Fab Family Fun: Balloons!

Here are some games you can play with balloons.  One package of balloons will go a long way!

Water Balloon Volleyball
I have seen children and adults play this.  You can play with as few as 4 people, or as many as will fit in your yard!  You can play with an official volleyball net, or just an imaginary line.

Divide into pairs and have an equal number of pairs on each side of the net or line.  Each pair will need a towel, and each person will hold one side of it.  Have one pair start by putting the water balloon in their towel.  They then fling it off of their towel and onto the other side of the court.  A pair on the other side must catch it in their towel and return it to the opposite side.  Whichever pair has (or doesn’t catch) the balloon when it breaks is out.  Continue playing until there is only one pair left.  They win!
Hot Lava

At least, that’s what we called it when I was younger. Just get a regular, blown up balloon and hit it into the air. See how long you can keep it from hitting the ground. We called it hot lava because we pretended the ground was hot lava and if the balloon touched it, it would pop. I’m not sure why it never crossed our minds that we were standing in the “hot lava.” That’s the beauty of imagination…reality has no place! This is very simple but can keep children entertained for a long time.
Balloon Sports

My husband he has successfully brainwashed our sons into being sports addicts. I’m not talking the football watching kind (well, that too!), but the die-hard, play until you drop kind. To change things up, play sports with balloons instead of balls. This could work for anything really: basketball, baseball, soccer, badminton. It’s also a good way to teach little kids sports without worrying about them being hurt by the ball.

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