Fab Family Fun: Playing With Your Food

You would think after eating dinner every night for my entire life, I would be good at making it!  But we still get into dinner ruts, and lazy days.  Freezer Meals have helped with this a lot, but what about a few ways to make dinner more exciting for the kids?  Here are two different ideas. 

1. Play Restaurant

Whether you can’t afford to eat out, or just don’t want to spend money doing it, here’s a way to add a little fun to dinners at home.  Play restaurant and have 2 or 3 choices for the kids to choose from.  You will have to ask them beforehand so you know how much of each thing to make.  Then when taking orders, just ask, “What did you order for tonight?” 

Have a few different drink choices to get a more spontaneous restaurant feel.  At my house the choices would be water, juice, milk, or lemonade.  For dessert (which we usually don’t include with dinner, but if it’s a restaurant, it’s a given!) keep it simple but make sure there are choices.  Vanilla ice cream or Rainbow Sherbet?  Caramel or Chocolate on top?  We’re not trying to break the bank here, but still let the kids “order” what they want.

2. Have Most of Your Food be the Same Shape

I came up with this haphazardly while cutting watermelon after we had pizza for dinner one night.  The pizza slices were triangles, and so were the watermelon slices.  Here are some ideas for a shape-themed meal.  As you’ll see, some foods can be made into several different shapes.

Sandwiches – cut the bread at a diagonal to make triangles
Apple or Orange Wedges
Tortilla Chips

Sandwiches – Cut a sandwich into a circle by just rounding it out when cutting off the crust.
Watermelon balls – I did not have a melon baller for this, so I just used a metal teaspoon
Whole apples or oranges
Banana Slices
Ritz Crackers
Pancakes – don’t forget the ever-popular Mickey Mouse pancakes. Make them buy just adding two little circle ears at the top of a regular pancake.

Sandwiches – leave the bread as is, or you can cut a sandwich into 4 small squares
Cheese cubes
Wheat Thins, Triscuits, or Cheese Nips

Another idea is to use cookie cutters to make fun food shapes. Here is a brownie cut into a star. You can also do this with rice krispy treats or peanut butter sandwiches!


  • Cathy

    Is it just me, or does that look like some sort of blue starfish? Ha ha!!!

  • Kimberly

    We play restaurant on any night that we are having leftovers. I make up menus and everything of what we have left in the fridge that needs to be eaten. We say that we are going out to “Kim’s” tonight and the kids absolutely LOVE it! It has become a tradition now and is the best way to get them to eat leftovers.

  • monica

    That is cute AJ!

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