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FabFruGAL Ami started couponing on January 1st, 2010. She quickly learned the ropes and is sharing the coupon love with many of her friends. We sat down with Ami and News Channel 6 Michelle Edmonds this week and watched Ami teach Michelle about couponing.

Ami really has it figured out. We had to ask, “Ami are you sure you did not take our class?” She hadn’t, she has just been following the website!


Tune in on Sunday May 2nd  at 10 pm to KIVI Todays Ch 6 to hear all about Ami’s coupon adventures.

You may even get to hear from a few of the fabs, Cathy and Monica. Woot! Couponing Rocks!

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  • Julie

    Please, please, please put the show on your blog. I don’t have t.v. so I won’t be able to watch it unless its on your blog. Thanks

  • angela santos

    Way to go ladies!

  • me and my gang

    Way to go Ami that’s how I did it too, sometimes because of your own desire you can be your own best teacher.
    I do have a slight concern, what is all the publicity going to do for couponing? I need to coupon to feed my family, no question, no choice. In the past 14+ months I have seen such an increase in. Coupon shoppers. I used to not see another and now all though in great company they are every where. What will the future bring? I already have a hard enough time getting my coupons filled, especially at my local (Twin Falls) Albertsons. I have personally seen stores cracking down, will it get worse? Will the coupon values decline or increase? Will the government start getting involved? What do YOU think?
    On a lighter note to those like Ami welcome! I have personally been willing to help lots of others, with hopes that we all will continue to get some great deals!

    • Monica

      me and my gang-

      Let me see if I can answer some of your questions! 🙂

      I have personally seen stores cracking down, will it get worse?

      -Well I am not sure what you mean by cracking down, the stores should enforce the rules and couponers should follow them! I believe the only thing that will ruin couponing is if people abuse it. It is up to you and me and the rest of the fabfruGALs to teach others the proper and ethical ways to coupon!

      -I see that you are in Twin FALLS. The news story is airing in Boise, so I do not think it will have much of an effect on your area.

      Will the coupon values decline or increase?

      -it is hard to say, but since I have couponed I have seen some go up and some go down!

      Will the government start getting involved?

      – I am sure you know that couponing is legal. I am not sure why the government would need to get involved unless people start using more fraudulant coupons, copying coupons or abusing catalina deals to re-sell product!

      This is an interesting discussion you bring up. I would be interested to hear other opinions.

      There are lots of people out there in need of the blessings brought from couponing. I think we you find something that blesses your life you should share it with others.
      Here at fabulessly frugal, we do not think of ourselves as a exclusive CLUB for only a select few! We are a community of couponers helping each other save!

      I understand your concern or worry. We have watched couponing EXPLODE in our area with having 3+ MAJOR bloggers here. The shelves are not as full, the coupon binders are everywhere, but the couponers are working with the stores to get more product on the shelves and train employees better. Stores are ordering more product according to what the couponers will be looking for!

      Thanks for your comment me and my gang! 🙂

  • me and my gang

    Thanks Monica for your reply!
    I agree with you when you say that this is a blessing and we should share it. When you have a talent share it, right? So that all might be edified. 🙂
    I hope you would permit me to take a minute to explain a few things.

    We only have one Albertsons to support Twin Falls and surrounding communities which include a ruff estimate of about 81 THOUSAND people, perhaps more. Our Albertson’s is VERY small in comparison to some that you have up there. (I have personally shopped at many of them.)
    In anticipation for this last Quaker Sale my Albertsons stocked up on Quaker till it was almost touching the ceiling at the entire front section of the store. Unfortunetly it turned out to be a bust for them down here, because we had Smiths. There is still a ceiling high pile of Quaker cereal. The flip side is however that there has not been enough of the many other things to go around especially lately. I will be lucky if I can use the coupons for the Cari Sun. Thursday I went to scope out some buys for the Doublers and could only find 5 boxes of Capri Sun. Monica or anyone else, If you have suggestions for how I could help change this I would be SO GLAD to hear them.
    As for the “Cracking Down,” what I meant by that is; During the Quaker Sale the manager stood by the quaker pile and asked me if I was buying it all for me or for alot of others too? I didn’t abuse that sale I just took enough for my family of 7. In addition I have also seen the stores put “limits” where they hadn’t before and have even read on THIS blog about the stores putting someone at the end of an isle to “limit” people. Before long I wonder if we will even have any “Stock up sales.”
    As far as the “Goverment getting involved;” I wonder, if this gets to be too big and companies loose money to the point that they have to shut their doors; Will the Goverment get involved? Maybe a bailout? I don’t know what the goverment will put their hands into next! After all somebody, somewhere has to pay for all that free stuff I am getting.
    The other senarios are heaven forbid a trucking strike, natural disaster ect.,.

    Now they only reason I posted was to know what others thought about how the world of couponing might change in the next year? Also to know what concerns others have about it or am I all alone?
    I love couponing, I love the fact that YOU, meaning everyone are sharing. I love the fact that I can meet perfect strangers in the grocery store and swap coupons. I love that all the couponers I have come in contact are ethical, moral, and considerate!

    I know that this story WILL affect my area, we do not have very good “local” news and I know many depend on Boise news channels the news. When it comes down to it; I hope that this story DOES affects my area, I hope that more can be blessed, there are so many struggling!

    Fabulessly Frugal and all my couponing friends you are WONDERFUL, thank you for blessing my life. Thanks for the posts and the comments and I hope this just gets better and better.
    -WIth Hope in the Couponing Future

  • Monica

    I would suggest getting to know the managers at your store better! Cathy and I shop at the most highly couponed store in the State and for a long time they were getting the shelves cleared after only a few days of the sale.

    We got the know the managers and started sending them emails with the hot items so they could up their orders. They also started following our blog so they could keep up on the HOT ITEMS.

    Share the hot items with your store and maybe our website too. Also try to make an order for the HOT ITEMS. Your store gets three shipments in a sale period!

    Hope that helps?!

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