Fabuless Fashion: The Power of the Skinny Belt!

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Why this inexpensive item is a necessity for your closet and 7 different ways to wear it.

As a mother of four small children, I know how busy our “mom” lives can be. Updating our wardrobes is often the last thing on our minds or our budgets. There is one powerful accessory that has the clout to modernize the clothes we already have in our closet and won’t break our couponing cutting, deal finding, frugal traditions in the process! Ahhh the skinny belt….! The skinny belt is a miracle salve! It complements our curves when we are lacking femininity and shrinks our sillhoutes on a “wide day.” Skinny belts add style, color, and texture to our looks. AND for under 20 dollars it’s a must have for wardrobe versatility.! Examine your existing wardrobe. Pull items that need an updated accent – neutral tunics, shift dresses, separate basics, sweater dresses – and complement them with a skinny belt.

Here are my seven favorites:

1. High-waisted pencil skirt. An outstanding choice when going for a posh look at church or the office. A leather belt with same color detail or a shimmering metallic are good options. 2. Slacks. Awesome choice for those of us who frequent the word “petite” instead of “short” to describe our stature. (Why is it when we use a French adjective instead of the English translation it all of a sudden becomes stylish?!) Accessorizing a skinny belt with slacks (wide leg slacks = 2012 super chic) is also an excellent way to dress up our standard momista look. 3. High-waisted blouse. Wear it just about the navel to accentuate the thinnest part of the waist. This is a good look for women with long torsos and hourglass figures. 4. Slanted. Have a subdued work wardrobe? A turquoise, red, or metallic belt slanted on your waist can add a refreshing pop of color to any neutral look. 5. Blingy jeans. Jeans work well with a thin belt in a contrasting color. They slim your waist while wearing this technique. 6. Doubled up. Doubling up is a terrific trendy way to jump into the 21st century! This look screams youthful and playful! Wear it with a slightly loose blouse that will make even your teenager jealous! 7. Cardigan. Create a chic everyday outfit by pairing a skinny belt over light layers such as a long and thin cardigan. Because the skinny b cinches around the waist and accentuates a woman’s curves, this belt is a great way to feminize grandpa sweaters and layers. This look is casual without sacrificing style.

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Expert Tips:

• Shop for styles not wider than an inch (thick belts tend to draw attention to fuller waists) • When wearing a skinny belt cinch them one hole less than you physically can. Wearing them too tight screams TACKY! Okay, wearing ANYTHING too tight is tacky.

• If your belt has an extra-long tail then secure it with double sided tape.

• Skinny belts are meant to be an accessory. They are not to serve a function. Therefore, if you are currently using a “skinny b” to hold up your pants then the next item on your “to do” list should be a trip to the tailor!

• The buckle on a skinny belt has the potential for “making it or breaking it”! In order for the skinny b to look great, make sure that the buckle is not too big otherwise is can easily over-shadow the skinny belt and it will take away from the look you are going for!

Wide vs. skinny. Don’t underestimate the power of the skinny belt. Although slight in size, skinny belts are certainly not any less interesting than their larger, wider counterparts. The small shape is precisely what will help your look be more stimulating and attractive. For plus-size women, try outfitting with a belt slightly over our 1 inch standard. It will help create a proportional balance to your look.

Mix and Match with a variety of skinny belt styles: metallic, cut out, patent, leather, woven. For a new skinny-belt fashionista, it’s best to purchase one universal belt preferable in black, brown, cream or because animal prints are never extinct in the fashion world – my favorite is muted animal print!

When to NOT wear a “skinny b”? Skinny belts don’t look great if your shirt is cropped short!

Skinny belts can be purchased almost anywhere. My frugal favorites? ….Target, Forever 21, Kohls, and Ann Taylor’s clearance rack.

Loving these  skinny belts from Target…

Here are a couple of photos of my personal skinny belt ensembles:

High Wasted Pencil Skirt or Dress: I felt the need for a little color to spruce up this black and white dress I have had for ages. The cobalt blue skinny b is perfect for helping my humble dress jump into 2012. I paired it with a coral headband and matching shoes for a stylish spring look. I am also rocking my double sided tape trick in this shot!

Cardigan: My favorite thing about this look is that I scored the brown skinny b for $3.99 off of Target’s clearance rack! I bought the belt one size bigger so that I could slant it on a diagonal over sweaters and cardigans

Slacks: I like this gold braided skinny belt for the bling factor it brings to my fairly basic slacks and blouse guise. The gold adds the decorative interest I felt like this outfit ssccrreeaammeedd for.

Fashion writer, Michelene, juggles her 4 children’s music, sport, and dance lessons with a little “me” time that includes her computer, a can of Sprite, and some Hot Tamales. A former FOX News Anchor and On-Air Radio talent Michelene vaguely remembers a time when her clothing had no trace of cookies smashed into them by a well-meaning child. As a self-proclaimed trophy wife and supporter of modestly chic fashion, Michelene believes strongly in coupons, clearance racks, and most importantly, the all-encompassing universal power of sexy shoes!

Photo credit:  Redbook, stylehive.com, newsfashiontrend.com, poshposh.com, accessories.about.com, the stylechild.wordpress.com


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