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My best friend growing up had a Halloween tradition in her family of pumpkin soup.  I went trick-or-treating with her every year and her mom would not let her leave until she ate some.  And she absolutely hated it.  And every year they got into a fight about it.  I think that was part of their tradition too!

My oldest son is just now getting old enough to begin to understand things like this.  I don’t really have any Halloween traditions I’m set on making but would love some fun ideas.  What are your favorite family Halloween traditions?



  • None

    Last year My father in law bought a farm so we started a new Halloween tradition. We have a party with a BBQ, Tractor hay ride, Carnival inside the barn, and ending with a movie shown on the outside of the barn. SOO much fun!!!

    Not very expensive either, Hot dogs that I stocked up on during the summer. We also make it a potluck and ask that people bring side dishes. I go to the dollar store and get the carnival games,( balloons and darts sort of thing), t.hen my brother-in-law lends us his projector and we show monsters inc (which we own) So this whole party costs us the hot dogs, buns, hay bales, and some candy!

  • Bridget

    We always have mummy dogs for dinner before we go out. I’m sure we will have this again this year. However, the post on here with the meatloaf mice made me laugh so hard that I told my hubby that I was going to make it a week of crazy fun meals! This time of year is so fun! So many fun things to do with my kiddos! 🙂

  • jane

    Not a tradition yet, but I think I am going to start it. I found this sweet pumpkin pancake recipe on a site today. We tried them for lunch. They are delicious and my little boys loved eating them!!! http://tidymom.net/

  • Sara

    We go together as a family to “The Berry Ranch” in Nampa. (have website)They offer a hay ride to the pumpkin patch and back. Pick as big as pumpkin as you can carry. Prices are good too! Hubby this years picked and carried a 90 pounder! My 3 year old loved it this year and remembers doing it last year. My little guy(7months)got a baby pumpkin and the ride for free! So much fun! Then pick a night to carve them. Just got a free 8×10 collage of it all, courtesy of walgreens! 🙂

  • Cindy

    My sister lets her kids trick or treat as much as they want, then they come home and dump it all out on a blanket spread out on the floor. She sets a timer and they can eat as much as they want until the timer goes off. They usually are done before the timer beeps.

    Next it is time to gather up the leftovers and put it in a shopping bag on the (inside) of the front door. The next morning the kids race down to the door to see what the Halloween Witch left for them: books! The kids enjoy the day, mom doesn’t have to deal with candy forever, kids get books and daddy’s candy drawer at work is stocked up for 6 months. It is a fun tradition.


    My Mom always made Goolash. It was ground beef browned w/ onions, add tomato sauce w/ a small amount of sugar let simmer for about 15 minutes, add elbo macaroni and you have Goolash. We all loved it and it filled us with something that was good for us.

  • Vicki King

    We have 2 food traditions. At lunch, we have cream of tomato soup with extra red food coloring so it is “bloody” and baked cheesy breadsticks (fingers) to dip into the soup. It’s gross, but I have boys and they love it. For dinner, we have a “Jack o’ Lantern” pizza. It is a homemade cheese pizza with pepperoni or canadian bacon around the edges and used to make a face. Orange milk completes the meal. The kids then trick or treat with their dad, while I stay home and hand out candy. Their dad’s view on the candy hoard is if you are willing to carry it yourself and you can walk the whole way then they can go as long as they want. We always end up with a horrible amount of candy that literally lasts until Valentine’s Day, but the kids have a great time with their dad.

  • Heather

    Growing up we always had chili before we left to trick or treat. The warm food always helped before the cold night. Now we go to a trunk or treat to get candy. Then we come home and they each get to pick their three favorite candies to eat. All the rest go in a bowl and we use them as rewards for chores or good behavior. I have one I am potty training right now so I can’t wait for the restock of the reward bowl.

  • Tyree

    We always watch a fun family friendly halloween movie after trick or treating and eat a pomagrante and drink hot cocoa if it was really cold. We don’t like to trick or treat very long (young kids) so this is the perfect way to finish the evening. My kids look forward to the pomagrante as much as the candy. 🙂

  • kimberly

    I love trick or treating, heck I went untill I was 18 years old. So our tradition is I go with my kids and wear them out. We have so much fun. For the little kids we pull them around in a wagon till about 8:00pm then we drop them off at home with dad. Then I continue with the older kids for another hour. We them go home and the kids trade candy with each other. I let them keep there candy, They did the hard work to get it. The younger kids I put up out of reach. I also take the really good stuff out of the little kids bags and we put it away in the freezer and use that for stocking stuffers.

    Also we just started this tradition this year. We carved a pumpkin and then we took it to a widow we know. The lady we took it to just beamed and loved it. I want to continue this one every year. I have a real soft spot for the elderly.

  • MerGal

    Such great ideas! I like the tomato soup and finger sticks. My boys would love it. Our boys are now school age and we have been introduced to the ‘Ghosting’ tradition in our neighborhood. They each pick three friends and make three ghosts out of plastic trash bags. I print out a little notice from the website: http://www.imhalloween.com/ghosting.html and attach a little bag of candy. Then the fun starts! When it gets dark, we take the ghosts over to the friend’s house and try to be sneaky and put it on their porch. Getting caught is almost as much fun as trying to keep the secret of who ghosted you!

  • annie

    We usually have the kids favorite meal of homemade pretzels wrapped in hot dogs–This is how I get them to eat because of all the excitment. Then we let them go trick-or-treating until they want to come home. Now that I have teenagers they like to take the little ones out and I can stay home and enjoy some quiet time. We live in a place where we don’t get many trick or treaters so we can give out the regular size candy bars.

    Last year my kids decided not to go trick or treating so we went to the day after halloween sales and let them pick out their favorite bag of candy that is on clearance. They liked it because they got something they really like and I like it because the candy they do not like doesn’t sit around for 6 months before I make them throw it away.

    One year when my older kids were younger, they got so much candy that we used half of it to fill stockings for a sub for santa at christmas time! then we left them at the door and ran. The kids had so much fun doing that. Maybe we will do it again this year.

  • Little Red Hen

    We used to have an orange and black meal before heading out for Trick or Treating. Macaroni and cheese, olives, raisins, carrots (sometimes shredded carrot, pineapple, and raisin salad) and either Tang or Orange juice. Festive, fun, and fast!

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