Easy Crafty Gift Idea {Make at Home Magnets}

My future sister-in-law gave us personalized magnets last year for Christmas that I LOVED!  I think they are such a cool and personal gift.  And they are FabuLESSly Frugal!

I ran down to JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store this morning with all the 40%-50% off coupons that were in yesterday’s paper!  I ran 2 different transactions so I could use a coupon on every item (even the $.69 paper!)

This is what I bought.  Everything I needed, except scissors and a pen, both of which I had at home.  I’ve included links to Amazon, just in case you don’t want to face the traffic 5 days before Christmas.  If you choose Free Super Save Shipping TODAY, you’ll get the order before Christmas, and you have until Wednesday to order with Prime/2 Day shipping.

Transaction 1

Mini Glue Gun $2.99 Mini Glue Gun on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $1.20

2 in Round Mirror (set of 4) $.99 Round Mirrors on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $.40

2 in Round Mirror (set of 4) $.99 Round Mirrors on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $.40

2×3.5 Magnet Cards (set of 10) $3.99 Business Card Magnets
Used 50% off coupon, saved $2.00

Clear Jumbo Gems $2.49 Gems on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $1.00

Paid $6.45

Transaction 2

4 in Mini Hot Glue Stick (set of 30) $4.99 Mini Glue Sticks on Amazon
Used 50% off coupon, saved $2.50

Sticker set $1.99 Stickers on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $.80

Elegant Sticker Set $2.99 Stickers on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $1.20

12×12 Orange Paper $.69 Craft Paper on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $.28

12×12 Orange Paper $.69 Craft Paper on Amazon
Used 40% off coupon, saved $.28


Total: $11.36

Original Cost: $21.42

Mirror Magnets

I used the first initial of all of my Mother-In-Law’s grandkids to make this gift extra special for her.  I tried to find stickers that fit both her fun personality and the size of the mirrors.  Originally I had much larger mirrors, but couldn’t find stickers to fill them.

Using these circle magnets is great, because you don’t have to worry about sticker orientation.  Just get it on there, some what  close to the center, and you’ll be good!

Next, I took one of the business card sized magnets and cut them into 8 “square-like” shapes.  I wasn’t really paticiluar, because 1) they won’t be seen, and 2) the mirrors are really light, so it won’t take a lot to hold them up.  I purchased the magnets with the self adhesive backs because they are so much faster than having to glue gun them onto the item you are turning into a magnet.

After you have all the magnets on the back, you’re done!  Easy peasy!  It took me less than 5 minutes to do 7 magnets!  I’m going to have my honey (he has WAY better hand writting then me!) write the word “Grandkids” on the last mirror with a black sharpie.

Stone Magnets

I call them that simply because I don’t really know what else to call them.  They are SUPER cute.  In the picture above, you see all the supplies you need for this project.  I WAY overbought!   I used 8 stickers (I hated the first one I did), 2 glue sticks, and a 2″x12″ strip of the paper.

Step 1:

Find “stones” that look good.  If you blow this picture up (click on it, then click again in the page that it opens) you’ll see that the stone I have circled doesn’t look that great on the paper.  It’s got a bubble in it, and I am picky enough that that one bugged me!

Step 2:

Cut a strip of paper slightly wider than the stones.  This will save you lots of paper, time and hassle, because you aren’t dealing with the huge 12×12 piece of paper.

Step 3:

Trace the stone onto your piece of paper.  It’s okay if you’re a little big, you can trim that off later.  Cut out your “circle”

Step 4:

Place your sticker on the paper, keeping in mind that the stones aren’t round.  I usually liked to have a teardrop orientation, with the skinner part at the top.  But that’s just me 🙂

Step 5:

Trim any excess paper you may have around the edges.  You want to do this before you glue it on, so the paper doesn’t rip while cutting away glue and paper.

Step 6:

You want a lot of glue really fast, so I forget about the trigger on the glue gun.  I just push down on the glue stick with my thumb to make it come out.

Step 7:

Put a big glob of glue right in the middle.  Bubbles are okay, they’ll get worked out when you are pressing down on it.  You can do this right on your table (the hot glue rubs right off), or these flexible cutting boards are GREAT for crafts!

Step 8:

Center the stone on top of the paper.  You have to do this REALLY fast, because the hot glue can’t get cold, but you need to make sure the paper and stone line up like you cut them.  I prep this by having the stone laying exactly how it’s supposed to be set on the paper right next to the one I’m working on.

Step 9:

Quickly push the stone right down onto the hot glue.  I like to firmly push for about 10-20 seconds.  It’s probably overkill, but I’d hate to have bubbles.

Step 10:

After about 5 minutes the hot glue will have completely cooled, and you are okay to simply trim it off.

Step 11:

Here are the finished front part of the stones.  The A, A, and B I’m not super happy with.  I’ll probably run back to the store and get more stickers.  I originally tried pouring the hot glue on before the gun was all the way ready, and that didn’t work, and ruined a set of stickers, and next I tried going just around the edges with the hot glue.  It got it on there, but doesn’t look that great.  I had extra E’s, so I experimented and found the “pour it on and push” method worked best.  They look the cleanest and were way less hassle than going around the edges.

Step 12:

Because the stone magnets are so much heavier than the mirror ones, I wanted to make sure they had as much magnet as possible.  So, I traced the stones onto the paper, and cut them out that way. A little trimming after attaching them and we were all done!  These ones took longer than the mirror magnets, but only took about 30 minutes, even with the trial and error.

Other Ideas

You can buy magnet kits that fit those “mini” photos you get when you purchase those $7.99 packages from photo studios.  The is one my mom did with the Bee’s Christmas pictures last year.

You can also get different sized stones, and make them say whatever you want!  Use different sizes, shapes, and colors to create a formal, casual, funky, and totally personalized look.

You can also use heftier magnets if you want them to actually hold stuff to your fridge.  The one on the left is the one my SIL made last year, and it will actually attach stuff to my fridge.  The ones I made (on the right) aren’t going to do a fantastic job holding large objects to the fridge.  So, make sure you consider what the person you are giving them to will do.  Do they have every piece of artwork ever received on their fridge?  Go with the heavier duty magnets.  If their fridge is mostly empty, and these will be more for looks, go with the skinny magnets.

I have a TON of left over supplies.  And while the orange paper I picked it great for my Mother-In-Law’s orange kitchen, the rest of it is completely flexible for whatever I want to do!  One of the best parts (you know, besides having 2 great gifts for less than $5) is that it took less than 2 hours to shop (with the Bee!) and get them made!

Fast, Easy and Frugal!!  WOOT WOOT!


  • Ruby

    If you want to “splurge” you can also buy a circle punch so that you don’t have to cut out the circles for the stone magnets. I was never able to cut my circles very straight and the circle punch makes them go way faster. They have smaller, large and extra large circle punches so make sure that you get the right size. I wasn’t paying attention and ended up buying all three before I found the one that I wanted. I have used the clear tacky glue and the E6000 glue also to make these. I wouldn’t recommend using a glue stick. I have also seen the clear gems at the dollar store.

  • Hannah

    Super Cute! 🙂


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