Fab Family Fun: I Spy Bottles

What You Need:

An empty Gatorade or water bottle
Uncooked Rice
Small Objects
Super Glue, if desired

I used a Gatorade bottle to make this because the opening on the top is bigger. A water bottle will also work, you will just need objects small enough to fit in the opening.

1. Prepare and add Rice
I used food coloring to make the rice more colorful.  Just put a few drops into uncooked rice and stir.  Once dry, pour rice into the empty bottle.

2. Add small objects into the bottle, which is now almost full of rice.
Here is a photo of everything I put in my bottle. I didn’t buy anything new to make this, it was all stuff I found around my house.

3. Screw the lid on.  Then let the kids try to find all of the objects inside by turning and shaking the bottle.

I put too much rice in at first and when we turned it, nothing moved. I dumped some rice out and it was much easier for the objects to rotate.  Then I super-glued my bottle shut so it wouldn’t get opened and dumped.


  • LK

    You can also use bird seed instead of the rice.

  • Carrie

    that’s a really great idea!!!

  • Sophie

    You always such great ideas! You really make the perfect stay at home mom! ( well I am assuming you stay at home). I saw a similar idea on PBS a little while back, and they used sand, but rice is much easier to get!

    • AJ

      Thanks Sophie. That was sure nice of you to say! Your assumption was correct…how did you know? lol. I don’t think I’m a perfect sahm by any means, especially after the battle I had with my 4 yr. old this morning, but I do try to find fun ways to spend time together that don’t cost much.

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