Extreme Couponing Premiers RIGHT NOW!

Did you know local couponer Jessica Hacker will be on tonight’s episode of TLC’s Extreme Couponing?

Extreme couponing premiers tonight at 9/8 central.  Which in our neck of the woods (mntn. time) means right now!

Did you watch TLC’s Extreme Couponing last time?

What did you think? We did not watch much last time because we thought it painted couponing in a bad light. We have heard it will be better this time around. I guess we will see…


Are you watching this season?

If so, we’d love to have you come back and tell us what you think!



  • Pam

    Im Loving it I totally admire you guys I’m gonna watch in learn… Kepp it up!!!

  • kristy

    Has she been on yet? I just turned it on

  • kristy

    Shes awesome. Love her organization!!

  • julie

    I worry this gives showvcoupon users a bad name.

  • TeriJ

    I wish they would post episodes online. We cut out Sat to save money and because I hated paying that much to bring a lot of trash into my home. I do miss it sometimes though.

    • AJ

      I don’t have tv at all. I cut our cable and always intended to buy an antennae but haven’t done it yet. So I’m with you…not watching it!

  • Linda G

    Love this show, it only makes me realize I could be doing even more in savings at the store.
    I wish the show would focus more on donating thiese stockpiles to local food banks. I wonder how much of it actually gets used before expiration dates.

    • FrugalMT

      in my opnion experation dates mean nothing – i have and use foods that are canned way past thier experation dates some several years. We have never gotton sick from using expired canned foods, same goes for frozen foods. I’ve frozen turkey’s for up to 2 years before i’ve cooked them. (didn’t even have any freezer burn).

      • AJ

        You do want to be careful with things like cake mixes or muffin mixes because they can grow mold spores past their expiration and make you sick.

        • Mary

          My mom used to keep things like Mac & Cheese or corn muffin mix too long and it would get those nasty weevil bugs in it. I grew up always stressed out about opening a box of something and getting bugs! Yuk!

    • heather

      he expiration or use by dates are mainly b.s with a few exceptions for things that are actually perishable!! a can of beans 10 years ago was good indefinately as long as it was not dented and now with all out technology advances in packaging they are only 6 mos or a year?? if it expires at the store they have to buy more if it “expires” at your house you go buy more its all about moving the product and selling more…..you can not tell me that exactly on november 3 2011 my box of sealed crackers is no longer good….USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE:-) common sense and judgement go along ways:-)

    • Mary

      I agree – who needs over 100 deodorants? The first I had heard about coupon was on Oprah years ago and what I remembered most was that they were using coupons to stock their food bank.

  • Deanna

    I watched the show, I am amazed but really wonder if there is really a need to have so much. I am also not sure I have the time commitment to spend over 2 hours in the store.

  • Anne

    I hate seeing any couponer clear the shelves. It makes me angry because I only shop for myself, my husband and my mother but I still want a few deals too. I have a small stockpile, only one months worth. I love couponing but don’t understand buying 62 mustards???

    • Jennifer

      I’m with you! I mean, I love a good deal too and I wouldn’t mind having even a 6 month or 1 year stock for my family (because you never know what can happen, someone could lose a job or something) but anything over that I would donate to church, food bank, friends etc. I just feel like when people clear the store, it makes the store get tough on coupon policies. Our Albertsons is getting more strict with their policies and soon enforcing a new rule because “its just too much” says a clerk.

      • Julie

        I actually got a bit mad at the point that the woman was getting all the mustard and she said “how much is on the shelf? take it all” and then left one bottle on the shelf. Who needs that much mustard?!

        As a new couponer I’m finding it VERY frustrating that by the time I get to the store all the items are gone. I had to go to 3 Albertson’s to find some of the Purex Complete Crystal fabric softeners and my selection of Kellog’s cereal this past weekend was limited to frosted flakes because everything else besides Fruit Loops, which I don’t like, was gone. I’m not wanting large quantities since I’m just buying for myself, it can be very discouraging.

        • Mary

          I went to 3 Albertsons to find that quick cook pasta – there was a lady in front of me in line who gave me 2 of her boxes that she got for free (she didn’t have a ton, either) – it was very sweet of her!

      • Holly G

        I found the mustard odd too. Did I hear her husband say he didn’t even like mustard?

        • sara angus

          yes i saw that one, her husband didnt like mustard, im with everyone on this, i started getting into the coupoing about 6 months ago and it helps but its hard when ppl buy everything, i and just look to stock up for a month or so since i only grocery shop once a month and pick up a few thing i need, like bread milk and stuff when i need it

    • Brittney

      This bothers me so much too! They just buy to say they’ve got it, it seems like! Meanwhile, those of us trying to save money and create a small stock pile don’t stand a chance. 🙁

    • Laura H

      I agree! I was telling my husband the whole time that was going on, “Uh, real couponers would NEVER clear a shelf like that! That is totally against our rules! 🙂 Nobody needs that much mustard!”

  • heather

    before tonights episode aired they showed theoriginal one and i was finally able to watch the whole thing……..Oh lord….so they showa family that has enough toilet paper for 40 years!! 40 freakin years, I am coupon crazy I have a mini store myself but I keep it to a 1 year supply there is alway gonna be another deal and people need to realize that…the same family that is lets say nicely overweight ( im not skinny either) goes and buys hundreds of candy bars and then cries about how she is cancelling stuff and is overwhelmed etc..way to make us all look like lunatics, then the next lady is i stealing newspapers right off the front porch of people just because they didnt pick it up…..my sunday paper has (shamefully) sat in the driveway til tuesday a few times and I would be pissed if someone took it…its my property and has been paid for! and then god love her (Joanie who I think is fab) is shown digging through “dumpsters” to get inserts actually they were recycle bins and what she is doing is illegal…they are clearly marked on the front with signs saying they are the property of ________ like here where we live its kawanis they belong to and they make $ off the recycling of products and if you take from that its called stealing!

    Unfortunately this show is showing the most “extreme” and is making couponers look like crazy hoarders…im not crazy or a hoarder and I love couponing and I donate a huge ( entire uhaul truck) to the womens shelter and help 5 families in need with overflow….why cant they show that why is it look I have enough top that it will desinegrate before i can use it…wheres the food bank and church donations, why not highlight the good not the bad

  • heather

    Oh and as for tonights episode…the lady who rings up 1000 items and does not expect any problems is a B**CH when things dont go the way she wants she gets all mad and acted totally rude they had 3 managers ringing her stuff up to get her out and fix everything for her and then she even tells the cashier she hoped to never see him again!! nice makes us all look bad. and has anyone everthought of the repercussions for telling the whole world in loud national tv shows how to work the best deals that it will put an end to alot of the “extreme” deals and add more and more restrictions??

    just so everyone knows most registers cannot handle orders like 1000 in fact at albies its only 300 lines! that includes your coupons so you can only have 150 items and 150 coupons…I have crashed a register before:-) so proud!!

  • Jackie

    One thing that came out when they highlighted the Idaho gal tonight was that if she purchased an item for $2.00 and had a coupon for $3.00 off, she would actually earn $1.00 from that purchase. And, if she purchased an item that was originally $1.00 and doubled a $.55 coupon, she would make $.10 on that item. Whenever I’ve purchased something at Albertson’s that came up as a money maker, they have always adjusted the price to make it even. Has that policy changed?

    I agree with some of the early comments about the ridiculously huge stockpiles some of these couponers have. I am all for couponing and building a stockpile of one year or even two years supply on some items. But I think some of these people really have an obsession going on that can turn wasteful. I really hope they are donating their excess. If they are, that’s great.

    Lastly, and I’m sorry to babble on here. One thing that I have had to be mindful of since I started to shop with coupons is balance. I’ve had days where I’ve run out after so many deals that my family suffered for it. It’s so easy to feel pressured to get that deal NOW before it’s too late. Like someone else mentioned, there will always be another sale. I don’t think any deal should take priority over family and other priorities. Okay, I’m done babbling!

    • Brittney

      I totally agree with you on the priorities! It is so easy to get caught up in the adrenaline rush of the coupon deals that you forget where your priorities should be! I’ve had to catch myself sometimes saying ‘do I really need this??’ But man it sure is fun! 🙂

    • Jessica

      I did think much of the show would be deceiving to people. While sometimes the store will just scan and double the coupon giving you overage… most of the time this is NOT the case, at least from my experience. I believe it is policy to adjust the coupon down so that it is only free.

      My Albertsons also only lets you do 3 transactions before you have to go through again. This was obviously staged for the taping of the show… but I think there should have been more talk about why she was doing 18 transactions and no one was waiting behind her.

  • Kari

    I am watching : ) I wish I could do as well! I am going to a CASH pocket only and going to cut back on shopping to start saving. That is all I can think of to change. Actually live off of my stockpile for a while? I want to pay off some bills… and save for a vacation!
    Love you ladies!

  • Tracy

    I think these Extreme Couponers are doing what we all do, but in an gigantic way just to show that it can be done. This makes for huge ratings. Where most of us buy just a few of a great deal, they are buying hundreds of the same items to make the savings much more extreme. I don’t want 100 packages or bottles of anything. The most of any one item I have ever purchased is 16 packages of pasta (about 4 months worth). I think this show gives couponers a bad name. i do believe some of those featured do have some hoarding tendencies. Did anyone hear the husband say to the mustard lady that they don’t even like mustard? I backed it up a few times to try to hear it more clearly. What “reality” show these days is really based on true reality?

    • Holly G

      I’ve got to admit that one day I did buy 50 boxes of Annie’s Mac n Cheese ($.49 at QFC). They literally had hundreds of boxes in the store, we didn’t even make a dent. My two teenage boys will go through it way too quickly. I did feel really funny buying that much of one item.

  • Elysa

    A few concerns…

    1. Why is the issue of paying tax not discussed? How can anyone pay so little, when (in Idaho) you pay tax on coupons and items? I understand “absorbing” the cost, but?

    2. How is it that the show explained that at a local Albertson’s a couponing person would “make” $1.00 if the item was marked down to $2.00 and the coupon is for $3.00? Is this done at the local Albertson’s? My experience is that they price of the coupon is adjusted down and balances out. (And I shop at that Albertson’s on occasion.) Were exceptions made for the show?

    3. The show seems to be misleading with holes as to the actual receipts and purchases. It seems great, but not 100% realistic.

    4. With all that said, it is still a great hobby and should be practiced, yet maybe for different reasons than the mentality of “just because I can” or “I should get them all.”

  • Denise

    I’ve never made money on a moneymaker at Albertsons either, and they also never let you do more than 3 transactions in a row, and what about the guy and all his salad dressing and mayo? That stuff goes bad after just a few months!

  • tara

    I watched it tonight, I was so excited to see what others are doing. I am in no way extreme. But would love love to get better at it, it is awesome the amount they are saving! I agree with the hoarding part, it does seem like some people are taking it too far, like the girl in the beginning that said she will cancel plans to go shopping. I think If you are well stocked up, and can get things for free and you dont need them, you should be donating them to people who are in need. support your community, after you have taken care of your family 🙂 Got me in the couponin Mood!

  • Jannifer

    Which one was local couponer Jessica Hacker? I was in and out of the room when it was on…

  • Charity

    Can anyone help me? I’ve watched this show and am baffled. First of all, I left feeling like a failure (I’m not looking for pity but want to see if anyone else feels that way). This is my first post here so, any help would be great. I saw that none of the people purchased fresh fruit and vegetables. I mean we average a month on that about $65.00 (family of 4). We love fresh fruit and vegetables and eat a lot of it. So, if they did purchase that – how did they get it for cheap or free? Secondly, how did that one woman get 50 steaks for free or under $.25? I never get meat for free and where I live we never have any coupons for it unless they are a peelie on the package at the meat department. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, what do you average on savings? My average I try to be is 50-70% off per visit. I’m not always in that…but I really try. One last quesiton, how do they get cheese for free? I do use the kraft coupons when they come out, but that lady got I think 20 lbs of cheese for free. Also where I live they don’t triple – they only double up to $1.00. I appreciate any help from anyone! Thanks 🙂

    • Denise

      I have no idea…

    • Rana

      I think since these were more like “stock-up” grocery visits they may not represent what other grocery items they probably purchase on a regular basis. I know when I go to Albies to use doublers to get free or almost free items, I am not also buying meat and produce. I will go to other stores sales for those items. Also, I think they may have gotten the steak cheap because of a sale combined with the $10 off $50 the store was doing; also there may have been overage from other items to go toward the steaks. It is really hard to get meat and produce cheap. I pretty much stick to hamburger and chicken. No steaks or seafood in this house (unfortunately).

      Have you thought about growing some of your own fruits & veggies? I personally don’t but my mom has an apricot tree and her neighbor grows strawberries. They allow each other to come on over to their backyards and take some fruit. Win-win! Just an idea.

      Please don’t feel like a failure. The people on these shows are supposed to do “extreme” shopping visits. These are not typical at all! I am trying to reduce my monthly grocery budget from $500 to $200. I’m down to about $280, but $200 seems impossible right now. I am married with a 10 and 6 year old. I only have mine and my moms Sunday coupons and I print whatever I can. I also don’t like a large stockpile. It’s just too much for me to handle, so I only get what I can store easily.

      • Cathy

        Occasionally you can get meat and produce free. For example, this past week if you bought frosted flakes as part of the cereal deal, mine had peelie coupons for $1.00 off of fresh fruit if you bought two boxes of frosted flakes. I doubled those and got about $6.00 of fresh fruit. I’ve gotten small amounts of free meat this way too, by purchasing condiments and then using a “save $1.00 on fresh beef when you purchase 2 mustards” coupons. HOWEVER, I find this only happens occasionally and unless you’re willing to buy huge quantities of the other products, you aren’t getting much free produce or meat. I really struggle, even with a lot of couponing to keep our budget for a family of 6 to under $200 per month…mainly because of fresh produce, meat and diapers (which I get a lot cheaper, but NOT free). Don’t feel bad. I figure without couponing, I would probably be spending $500 – $600.

  • Patti

    Some of it was good. I liked our local gal (although my Alb’s too has never allowed coupon overages).
    Some of it smacked of OCD. I think some are addicted to the adrenaline rush. I found it maybe not coincidental that the next show was “Hoarders, Buried Alive” or whatever the name is. Also, to give up relationships( rudeness, canceling plans w/family-friends, etc.) for the sake of a deal is not, imo, a healthy or honorable way to live.

  • Sue

    Well I have to say there is a fine line between stockpiling and hoarding for some of these folks. I am all about stocking up on a great deal, but there is no sense in having a hundred toothbrushes (or whatever he bought) since surely a deal on such things will come around again. Same goes for the mustard. When a person is clearing entire shelves (try ordering!) or is buying just for the sake of buying they are crossing the line. I think it was wonderful to hear that the one gentleman was donating the cereal to his church’s charity, and I think couponing is a great way to help afford to be able to give more to to charity, but I feel like this show didn’t highlight couponers in a very nice light!

  • Michelle


    One quick comment about the tax issue–Idaho is the fourth state I’ve lived in, and it has the highest grocery tax of all of the states. Illinois (when I lived there) had just over 1% tax, and Pennsylvania has no sales tax on food. Both states qualify these as necessity purchases, therefore, don’t require tax to be paid on them. I believe many states follow along with Illinois or Pennsylvania. Actually, you have me curious about that now–I might have to research each state’s grocery tax!

  • stacey

    Omg!!! I don’t even know what to say this was way over the top. I know for a fact Albertsons will not give overage. This is not called couponing its called hoarding and obsessed no family no matter what needs all this if it takes this much time out of your life away from family and takes over your house maybe you have a problem. How about the tp taken over a shower used for storage what give me a break . I know I am not the only one who thinks these people are crazy???

    • Laura H

      CERTIFIABLE. Enough toilet paper for 40 years….please. I would be embarrased if I had my stockpile all over my house……ewww.

  • bess

    i watched last night and really appreciated tiffany (with the 7 kids). she seemed to coupon with integrity. she actually buys extra sunday papers if she wants more coupons, and she and her husband each only had one transaction at the store. it bothers me when deal-seekers break their purchases down into multiple (to the extreme) transactions to get the best deals, but in reality are working the loopholes in the system. 18 transactions – really?! that seems dishonest to me. if you want to make that many transactions, then you get your spouse and yourself, and come back over a few days and do it. i know that’s not convenient, but it’s fair to the store. we have a hobby lobby and when they have coupons, a person can only use one coupon per day. so, if you want the savings, you either get your spouse to come with you, or you come back another day. you want the savings, you do the work. sorry to rant. 🙂 but, i did applaud tiffany and her family – she totally motivated me to work harder to help save for my kids’ futures. 🙂

  • Melinda

    I can not watch this show anymore. It makes me too angry to see people buying 50 bottles of mustard and leaving 1 on the shelf. That is so rude and inconsiderate to the rest of us who want to go buy the 3 or 4 bottles that will last for the year. I also hate that the stores make special considerations for these people like letting her do 18 transactions at Albertsons when the rest of us can only do 3

    • mary

      I totally agree, i am really new to couponing but from the people who have taught me, i know this is totally wrong to totally clear the shelves like that, i was taught if you want that many put in a special order, the stores are usually really easy to work with if you do the right thing

  • Lisa

    How were some of these people able to double so many coupons? At all of my local stores (OR) we can only double 4 per transaction. They showed that one lady at Safeway with the $1900 bill doubling every coupon. Did they make some kind of exception for her?

    • Kari

      They must have because they showed the “$1.00 coupon” and immediately the “.50 doubler” this is NOT how it works at Safeway… hhaa we all know that! Safeway has lost most of my business since they stopped taking “E” coupons. They have really cracked down and I don’t like “explaining” myself and the use of a coupon that is legitimate. (from a newspaper no less…)

      I go there for : BOGO meat or produce Fruit Snacks and Granola Bars (when Cats are rolling you CAN’T beat their pricing anywhere)
      that is it.

      Happy Valley Or.

  • Rebecca Davidson

    Make sure you check out my episode of Extreme Couponing later in the season. I shopped at the Eagle Winco and scored some AMAZING deals! 🙂

  • Marie

    I am all for getting a good deal, but there is no way those people will ever use all the food they have purchased- except maybe the family with 7 kids. And donating to charity is great when you score a good deal – pass it on to those less fortunate. Other than that, I have learned my lesson not to buy more than I’ll use and wsh others would do the same so we all have an opportunity to get the free or almost free “deal high”.

  • Cathy

    I thought her beautifully organized stockpile was really nice. Made me wish mine looked as good. But I didn’t like them showing her doing 18 transactions in a row for over an hour. On really good weeks I make multiple trips to the store and do 3 – 5 transactions at a time, at non-peak shopping hours and I let people check out in between my transactions if they are waiting. It takes me longer, but it’s worth the feeling that I was polite and put others needs first. Maybe she just did this this one time though because the store knew they were filming and opened her her own line or something.

  • Samantha

    Surprised no one has mentioned this yet. I haven’t watched the show (and I won’t for all the reasons previous posters mentioned) but I have been reading about the coupon fraud showcased in the episode. It’s amazing to me that some of you would feel bad about your own coupon experiences, that you can’t do it like these women on the show, but you have to realize that what they’re doing is illegal and the stores in the show are bending their rules specifically for the women on the show. Don’t feel bad, ladies – you’re the good ones. Honestly, I hope this show gets pulled off the air.

    Here’s a link to what I’m talking about regarding the coupon fraud: http://networkedblogs.com/gqdjm

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