FABULESS Newspaper Deal

We are sooooo excited to be bringing our readers a FABULESS deal on this newspaper!
We have hesitated on posting about this because up until now we could not get it to our readers in SW Boise. Now we can! Woohoo! If you live in Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Emmett, Melba, as far East as Maple Grove (between Five Mile and Lake Hazel) in Boise, and NOW in Ontario, OR you can take advantage of this FABULESS deal!

Update: They just added Zip Code 83714 (north of State street and south of Hill rd and it cuts off at Pierce Park Ln.)!  WOOT!

$14.00/month for 20 Sunday papers = $.70/paper delivered to your door.



Doesn’t this sound better than:

  • Rushing to the Dollar store (with kidlets in tow)only to find Sunday Papers are GONE!
  • Scouring your neighborhood for any store that has some Sunday papers left (they always seem to be gone by Monday night!) You’re willing to pay more than a dollar at this point!
  • You were one of the lucky ones to actually get find an extra Sunday paper, only to find out THE INSERTS WERE MISSING!!


So what are you waiting for? Call Idaho Press-Tribune at 208-465-8199 and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL paper deal!
“Why in the world would you want 4 or even 6 copies of the Sunday paper?????”MULTIPLE PAPERS = MULTIPLE INSERTS = MULTIPLE COUPONS for your favorite items!
What do you wish you had more coupons of right now???
What do you wish you could be stocking up on RIGHT NOW???
General Mills cereal? Yoplait Yogurt? Pectin?
Even if you didn’t WANT to use that many – you would have enough to share with your friends who really need to wake up and see how FABULESS it is to coupon!!

PS –
If you WANT the subscription, but don’t currently live in the delivery area, CALL IN ANYWAY (and get your friends to do it as well). Let them know where you are and they will add you to the list. If enough people call from your area, THEY WILL START DELIVERING! Supply and demand people!!



  • Kelly MacQueen

    I just talked to Greg, and this rate is only good for the first 6 months. After that, the subscription for the daily paper goes up (to $11) and the 4 extra papers are $5.92. Just thought I would clarify this, because it caused some confusion for me when my newspaper costs went up all of a sudden!

    • Jackie

      I have the newspaper delivered all week for $6.00 a month. This was supposed to last for the first six months, but I just called them up when the six months were over and asked them to renew it for another six months.

  • Ellen

    I just spoke with Greg and he told me that at the end of the first six months the daily portion of the subscription would cost $5.25 more per month (so up to $11.25 from $6.00). Interesting note – they allow you to pay monthly, two separate monthly debits (or charges), one for Sunday papers, one for the dailies, with your credit or debit card. I chose to pay for six months upfront and I will just check everyone’s pricing six months from now.

  • Jessica B

    “$13.50/month for 28 Sunday papers = .48/paper DELIVERED to your door.”

    I just spoke with Greg (he said he was on vacation last week, in case y’all have been trying to call him) and wanted to let you all know the $13.50 is not for 7 Sunday papers, it’s for 6.
    He said they do not offer a deal with 7 Sunday papers, 6 is the most you can get, unless there ends up being 5 Sundays in the month then you would have more. Thank you wonderful Ladies for setting this up for everyone!!!

  • Elle

    I really wish you would have added the detail about the price going up on your page. That just seems like common courtesy to inform people of ALL the details. Just sayin

  • Denise

    “If you are in stock up mode or have a bigger family you can get
    6 Sunday papers for just $13.50/ month.”
    I spoke with Greg. His says this is not correct. He said he “does not know why they keep doing this”. You cannot get JUST Sunday papers- at all!

    • Amy

      What she was doing there was saying that she didnt care about the daily papers, so if you just pretended that you didnt get them that would be the cost of it. She didn’t say that you can only get the 6 Sunday papers. You just have to read a little more carefully. It can be confusing.

  • Jenica Durrant

    so does this idaho press tribune only sunday paper thing really work? ive had mixed reviews because i only want to pay for the sunday ones….. if you could let me know that would be great!


    • Andelin

      I got a new subscription to the Press-Tribune about a week ago. I paid $48 for 6 months, a daily paper plus 4 extra sundays (so 5 sundays in all). I don’t think they offer a “sundays only” deal (but I want the daily paper because sometimes there are ads with great deals during the week too). So basically, you have to take a daily paper. It sounds like people think of it as “$12 for 5 sunday papers and the daily is just extra.”

      Hope this helps.

  • Stephanie

    The e-mail for Greg is coming back undeliverable…Is he not the correct person to contact anymore?

    • JB

      @Stephanie- The email is right I think, the name had two letters transposed on it. Just make sure you’re spelling the last name correctly and you should get through.

      • Sheila

        I tried to email him as well and even when I corrected the spelling of his last name the email was still returned.

  • Carolyn H.

    I know there haven’t been any recent posts on this but I just talked to Greg. First all he is a very nice person who answered all of my questions even on a Saturday! 🙂 So here is what he told me to help clear up confusion:
    I am a new subscriber so it will be $6/month for the first 6 months
    it will be $12/month to get 5 Sunday papers and the daily paper.

    The nice thing is you can pay monthly if you would like and it can come automatically out of your checking account.

    I hope this helps with any confusion and he was really nice to talk to! He even is out of the state and still answered my call!

    • Carolyn H.

      Okay let me clear things up again! 🙂

      I have been getting my paper just fine with no problems and everything is going good for that. One thing I want to clear up is the price of this deal.

      for the first 6 months you will pay 6 bucks a month for the everyday paper (that you have to get)
      PLUS 5.92 for your extra papers.
      I get 5 sunday papers.

      So that is a total of almost $12 a month for the first 6 months after the 6 months it will go up to almost $18 a month.

      I wasn’t told about this extra charge for all the Sunday papers and was kinda confused on why I wasn’t told about it, but I will continue having this deal now that I know about the other 6 bucks charge.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Charity

    I just signed up at a kiosk in Best Buy in Nampa, with “Bob”. I signed up to get JUST the Sunday/Holiday paper for $6 a month. I signed up 2 weeks ago and got my first Sunday paper this morning. I have not received ANY daily papers.
    I didn’t want the paper at all, but I am tired of putting my $1 in the box and finding someone took the coupons out already, and the stores being sold out by the time I am able to get there. He did say that they would no longer be putting the coupons in the papers that go in the boxes, but when I HAVE been getting them there, there have been coupons.

    Thank you SO much for this site! I’m learning so much!

  • Kim

    I had a subscription with the Tribune and got a letter with my Sunday papers at the beginning of January (2012) saying they were no longer taking multiple Sunday paper subscription orders. I wasn’t getting all of the inserts either, which was VERY disheartening, and I cancelled my subscription and I am going to subscribe to the Statesman. Just an FYI. I don’t know if they are still not taking subscriptions with multiple Sunday papers but that’s what got from the letter.

    • Nicole I.

      I hope this isn’t true…. I was going to get a subscription with them next month. Can any of you Fabuless ladies verify this?

      • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

        Nicole, very shortly after this letter went out, they got a new supply of inserts, so all is well and it’s business as usual at the Press Tribune!

  • Diana

    I just tried the website also and I keep getting sent back to me no matter how I type it in,I guess I will just call.

  • Jules

    Do you by chance know the current price for the Press Tribune? I was trying to decide if it is a better deal than the Statesman, since there has been no up-date for a year I was not sure. Also is there still a coupon code I need to use to get the Sunday deal?

  • Jules

    SHAME ON YOU IDAHO PRESS TRIBUNE!!!! Never again will I purchase this newspaper. I purchased 6 newspaper today due to the fact that it advertised double coupons inside (plus I already knew thanks to this site). Well there were none inside. I contacted the store I purchased them from and they checked the rest of their papers. None nada in in any of them. I contacted the Idaho Press Tribune and they stated they can only guarantee coupons to subscribers. I asked for my money back and they said there was no way for them to know I didn’t take them from the papers. I also contacted a friend that has a subscription adn she had no coupons as well. Looks as if the carrier in my neighborhood forgot to fill the inserts or is keeping them for themselves!!!!

    • Jenn

      It is true… coupons, inserts, & doubles are only guaranteed to subscribers. Which means if you buy a paper in store or at a box, then you are not promised all of your coupons. But as a subscriber, you are guaranteed your inserts, if you ever have a problem, you just have to call customer service at 467-9252 and they are more than happy to redeliver anything that you are missing. This is a great reason to subscribe! If you’re going to start couponing and you are serious about it, then you really should take the time to just have them delivered to your house! Call in and give this website some credit by signing up under them!

  • Melissa

    Does anyone know if this deal is still going on just moved to the area.

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