Extreme Couponing Education: Change the Way You Shop

Because they don’t tell you everything on reality television we are here to reveal the secrets of Extreme Couponing.

The #1 secret to successful couponing is to…

…change the way you think about grocery shopping!

I used to plan out a menu of things I wanted to make and then go to the store and buy groceries and let the store decide how much money I am going to spend. This is no longer the way I shop. Now I buy my pantry staples and favorite groceries when the prices are at their lowest and I stock up. Now I decide how much I am going to pay at the grocery store.

Now when I make my menu plan I plan from the food that I have in my pantry. The food that I paid rock bottom prices for. We try to help you with your shopping by posting grocery store coupon deals. We try to help you with your cooking by posting actual recipes that we are cooking from our stockpiles.

Watch this video where Cathy talks more about the #1 secret of couponing! 

Learn more coupon tips…

What are some money saving apps that you love?


  • Melissa

    Hi there! I’m glad I found your site!

    I really appreciate this tip. I desperately need some help. Any tips you can provide will be helpful.
    1) I’m on a really tight budget as a single parent. I have scrounged by while paying almost$1000 a month in daycare, so have learned to buy only the necessities. Unfortunately rising food costs and less in my paycheck (due to paying out more for healthcare and paying off debts from a recent 6-month job reduction)–I barely even buy meat. When my daughter was an infant, I could shop like I am now, have money for fresh food and diapers and come out saving 30% just by using store deals and nonbrand items. I am lucky to save 10% now due to rising food costs. Suggestions are helpful. I have to keep our grocery bill as close to only $200 a month as much as possible. It’s really hard, especially when you need things for special occasions.
    2) I am diabetic and due to #1, I am not eating like I should. Fresh produce and nonprocessed foods is tough to afford. I have learned to at least buy in season and save$$that way. We do eat out twice a week and I have learned to budget that in, rather than buy extra groceries.
    3) I am SO limited in space we have pantry items in cloth bags on the floor all over the place. I have limited freezer space (freezer on the bottom). I look forward to paying off these debts and redo my small condo kitchen so I have cabinet space and can look forward to purchasing a small freezer for my basement. So limited in space right now. Would love to purchase meat deals and make things and freeze them. No room.
    4) Although my daughter is a good eater and eats a lot of things, she will eat VERY little if it’s mixed up–so casseroles and crockpot foods are basically outright now, which is a bummer. I miss when she was 3 and would eat anything I put in front of her! I have thought about trying two a month and be persistent and get her to just start doing it again. I mean when she was barely 2, she inhaled my homemade tuna noodle casserole! Now she won’t touch it…
    5) I tried couponing during layoff and would spend SO much time doing it I didn’t really find it worthwhile. I needed that time on resumes, job hunting, and just generally taking care of things, all while taking a grad class for continuing ed. I found myself saving more money by toggling the three groceries within 3 minutes of each other where I live to save money on their own store ads…all do special coupons (such as $5 offyour next purchase or free produce monthly) depending on what you buy. I do enjoy the coupons on my smartphone too, though. I am loving Target’s grocery and other coupons, plus their 5% off…along w/their smartphone coupons

    But I like you idea of ‘creating your own store’–I don’t know how to afford that right now. Maybe start small, with say, a $10 limit, until I can build it up? What do I look for, for deals? Where do I start?

    • Krinda

      Fresh produce! This has been really hard for me since I moved away from the West Coast and no longer have farmer’s markets that grow everything right next to were I live. I hate paying grocery store prices.
      (1. The one thing I have done it to really try and buy in season and expand my taste-buds. For example, even though I LOVE grapes, they are so expensive in the winter so I have to find another fruit like bananas that are on average only 59-69cents a pound right now.
      (2. If I can buy non-packaged stuff it helps. Like loose leaf spinach you bag yourself. SO much cheaper. Or, if you can find the time to buy a big bag of carrots and cut them up yourself (instead of the baby carrots), they keep in water for a really long time and are super cheap.
      (3. Also, I’ve had to make friends with frozen veggies. You can usually buy them for $1 a bag on sales (or with coupons). They keep forever and actually when they are frozen they still preserve most their nutrients and can be just as good for you.
      (4. Never throw away fruits veggies if you can help it. For example, if your spinach is going bad, right before it does, freeze it. You can throw it in soups or stir-fry it or even blend it in smoothies. I always freeze bananas and use them as a snack or in smoothies. Apples, mangos, broccoli, cauliflower (blanch the broccoli and cauliflower before freezing) all are great later on when frozen.

      Okay, those are a few things I have been doing. Other than doing a garden, anyone have extra tips on eating super healthy (not a ton of pre-packaged stuff) on a budget. I can’t find many coupons for the stuff I love to eat.

  • Monica

    Starting out small is a great idea. It is okay to slowly build your stockpile. You should start by getting out price point guide so you can stop paying too much. You can get it here:http://bit.ly/KX1RdM

    Pull your top 20 items from that list and then look for some coupons for those items here: https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/database

    Also find some stores that we can help you save at here: http://www.fabulesslyfrugal.com/stores

  • Juanita

    Try to get a group of people to start a small garden an all of you working togetherr on it an share the goods an whats leftovers sell or give to some one needer than yourselves.

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