell it like they did with me?

        To the OP I feel your pain, it seems since the show started I have been hitting lots of empty shelves as well. I have a nice collection of rain checks and have just gotten in the habit of calling before loading up the kids and heading out. I have emailed corporate in the case above and did get a response from my local store. I do talk with managers and cashiers while shopping and its not 1 person wiping out a sale, its multiple people buying. Rite Aid had a limit of 2 on the GIllette Body washes, but only had 127 in stock. That’s about 63 people…he did say a few got 4 because they had 2 Wellness cards. But still in a market like ours that deal didn’t have a chance of meeting demand.

    • WOW! I’ve tried to “pay” with my coupons for a delivery and it didn’t work out. BUT THAT IS A GREAT IDEA! Leaving the store empty handed, but coming back to pick stuff up later. 🙂

  • I also have a hard time getting any of the hot deals and I live about 15 minutes from the nearest Alb’s, so I understand. I try to go once a week, usually when I have doublers, and that’s it. if I get the deal, great. If I don’t, oh well. Most of the food I get through couponing I consider “supplemental” at best, since you never know what’s going to be on sale at any given time. I hope that by now most couponers are finally understanding that these hot deals come around every few months and there’s not really any reason to buy 1000 boxes of cereal. Leave some for the next person and keep your couponing karma clean!

  • I think its worth the extra time/gas to go to a less popular albertsons. I have 2 albertsons closer to me. One is NOT coupon friendly and the other is super popular. Its worth it to me to drive an extra few miles to go to one that is better stocked and nicer.

    Popular items I try to special order. I try not to get too bugged when things are out of stock. I’ve been doing this for over a year now and my mantra is “there’s always another sale!”. I used to plan every little detail of the deal, but now I go in with a general plan and several backups.

    And ditto Mindy. Sure, there will always be shelf clearers but couponing IS really popular. Shelfs can get cleared simply by having 10 people buy three items. 🙂

  • I was at Albies on Sat and there were stacks of the Mission coupons and stacks of the tortillas. I went back a few hours later, most of the tortillas were still there but the coupons were ALL GONE, and there were SO MANY. Someone had taken all of them! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Someone also peeled all of the 1$ off Huggies baby wipes off the boxes and left all the boxes. Sheesh!

  • I would say make sure you go to a store that stocks well. SOme of the stores are so good at stocking the promo items to the ceiling and I go to those stores, in the end it will definetely save you time and frusteration. But to coupon you have to be willing to go to more than one albertsons, I never shop at just one, nad I usually have my three kids 5 and under with me. On doubler things this used to always happen to me I dont shop in sunday so things get a little picked over but to avoid not having anything left I dont go Tuesday at 10 oclock at night anymore I go at 6am on Monday morning and usually I can get what I want. I agree one person clearing the shelf is rude, but the sale almost always comes around again!

  • Oh one more thing, I know it doesn’t help out with a promo but rainchecks are really amazing, my capri sun coupons didn’t get here yet, I was really thankful my store shelves were cleared of the sunrise, all that did is extend the deal for me, I was thinking about commenting on the post of the lady with all the Capri sun, THANKS for buying so many I was really hoping I didn’t have to run around town looking for a store with the shelves cleared to get a raincheck. Also I have had managers ask before what is it us couponers are going to want this week or whatever, they dont want to run out so let your managers know if you know ahead of time what is going to be a really hot item, the more they stock the more they make (as long as the couponers come)

  • I agree with having a couple scenerios planned out – you just never know. I also have three (sometimes 4 if I’m feeling very energetic!) different Albertsons I check – the 10 mile and cherry lane is not too far from the Cherry and Meridian one, so that might be an option for you. I’ve also learned that the sales cycle – if I missed out on “free” cereal this go round – I know there will be another opportunity for a great cereal deal in the future 🙂 It can be exhausting planning and driving around to different stores, so I seem to go in spurts – once you’ve got a good basic stockpile going, you dont need to take advantage of every sale. It is annoying – this happens to me at Walgreens all the time – I feel your pain 🙂 But, when I do get the deal, its so worth it!

    • Amen Tiffany! Just off the top of my head, I can think of 3 super fab cereal sales since January! That equates to one every 6 weeks. They always come back… 🙂

  • If the item is going to be free with coupons or doublers, just count on it being gone. Then decide if it is worth it to go to the store for the other items. I have noticed if an item is free the shelf will almost always be cleared. (Who doesn’t like free stuff?) But if you have to pay a little bit like $.50 for an item, you have a good chance of it still be there. Hence, why the Nestle Drumsticks were still available….

    • Dang! My two stores were all out! But I got my raincheck! 🙂

      • I am bummed when I went in on Monday morning they were out of the Drumsticks. so I asked if there were more in the back since I just saw the freight truck leave. He told me in an hour or so he would restock the shelf. He wanted it to last till the end of the day. My thought was if you have it why wouldn’t you want to sell it. I just drove 35 miles and had to get back to pick up my daughter from school. I did not have an hour or so to wait for them to be restocked. I did get a raincheck but it bummed me out when they were in the store they just did not want to stock them yet. I did get other deals while I was there though.

  • I don’t get my Sunday papers until Tuesday and there is only one Albertsons in my area. I definitely learned to always have a backup plan, that all the best deals will be gone but there will always be those items that are almost free that no one touches! People get really excited, almost an adrenaline rush when they get free stuff, but next to free is pretty good too!

  • I always order if I want more then a case of something, which is often…this way when the add pops I immediately order any coupons I need that wont be in the paper and call in a order, when I get there I just find the grocery guy and they will wheel up my carts and ring me up! And then when Im done they even help wheel all my carts out and load my truck!! I almost never miss out on anything, and its all nicely boxed up which make storage easy and shopping easy too…I swear my albies is the best and it makes me sad to see others with bad experiences post on here;-( couponing is fun I love a sale and saving money and getting free stuff legally:-) When there is a great deal, like cereal that is free with coupons, or a catalina call as soon as you know what you want this gives the store a heads up that this is a hot item and they can usually up their orders or add on for later in the week….

  • It is worth it to me to go to an Albies that few shop at. I used to go to 5&O in Boise, but I work and couldn’t go until Monday night and they were ALWAYS cleaned out. I came home discouraged most of the time. The only deals I ever got there were on clearances in the toothpaste section. Now I go to the one on Orchard and Overland after I get off of work on Monday evening or even Tuesday evening. They are almost always still fully stocked and often the cashiers will tell me about upcoming coupon deals or catalinas. I’m out of the store faster because I don’t have to hunt for deals other than the ones I prepared for.

  • The Albertsons and Cherry & Meridian runs out of stock all the time. If there is a good deal on cereal or other items on a really hot promotion they’ll order in a ton of it, so it’s a good place to go for stuff like that. But for many items, once a good deal is mentioned here or on other couponing blogs, I can count on the shelves being cleared before I can get there.

    I think most shoppers are courteous and I’d agree with other comments that an empty shelf doesn’t always mean that one person bought the entire supply of inventory, but that does happen. I went to that store for some Capri Sun Sunrise on Saturday and the shelves were empty. Went back early yesterday (Tuesday) hoping they’d have more in stock and I saw a woman checking out with a cart full of it. So I headed to the juice aisle only to find an empty shelf. I inquired to see if they had more anywhere, but no.

    I’d bought three boxes of the Capri Sun at another Albertsons earlier on Saturday. They did not have a lot there, so I limited myself to 4 even though I had more coupons. Five shopping trips later between Saturday and Tuesday I coudln’t find any more Capri Sun anywhere. I did get a rain check so I’ll pick up more the next time there are doublers. But it was so frustrating. Then when I see someone with a cart full, it just makes me wish I’d bought more when I had the chance. Okay not really — I don’t want to be one of the people who make it hard for everyone else — but it is very frustrating.

    A different Susan

    • I agree that it is frustrating. I just thought that I would mention that perhaps the lady with a cart full of Capri Sun had placed a special order for them and was just picking it up. It is something that is really easy to do and there are lots of stores (in the Treasure Valley) that are willing to do it for you. This is what I do when I want more than a few of something. That way I don’t take the stock away from all the other customers and still get what I want. You see when you special order something it is merchandise that the store wouldn’t normally have ordered. I would suggest doing this next time you want to buy in larger quantities. It really has helped me have less hard feelings.

      • I would love to hear more about the steps of calling in an order. Who do you ask for when you call the store? Is it OK to do it with a bunch of coupons? Is there a minimum amount you must order? How far in advance do you need to make the order?

        • i ask to speak with the grocery manager… Make sure you have the ad right there with you, so you are giving exact item (size, etc) that will be on sale…

          Yes, you can do it with as many coupons as you have…

          No, there is not a minimum or limit…

          Order on Friday to get it by Tuesday, Wednesday will usually get it in on Saturday…

          One general rule is make sure you aren’t going to be asking the store for more than 3 sets of doublers 🙂

          Hope this answers all your questions 🙂

  • I think a lot of us have experienced these frustrations. I am 3 months into couponing and I am learning as I go. I am also seeing that these deals are coming around every 3-4 months or sooner, so I really try and only get enough to get me through for this period of time. I am also a fan of getting rain checks, I find its almost easier when I can do this. I don’t usually ask if they have more in stock in back but found out yesterday that often they do so from now on I will always ask. I also find it interesting how from one Albertsons to another they really treat couponers different. I was very pleased yesterday to be told that my business was appreciated by the clerk, even though they were exhausted from dreaming of capri suns. 🙂

  • I have learned over the last year and a half of couponing that people don’t play fair and unfortunately if you can’t get to the store on the first day of the sale, your going to miss out. I have also sounded off on this issue on other coupon sites and some woman straight up say “if you snooze you lose.” And some also say “if it’s free you better get there fast because I WILL clear the shelf.” Its like the world, some people play fair and some don’t. It’s just like the chimichanga deal a couple months ago, people were buying cases at a time. Who needs 900 chimmies??? I have learned to go on Wednesday morning after I take the kids to school. But I am fortunate that I can stay home and go when I feel I want to get in on the deals. Some people can’t because they work. I only get 4 papers for my family of 6 and I don’t really have a stockpile because my kids swarm the food when I get home and its gone a few days later. I have teenagers. 🙂 Anyways, to all you people who are shelf cleaners PLAY NICE!!!

  • I have been couponing long enough now to verify that it HAS changed from when I first started couponing. One factor is that when they first started the Twice the Value coupons they would double any coupon up to a dollar and this spread the deals around between more products. Now that they won’t accept any Do Not Double coupons, and since more and more coupons seem to have the dreaded DND on them, it really narrows down the window of products that are good deals. This focuses all the couponers on a few products which, of course, leads to empty shelves. I try to just take it all in stride and not get too worked up. But it HAS gotten harder to coupon , I think, for a variety of reasons over the last year or so.

  • Part of the problem you are all having is you are only buing things that you feel are an excellent deal and overlook things that you can still get good deals on. This whole business of “stock piling” is not for everyone. Some people do have to work and want to spend time with their children and not spend all of their time running around to save a few bucks. What are you truly saving if you are neglecting your family? I also want to know how it is you think you are saving so much money if you are out shopping everyday and buing every deal that comes along? Just some thoughts. People around here are very greedy and the gals with the postings are the ones who get the deals first and then tell everyone else about them. Remember that.

    • Most of the deals are posted before the sale starts….for instance, the Albies promo’s that are going on till Tues were posted yesterday. The drugstores (Rite Aid and Walgreens) are usually posted a couple days before the sale starts. Many people find deals while out shopping and then come back and share them with us all. I’ll take shopping this way and stockpiling things over the old way I used to shop – I’m saving about $400 a month and if I want to take a shopping break, I’ve got enough staples in my house that I really only need to run out for milk and produce. So, if you can figure out how to stockpile things that work for you and your family – life can become much simpler. I’ve also learned price points from these websites – I do plenty of shopping at Winco and I can get all my groceries for the week for around $50-$60 where it used to be $100-$150 – many times I do this without coupons when I go there. When I see other people grocery shopping, I don’t question why they buy what they buy – I have no idea how many people they have in their family, who they may be shopping for, etc. – if its a big promo and they are clearing the shelves I do get annoyed, but in my short 8 months or so of couponing – I’ve seen the sales cycle – so I can’t get too annoyed as I know I’ll catch a good deal. I am fortunate also to be a SAHM (do work very part time….) and I considered the grocery shopping/budget to be my job and I think its very wise to stretch my grocery dollars as far as I can and to be prepared incase we run into a tight spot in the future. Like having an emergency savings account – I’ve also got a good stockpile of staples that I got for a great price to get us through times when money is tight and to ensure I can save my hubby’s hard earned money for bills, paying down debt, etc. Sorry to go on and on, but I’d like to put in my 2 cents on how I think this is a positive thing. I think we all can agree that when we purchase items we look for the best deal – we shop around for cars, stock up for kids clothes during a sale, find the best price on electronics – why should groceries and toiletries/cleaning supplies be any different?

    • Whoa Carrie- I sure hope you are not referring to us when you say…………………………

      “People around here are very greedy and the gals with the postings are the ones who get the deals first and then tell everyone else about them.”

      That is entirely untrue! Like Tiffany said most of the time the deals are posted before the sale even starts. So it is IMPOSSIBLE that we already shopped the sale before posting. There have been hundreds of times when we have posted a HOT deal before getting out to do it. It is tempting sometimes to keep it to ourselves, but we never do, that is not what we are here for,

      Also WE DO NOT shop every deal and we don’t recommend it! We miss a lot of them. We just don’t have time for that.

      We appreciate all of our loyal readers who, share deals, share coupons, help others and bless their families. This is what our fabfrugal community represents.

      • I know that you don’t, but even if you DID keep the hot sales to yourself until after you went and did your own purchasing, who could blame you? The deals on this site are posted for free and save us couponers a LOT of time by not having to pour over ads and compare to coupons ourselves. I love couponing but there is no way I would do it if I had to come up with the deals on my own. I am grateful for couponing sites and the people who freely share information and tips- irregardless of whether they have gotten in on the sale before or after sharing them.

  • When I first started couponing a couple months ago, I would go to the store and be so frustrated that they were completely out. I was under the impression, like a lot of others, that it MUST just be a few people clearing the shelves. As time has gone one, I realized how wrong I was!! Although there will always be people that do hoard, I dont think this is the issue locally. The sheer volume of couponers in the area is what clears the shelves!!! If Walgreens has a deal on Dove shampoo and 2000+of us couponers in the area are going to get it, of course they will be out!! I think the stores are trying really hard (at least the ones I go to) to stay ahead of the sales and stay stocked, but they cant always predict what is a good deal if they have no clue when doulbes are coming!

    Somewhat OT but…

    I was at Albertsons on Overland and Five Mile and some one left their envelope with coupons in the cart. It is at customer service if you want to claim it!

    I was also at the Overland and Orchard Albertsons doing some last minute shopping with the doublers. When I was checking out a lady came up and asked for a raincheck for the water. The cashier nicely told her that they do not do raincheck for coupon or catalina deals, only sales. The lady ended up blowing up because apparently another employee told her the day before she could get one, and the she ended up storming out of the store. She was extremely rude to cashier and the manager ( or lead or whatever they are) that she called over for help. They were very polite and tried to let her know they just couldnt do that. If we treat them like that, they are going to be less and less willing to help us in the future. Both the other customer checking out and I were appaled. Please be nice to those who help us!!!! It is not their fault if something is out of stock or the deal doesnt go as planned.

    Ok, enough ranting.

    Happy shopping! 🙂

  • everyone seems to think shelves are empty from shelf clearing people and people who but too much, since use of coupons is up like 78% from just 2 years ago it may have something to do with, the accessability of coupons either from multiple copies delivered buying them at news stand or just purchasing the inserts and coupons. there is more competition for the items but if a stor is doing a sale just like they did 6 months ago and they sold 100 case then they might order 200 cases this time but the stores don’t know that there will be a 1.00 coupon for the 2.oo product and doublers and a catalina deal so of course its all gone in a day. some of the times when I have called to special order the grocery manager has said that they pre-ordered the sale items 4 months before the sale its all already comming so they try to have enough but not too much and we want what we all want but only if there are coupons and doublers right:-)

  • Carrie – for the record: I have been couponing only a few weeks. I was recently laid off & my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer a year ago & only give a year to live. She refused chemo, radiation or any other therapies. In the past year, I’ve researched ways health & nutrition can help her, have been cooking for her, so if it were not for couponing, I’d not be able to afford to do all that I do for her. In fact, she would not be alive. You should really think before you speak.

  • I’ve been couponing since January, and this is the first weekend that I’ve seen empty shelves on nearly every good deal at Albertsons. I think that coupons are becoming trendy and the number of ‘extreme’ shoppers is increasing. Unfortunately for me, that means I’ll probably be heading to Albertson’s at the crack of dawn before church on Sunday – but if that’s the price to pay, I’ll do it. Shopping this way has saved us thousands already, and I consider it my part time job. Guess I’ll just have to get used to my ‘new schedule!’

  • I was wondering if anyone has checked out bountifulbaskets.com yet for fruit and veggies. I found it to be a pretty good deal.

  • When doing a rain check, or pre-paying can the round-ups or coupons be used? I went to Albi’s 5 times last week and wasn’t able to get what I was going for because they were sold out. Frustrating! Early, mid, late ext.

  • I read in a stockpiling book to look in the stores for a 10 for 10. It really is a good tip. Also, watch for when the item goes on sale . Wait until it is either a 10 for 10 or maybe even a 2 for 4. Then use a coupon and your item may even be free.

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