Fab Family Fun: Mother’s Day Aprons

Here is a homemade Mother’s Day gift idea!

What you need:
A solid colored apron
Acrylic Paint, colors of your choice


Lay the apron out flat on the table (or outside on the patio if the weather is nice to avoid a kitchen mess) and have your kids dip their hand in acrylic paint.  I just squirted some onto a paper plate and had them stick their hand in it and swirl it around a little to make sure all their fingers were covered.

Next, have them stamp their hand onto the apron.  As you can see, my little one had a hard time and wouldn’t open his hand all the way, but we did what we could!  If you have several children, or their hand sizes are similar, you can write their names with acrylic of puff paints under their hand prints.

Acrylic paints can be found for under $1 at any craft store. If they’re not already on sale, use the 40% off Michael’s coupons from the Sunday paper to get an even better deal.

The apron in the picture is from Target, and was $14.99.  You can find them at Michael’s for as little as $4.99, but there is a clear difference in size and quality.  I think $20 is a reasonable amount for a Mother’s Day gift, so I bought the better ones.  But if you’re looking for the least expensive option, it’s out there!  This one we made to be used as an apron.  If you’re making it more for a kitchen decoration, the smaller one will work.

In case you’re wondering, it has been washed and the paint has not come off at all!

Remember Mother’s Day is May 9th! Find more Frugal Mothers Day gifts here


  • Cheryl_hiccups

    We did these as gifts for the grandparents and other family Christmas before last. I found good quality aprons at Walmart in their kitchen goods dept. for about $6. (The ones in their craft dept are low quality like Michael’s so avoid those.) Besides aprons, we did t-shirts (be sure to put something like cardboard inside the shirt to avoid bleed through with the paint) and tote bags and even a canvas tool belt. http://www.acehardware.com/product/index.jsp?productId=1334349&kw=canvas+belt&origkw=canvas+belt&searchId=47748783063

    On some items we did free style handprints and on other we made goldfish, tulips or a tree using the handprints. For the tulips, they printed with their fingers held together and then I drew a stem and long leaves underneath. For the tree we did three green handprints arranged like a fan (half circle) with the finger tip end out and the bottom of the palm towards the center. Then I drew on a trunk. The goldfish was my favorite. You can see the inspiration here: http://www.littlegiraffes.com/handprintcalendar.html just scroll down to July. We did three of them in a row (for each of my boys) largest to smallest with a trail of air bubbles from each fish. I wish I had remembered to take pictures before we gave them all away!

  • Tiffany

    Great idea! You’ve inspired me – this is what I’m going to try…..Piece of fabric, make an angel with paint (circle for head, triangle for body) and then have my boys make the wings with their handprints (fingers out)….does that make sense? And then I will frame it….wish me luck, I’m not crafty at all 🙂 I’ve got three boys – so three angels, I’ll place them at different spots on the fabric and then put their names/ages (these will be for the grandma’s). Or, I guess I could glue the fabric on a canvas instead of framing.

  • Cheryl_hiccups

    I tried to make a comment earlier, but it says it’s still awaiting moderation? I didn’t know you guys mod the comments…?

    • AJ

      Sorry Cheryl, I try not to take all day to reply but I was at a wedding all day today. In general, we don’t moderate comments before they post but since your comment has links in it, it did come up for moderation. Sorry again for the delay, thanks for the great ideas!

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