Top Ten Frugal Living Tips

frugal living tips

Say that title 5 times fast! Whew. Alliterations aside, we here at Fabulessly Frugal know there are so many ways in addition to couponing that can save you money. We also know how dang smart our readers are. So today, we are combining that knowledge and turning to you, our brilliant and frugal readers.

All couponing and shopping talk aside, what are some money saving tips you have adopted? Have you been given any good advice when it comes to trimming your budget? What frugal practices have you implemented in your life?

We want to hear from you!

Leave a comment or send us an email with your ideas. To get your minds cranking out those helpful hints, I’ve compiled my top 10. Love ’em or hate ’em, if you incorporate them into your life, you WILL save money!

1. Brown bag it. Give up cafeterias if possible. Pack lunches for your kids, your spouse and yourself. Not only will you save a bit, but statistically you will eat healthier too! Get some reusable lunch containers to make it easy and save money too. 

2. No impulse buying. Period. If you are dying to have something, if it is screaming your name, wait for it. Walk out of the store. Think it over for 48 hours. If you still absolutely cannot live without it, then buy it (and promptly hide it from your husband. Unless of course you think #3 is important).

3. Stay married. Now before you attack, hear me out. I understand there are circumstances that merit divorce. I’m making a blanket statement in regards to saving money, because a divorce is costly (and we aren’t even talking about the emotional toll I’m sure it takes). The actual divorce will cost you. The lawyer will cost you. Dividing assets and paying alimony/child support and potentially losing money if you have to sell a house. And that multiplies if it gets nasty. Credit can be wrecked and the long term financial burden may be felt for years.

4. Get a library card. I know we have mentioned it before, but this can save you hundreds each year. Possibly more if you are a book worm or movie junkie! Check out those books instead of buying them. Rent those movies at the library for free instead of paying to rent them at a video store. You can also enjoy free movies, books and shipping with amazon prime

credit cards
5. Utilize your credit card’s rewards program. While using a credit card is not for everyone, there are perks. Most credit card companies offer some type of rewards program. Miles, cash back or a points system are just a few ways you can make your money work harder for you. We save our rewards and then cash them in for gift certificates each Christmas. Our daughter’s entire Christmas was paid for this way! If you have the will power to make all of your monthly purchases on a credit card, and then turn around and immediately pay the balance down, you can rack up rewards. If you lack the will power, try #6 instead. Check out the best rewards credit cards

Envelope Budeting System
6. Use cash. Hide the credit cards and leave your debit card at home. When the cash is gone, your spending stops. Learn more about the Cash Envelope System

7. Eat leftovers. If my husband reads this, he would laugh. I HATE leftovers. But I also know how much money can be saved by doing this, and I do feel guilty every time I throw food away. Reheat an entire meal again, or use a leftover ingredient to create a whole new dish (leftover recreation recipes coming soon!).

8. Make it. Whether it be a birthday gift for a friend vs. a store bought present, or a home cooked meal vs. take out, you can potentially save a lot of money by making it yourself. Check out some of our favorite DIY Crafts and Homemade Cleaners.

9. Clean out your closet. If your old clothes are gathering dust in your closet (reality check: your pre-baby size zeros are never gonna fit. It hurts, I know), turn them into cash. Gather items for a yard sale. Take gently worn items to a consignment store. Or donate items and get a tax write-off in exchange.

10. Surround yourself with frugal people. We tend to adopt many of the habits of those we spend the most time with. New cars, expensive dinners and designer jeans are all fine and good if you have the money to sustain that lifestyle (although even if you have the money, might I still suggest couponing?!). If your closest friends live well above their means, you might find your bank account is suffering while you try to keep up with the Jones’. I’m not saying ditch your friends, but be honest with them. And if necessary, help them adopt a more frugal lifestyle. My friends always check with me before we pick a restaurant for a lunch date to see if I have any coupons. I usually do, and I LOVE that they know me well enough to ask. Follow us on facebook, pinterest and instagram

So there you have mine. Now it’s your turn to dish your money saving secrets!

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  • Renée

    Great post, very timely after the holidays and terrific tips, thanks!

  • Kate

    Good list.

    One thing I’d add that made a big difference for me personally is to
    plant a garden (especially if you like organic food and lean vegetarian).

    A 4″ x 4″ space using the square foot gardening method can grow organic (and expensive at the store) tomatoes, beans, peas, greens, peppers and eggplants for two people or more with minimal effort and cost after the initial set up. (You can also grow on an outdoor tabletop or concrete patio). Strawberry plants and blueberry bushes are nice landscaping as well and produce for a few years.

  • Michele Palmer

    Use a program like Microsoft Money to enter all your checking account info. You can easily track spending and create a monthly budget to keep you on task.
    It has been so helpful for us to track our spending throughout the year and help us budget for something we can save up for.
    Also, it’s so helpful to just look up random stuff, like when you last saw your OBGYN for example.

  • Kirsten

    Buy a small chest freezer. When you find clearance meats (or FABULOUS sale) and veggies, fruits too. I miss ours. :/

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