Fabuless Coupon Tip Tuesday: What to Do With All That Newspaper?

We keep encouraging you to get a subscription to multiple papers so you can maximize your coupon savings.
What do you do with all of the extra newspaper?
We have a few ideas. If you have any feel free to share them in the comments!

1. Put it in the recycle bin!
2. Use the funnies section for fun family reading time.
3. Use the funnies section for wrapping paper.
4. Use it for packaging things you send in the mail.
5. Use it to wrap your dishes in when moving.
6. Store sweaters or wool in it to keep out moths.
7. Clean and polish your windows
8. Deodorize luggage and containers, stuff in a few sheets of crumpled newspaper and seal it closed for three or four days.

9. Remove oven residue, don’t waste a roll of paper towels; clean it up with a few sheets of moistened, crumpled newspaper.

10. Pick up broken glass shards, after you remove the large pieces blot the area with wet newspapers. The tiny fragments will stick to the paper, which makes for easy disposal.

11. Slow-ripen tomatoes in late fall. If there is an early frost predicted and you still have a bunch of tomatoes on the vine? Relax. Pick your tomatoes and wrap each one in a couple of sheets of newspaper. Store them in airtight containers inside a dark cabinet or closet at room temperature. Check each one every three to four days; they will all eventually ripen to perfection.

12. Use as mulch or compost. Best to use your black and white section.

13. Get rid of earwigs. If your garden is under siege by earwigs — those creepy-looking insects with the sharp pincers on their hindquarters — get rid of them by making your own environmentally friendly traps. Tightly roll up a wet newspaper, and put a rubber band around it to keep it from unraveling. Place it in the area you’ve seen the insects, and leave it overnight. By morning, it will be standing room only for the bugs. Place the newspaper in a plastic grocery bag, tie a knot at the top of the bag, and toss it into the trash. Repeat until your traps are free of earwigs.

14. Protect windows when painting

15. Put traction under your wheels, it’s always a good idea to keep a small stack of newspapers in the trunk of your car during the winter months to prevent getting stranded on a patch of ice or slush. Placing a dozen or two sheets of newspaper under each rear wheel will often provide just the traction you need to get your car back on the road.

16. Roll your own fireplace logs: Just lay out a bunch of sheets end to end, roll them up as tightly as you can, tie up the ends with twine or wire, and wet them in a solution of slightly soapy water. Although it will take a while, let them dry thoroughly, standing on end, before using. Note: Do not use newspaper logs in a wood stove unless the manufacturer specifies that it is okay.

17. Donate your paper to a friend or neighbor that would like to read it!

Thanks to ReadersDigest.com for some of those fab ideas!

When Printing Coupons……..

1. Use scratch paper to print coupons and shopping lists!
You can use any color you want and have anything on the back.

2. When I print only one coupon on a page (from a product site, for example), I hit cancel after the coupon prints to avoid wasting ink on the ad, then I turn the paper over and re feed the bottom into the printer for the next single coupon to print on the opposite end of the paper.

3. When printing at coupons.com I always print in sets of three. Three coupons will fit per page so I maximize the page space.

Less waste, less money spent on paper. It seems logical that we who are striving to be frugal should be recycling too!

Thanks reader Carolee for this post idea!


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