eBay Coupon Policy Changes


Do you buy coupons on eBay?

We have not talked about buying coupons on eBay much lately. It seemed like every time we brought up the idea controversial conversation began! We are not much for controversy, so we have kind of avoided the subject. Our stance on eBay coupons has always been that eBay would not allow coupons to be sold online if there was a problem with it. eBay monitors their sellers pretty closely for suspicious activity. So we have never had a problem with buying coupons on eBay. We always check to make sure the coupons are listed in the coupon database so we know they are legitimate coupons before we make a purchase. But despite eBay’s watchful eye some people have been abusing the selling of coupons on eBay, so stricter guidelines have been put in place by eBay.

New eBay Coupon Seller Policies:

  • Sellers can only sell up to a maximum of $100 value in coupons or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month, whichever limit is reached first. (The 25 coupons limit includes multiple coupons purchased from a multi-quantity listing.)
  • Coupons for “free” products—including coupons where the coupon holder buys some quantity of items at one price and gets some number of items for free, for example, “buy-get-one-free” offers, or offers for free shipping—may no longer be sold on eBay.
  • Starting September 1, 2013, listings for these coupons that don’t comply with these policy changes will be removed. After September 1, listings in violation of this policy may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of buying and selling privileges and a suspension of your account.

What does this mean for you?

  • If you like to buy coupons on eBay it is going to be more difficult for you to find coupons because the supply will be down due to the new restrictions.
  •  You will no longer be able to get BOGO coupons on eBay. It is good that they are taking off the free coupons because those are much harder to regulate. We never bought them or recommended that people buy free coupons because they do not show up in the coupon database.  It is really hard to know if coupons for free products are legit if you don’t get them directly from the manufacturer.

How will you get more coupons now?

Don’t despair. You can still get the coupons you need. Find a coupon clipper that you like. See our full list of coupon clippers.

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  • Linda

    Hello – I have been liosting some coupons on EBAY when they had FREE listings. I send MOST coupons to people I have met in coupon trade groups. My local American Cancer Society (ACS) has set up a team for the past 7 years in our annual Relay for Life called Coupons4Cancer. The team is an actual donation site so people can donate directly to the ACS for coupons I send to them. People in my community and others in the nation donate inserts and clipped coupons to me for the ACS. If anyone wants coupons or inserts in return for a donations to the ACS periodically or on a regular basis I will continue to get the inserts. Send me WMAIL if you want a fill-in Wishlist. I have given our ACS more than $3,200 this past year. Anothe year will begin in September.
    Thank you for your help in our fight against cancer.

  • Jean

    I only used Ebay when the clipping store I used was out of stock. I would never buy a coupon I didn’t know for sure was in the Sunday inserts, so much fraud going on. They are a good old fashioned honest, take care of your customer store. They tell their customers exactly when they are putting up the new coupons so I don’t ever miss out and I don’t have to sit all weekend by the computer like I did with the other sites I used previous to them. I live in SC and my coupons get here in just couple of days. Their prices are low and I can reach Tammy, the owner anytime by text or email. She actually responds, quickly. The selection is good. Buying coupons can be so frustrating and time consuming. I am extra grateful now that I have a solid source! I think a bunch of new sites will pop up now and there will be a lot of ‘fly by nights’….

  • BestGuy

    You can always get Lowe’s 10% Off Printable Lowes Coupons at BestCouponSale.com

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