Fab Family Fun: Making Old Toys Fun Again

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It never ceases to amaze me that my kids follow me around the house as if they have nothing to do.  Your toys have their very own room, and your games have taken over the closet, I think to myself.  How could you possibly be bored?

Here’s an idea for making old toys fun again: rotate them.  Put some of them in a plastic storage bin, or garbage bag, and put it somewhere out of sight, out of mind.  After a few weeks or months, get the bin out and the kids will be excited to see some of the toys they haven’t played with in awhile.  Do it again with the toys that weren’t put away to rotate them.


I made the mistake of attempting this while my kids were awake.  Suddenly toys they haven’t even acknowledged the existence of became can’t-live-withouts as they emptied the bin I was filling.  So I gave up and did it after they went to bed.  That was about six weeks ago, and they haven’t asked me the whereabouts of any of the toys I put away.


  • Sarah H

    Another tip…never let your children see the contents of what is going to DI or Goodwill. Even if it’s a piece of junk, the second they see that smiling man take the box out of the car they will freak. (Or maybe it’s just my kids…)

  • cheri

    Toy swaps work well for this too. Find a couple of friends with similiar age kids and trade toys for a month and then swap back. Then the kids get to play with new toys as well.

  • elisabeth

    I confess that I fell out of this habit. BUT it worked wonderfully when I did use this method. I kept the extra boxes in the attic and rotated every 2 months. Except for the must-have-favs, those were kept out. But this does work wonders!!

  • KD

    I do a variant of this same thing. I gave each of my boys a big rubbermaid tub. They got to go through all their toys and fill the rubbermaid with their favorites. Then I boxed the rest of them up and put them up on the top shelves of their closet. Whenever they want new toys from the top shelf, they have to swap one of their toys from their toy box for it. My favorite bonus about this system: There is only one box of toys to clean up at a time–no more every toy they own dumped out on their bedroom floor.

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