Fab Family Fun: 2 Inside Games

What’s up with this weather?  I’m not a fan!  Although I think warm, sunny days are the only cure for cabin fever, here are a few inside games that might at least add some variety to inside play.

Don’t Eat Pete

What you need: a piece of paper, crayons, and some snacks.  Draw 6 different colored squares on the paper and put a treat in each one.  You can use goldfish, crackers, 1 fruit snack per square, whatever you have!  I used leftover jelly beans from Easter.

Have 1 person close their eyes and decide with the other players which square is “Pete.”  Then the person opens their eyes and starts eating a snack from each square, one by one.  When they take the treat from the color you have deemed Pete, shout “DON’T EAT PETE!”

The kids love the anticipation.  It’s cute to watch them carefully put each one to their mouth, waiting to see whether or not they’re about to eat Pete.

You can adjust the number of squares according to how old your kids are and how many snacks you want them to eat in one shot.  This will also depend on the number of times you plan to play.  If each child gets 3 turns and eats 4 things each time, that’s 12 snacks per child.  If you’re playing with candy, you may only want 4 squares so they don’t eat 12 pieces of candy!

Go To Sleep

All you need for this is kids.  And a floor.

Tell the kids to go to sleep. This means they lie on the floor and close their eyes, pretending to sleep. Then say, “When you wake up, be…” and name an animal or an object for them to act out. Here are some we use: a tiger, an airplane, a cat, a dog, a bear, a dinosaur, a tree, a butterfly, etc. You can also tell them to do an action. “When you wake up…” tiptoe softly, skip around the couch, pat your tummy, hop on one foot, etc.

To play this in the car, have the kids close their eyes and when they wake up, they can just make the sounds of the animals or objects you have told them to be.


  • Thank you so much for posting something like. I would really really like to share this with my readers. Would you mind if I do? I tried to log in to link to it, but it is not working for me for some reason. I would definitely refer back to your blog. This is just really really neat. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • This is fantastic! I was a girl scout & then a camp counselor for so many years, and I knew so many games and songs – but I forgot them over time! This makes me want to dig back into my Girl Scout Book and find some again!

  • Angela

    awesome ideas! thanks for sharing these!

  • Natalie

    This is a great game to use with sight words as well! Instead of colored dots, write sight words in each square and have your child read the word before he eats the treat. You can do it with anything. Shapes, math problems, etc. It’s a fav!

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