Are you ready for bathing suit/shorts season? If you are anything like me, you might have squeezed yourself into your suit from last year and then had a small pity party after looking in the mirror!  Not to worry. I’m here to offer a few tips to help you get in shape at home, without coughing up the money for an expensive gym membership (I am an instructor at a gym, so it might seem like this article is a bit hypocritical. But, saving money always comes first!).

First things first, before you begin a new workout routine please consult with your physician. We don’t want any of our FAB readers spraining ankles or passing out!! Now that we have that out of the way, here are a few ways you can whip that body into shape without ever leaving home:

Use what you have:

Do you have stairs in your house? Run them. A trampoline out back? Spend 15 minutes bouncing around. A walking path in your neighborhood? Run/bike/walk it for half an hour.


Keep it interesting:

Workouts can get so tedious. If I’m bored, I’ll stop. So switch things up and get your heart pumping. Do 1 minute intervals, alternating between exercises in list 1 (cardio) and list 2 (strength).


Jumping  jacks
Burpees (squat, kick feet out to push up position, jump feet back in & explode to ceiling)
High knees (jog in place while lifting knees above hips)
Butt-kickers (jog around room/house while heels make contact w/ bottom on each step)
Side shuffle, holding a low squat (lead w/ right foot for 30 sec. & left for 30 sec.)
Fast feet (football shuffle)


Tricep dips
Bicep curls (use canned food if you do not have hand weights!)

Mix things up:

You can take exercises you have been doing for years and put a new twist on them. The following two examples show you how.

Squat and stand rapidly for 20 seconds, then hold a low squat for 20 seconds. Repeat each 3 times for a total of 2 minutes.

Find a wall in your house and, with your back to it, sit in a low squat for 30 seconds. Then pop off the wall & immediately begin 30 seconds of fast feet. Back to the wall for 30, fast feet for 30 and repeat until you have done each 3 times for a total of 3 minutes.

Burn it while you play:

One of my favorite ways to get exercise is playing with my kids. We will crank up the stereo and dance around the house. I’m burning calories without even noticing! If dancing is not your thing, head out to your yard and play Red Rover, tag or kick a soccer ball around. Interacting with your children AND getting your heart rate up: killing two birds with one stone.

Regardless of your physical ability or your fitness level, the most important thing is to get off the couch and get moving. Even if it is at a snail’s pace at first, your body will thank you!


  • Keana

    thanks for the tips. I seriously was eating a hot dog while reading this! Now off to do some squats!

  • Julie

    “Burpee” sounds like some kind of baby gear, and the things you list under “mix things up” are things we used to do during basketball practice–oh, the horrors! Just kidding. They are great exercise. Another thing we used to do during practice for leg strength is put one foot up on a step (we used pretty high steps, but you could do it with any step, and I sometimes do it on my back porch steps now) and use that foot to push yourself into a jump, so that both feet come together in the air, and then land with your opposite foot on the step. It really makes your legs work (and I would guess if you did it long enough, it would be cardio, too).

    Me, I just rode my bike to work against very strong eastern Idaho wind in my face…so I’m good for today! Haha.

  • Kristy

    Thank you for some ideas! I’ve been struggling (motivation…of course) to get my routine down. I have a question, if you have a moment…

    Would biking for 30 mins or so (pulling the bike trailer with 2 kiddos = 55 lbs) or walking / jogging be better? I defitanley do not have the endurance yet to jog the whole way yet, but it seems my boys get along better in that bike trailer while I am biking..also thinking of “what’s more convenient” but good for me to drop these darn 15 pounds..LOL!

    Thank you!

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