Extreme Coupon Education: Coupon Organization

Because they don’t tell you everything on reality television we are here to reveal the secrets of Extreme Couponing.

To be successful at couponing you must be organized!

We have 3 fab ways to organize your coupons. Take a look at each method of organizing your coupons and decide which one works best for you.

Coupon Organization Method #1 The Filing System:

The filing system is nice because it takes very little effort to organize your coupons this way. The draw back to this method is that is takes more time to find your coupons and get organized for your coupon shopping trip. Find out where to find a great file folder, and how to organize your coupons with a file folder.

Coupon Organization Method #2 Baseball Card Method:

This is a great system if you have a visual mind. Seeing each coupon helps you remember what you have and helps you to remember to use them. I used this method for two years, then decided to move to the ClipLESS method to save myself some time. Find my categories for coupon organization, print my Binder Categories list, learn how to set up your coupon binder, find supplies to help you get started with this coupon organization method.

Coupon Organization Method #3: ClippLESS Method:


This method is a fab fruGal favorite! It can be done in 15 minutes or less and it is very easy to find your coupons. You just can’t be afraid to cut a coupon or two in the store. Learn how to organize you coupons with the clipLESS method and find supplies to help you get started with this coupon organization method.

I show our friend Shelly exactly how to organize her coupons using the clipless method in this Coupon Organization Video. WARNING… BAD HAIR. If Cathy would have let me see how weird my hair looks in this video I may not have let her post it to youtube. Enjoy. 🙂

So which coupon organization method do you like?

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  • Tracy

    i like the baseball card method, but I use 4X6 photo pages (4 slots to a page). I find the bigger pockets easier to use. I always do my sorting while I am waiting to pick up my son from school. I have to arrive 15 mins early to get a parking spot anyway.

  • D'Anna

    After 20 years I retired my trusty coupon box (a bill box I took from my mom) and upgraded to a $2.97 clear Sterilite box w/ lid from Wal-Mart and just transferred the alphabetized dividers from my old box. Love the new one because it fit’s perfectly in the kiddie seat part of a cart and with the lide on and fully packed with coupons I can carry it in under my arm and the coupons stay put.

  • MeleP

    I am a visual person so the baseball card method is for me. Cutting, seeing and sorting the coupons keep it in my mind. So I know exactly what is in my binder so no coupons go to waste. I’ve done them all over the years but this is my fave method. Plus, I always have an excuse to buy a cute tote to stash my binder, scissors, caculator and wallet when I am going mobile.

  • ilona

    I am using the baseball card method. I used this for about 2 years. Then I saw your post about the clipless method and tried it out for a few months. That did not work out too well. I’m back to the baseball card method. I definitely need to see everything and have them categorized while I’m at the store. It does take longer to cut and sort everything. When I tried out the clipless method, they were just sitting in my binder.

  • Jenn

    I am not an EXTREME couponer, I just use them for week to week shopping, get the stuff I NEED for myself, my brother, my mom, my brothers fionce and my cat. I use just a “coupon envelope,” the kind that you get at the dollar store. But I will be “upgrading” to a bill sorter, here soon. I have each of the coupon sections divided up into sub categories, which makes it easier to find what I need at a glance. Since I only get one set of coupons usually a week and print only what I will use, I really don’t have that many in my folder to begin with. It works for the bit of shopping we do each week.

  • Lisa

    How do you handle misc. coupons like printables and in-store coupons? Thanks!

    • Monica


      I file my printable coupons in my baseball card holders. Since I started out on the baseball card method and I am a visual learned I kept my baseball sleeves when I switched to the Insert list CLIPLESS method. I now clip the coupons that I KNOW I will use and store my printables and my favorite insert coupons in the baseball sleeves. I try to match up the sheets of inserts and cut favorites before I file them in the system. This way it is easy to clip them when I need a coupon. I like the combo of these two because it allows me to keep every coupon in an organized place, but not spend time clipping and filing every coupon. Find out why I keep every coupon: https://fabulesslyfrugal.com/2010/08/fabuless-coupon-tip-tuesday-keep-every.html

  • Desi

    I have gone with the file folder idea but it stays at home. I put my inserts in their file with the date on it, write my lists for the stores, then clip my coupons, and go shopping. I always have to shop with kids and don’t have time to find extra deals anyway. I do like to clip the coupons that I may use even if somethings not on sale like yogurt or milk. This is very easy for me and allows me the most use of my time. Thanks Fabs for all you do!

  • Mikki

    I recently found a similar box at meijer but its made from fabric vs plastic (not sure whats holding it together) I love it because its a nice size rectangular box and it fits everything. Best of all I recently made it fit into a small little reusable bag that I had. I didn’t want to walk around with this big blue box so I found a way to be fashionable and discrete. the box fits nicely into the bag and carries like a purse! I took it on my first shopping trip and it was the smoothest trip ever. I have a habit of misplacing things so it was nice that all my “purse stuff” fit comfortably in the bag as well.

    I like to clip when im not busy doing anything else, plus the clipless method seems to save time on the front end but not really the back end since you still have to go through the inserts to clip the coupons out right?

  • william butler

    why u dont have Pa on your list

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