Fab Family Fun: Face Painting

family fun

All you need for this one is water colors!  You can also use acrylic paint.

This is trying to be a soccer ball.


This little one wouldn’t let me near his cheek with the paintbrush, not even after I pulled out the oreos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist, it’s just something a little different to throw some variety into your day!


  • Tyree

    I have to say don’t use acrylic most of them have toxins and things that will soak into your kids skin that you don’t want in them. Make sure if you use anykind of paint on skin that it is non-toxic or made for that purpose. The things they use in paint aren’t always safe. I’m always the party pooper and don’t let my kids get their faces painted unless it is actual face paint. My art teachers in college made it very clear how dangerous paint can be (even acrylics) so I guess it stuck.

  • Leslie M-B

    I just want to second what Tyree said–there’s all kinds of stuff in acrylic paints that shouldn’t be absorbed by the skin, including in some colors heavy metals like cadmium. And watercolors aren’t necessarily much safer, depending on what’s in them. Check out this art supply safety list for more details.

    Even paint made for face painting can contain lead, and face paint has been recalled for safety violations. It might not be a good idea to have your kids play with cosmetics, either, as those have all kinds of nasty chemicals in them as well.

  • Candace

    If you’ve got a girl, a fun way to dress it up is with loose glitter. After you’re done painting, while it is still wet, shield your subjects little eyes with one hand and dust glitter over your work with the other. Blow off excess.

  • Julie

    We’ve made our own face paints before out of …I can’t remember exactly what was in it, but the base was lotion mixed with (I think) cornstarch or baby powder, so then you could have control over what kinds of chemicals and heavy metals were in them (that is, if you use a baby lotion, it should already be safe for kids’ skin). I could dig up the recipe for that if anyone is interested.

    We like to paint our hands to look like animal faces (my son likes to have his look like a crocodile or dinosaur) and then have “battles.” Like thumb wrestling, only more colorful.

  • Sherry

    If you want a cheap alternative, they sell Palmer’s face paint at most Wal-marts. Not the best quality, but safe for use on the skin. Acrylics, water colors, tempera, etc are not made for use on the skin. For better quality face paint, they sell a great Snazaroo face paint kit for $12.99 at Michael’s. Be sure when using glitter, that it is also cosmetic and made for use on the skin. Craft glitter is dangerous and could possibly cut the cornea if it accidentally got in the eye.

  • Linda Schrenk

    As a professional face painter thathas been painting faces for 6 years I’ve done a lot of research into what’s safe for the skin. Acrylics, water colors, craft paints or any non approved products should never be used on the face or skin. You should only use cosmetic grade face paints & glitters(yes, craft glitters can cut & damage the eyes). You can find fairly inexpensive kits from either the Klutz books(the paints are Wolfe) or from Snazaroo that are designed for the skin & work well.

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