Earn Free Amazon.com Gift Cards With Swagbucks!

Don’t forget… Today Is Mega Swagbucks Day! 

I love Swagbucks and I LOVE Fridays! I’ve been using Swagbucks for over a year and a half now and last year I was able to buy almost all of our Christmas presents online for FREE thanks to all the Amazon.com gift cards I earned through Swagbucks!  It’s true… I was able to earn enough amazon.com gift cards to purchase almost our gifts. 🙂

How did I do it?  Go HERE and read my post filled with all the different ways you can earn Swagbucks!  What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start searching…


  • Jaime

    When you cash in for your e-gift card, do you wait until you get a large amount or do you do the 5.00 one at a time. I guess I’m wondering how many of the e-gift cards you can use per order at Amazon.

  • Mavis

    You can use as many gift cards per order as you want. 🙂

    So let’s say you’re placing an order for $25 on amazon.
    If you had 5 $5 amazon gift card codes you would enter them into you amazon.com account under “enter gift card to account.” Then when it was time to check out instead of paying with a credit card the money would just come off your gift card balance.

    Does that make sense? If it doesn’t let me know and I can write a step by step post showing how to do this with pictures. I am a visual learner so pictures are always a big help to me. 🙂

  • Susan


    Be aware that you can only purchase 2 gift cards per day, and you can only purchase up to 5 “like” items in one month. Therefore, if you are planning on buying Amazon gift cards with your swag bucks, don’t wait unti you have a ton of swag bucks in your account. When you get enough for one or two (at 450 each for a $5 gift card), go ahead and buy them.

    After you purchase the gift card in the Swagbucks store, it can take as long as two weeks for your gift card code to be e-mailed to you. I start looking for the email from swagbucks a week or so after I purchased the gift card.

    When the email with the code arrives, log onto your Amazon account, then click on the “Your Account” link in the top right corner of the screen, just above the shopping cart button. You will then see a screen with lots of account-related links. Click on the link that says “Apply a gift card to your account.” You may have to enter your Amazon password again in order to continue.

    Then you will get a screen where you can paste in the code from the email that you received from Swagbucks. The $5 will then be applied to your account, and you will be able to see your available balance.

    After that, instead of thinking about it as a “gift card,” think about it as a credit on your account. It will never expire. Your balance will continue to grow each time you purchase an Amazon gift card through swagbucks and apply it to your Amazon account.

    The next time you make a purchase through Amazon, the payment will automatically come off of your balance.

    It’s really nice to have a little balance saved up in your Amazon account. That way, when a great deal comes along that you are interested in, you can go ahead and make the purchase without paying anything out-of-pocket. Or as many do, if you save up all year, it can really help towards Christmas.

    I hope this explanation is helpful.

    • Jaime

      THANK you both so much for all the help and advise!! I love being able to make a little money on the side being a stay at home mom. Even 5 bucks can go a long way and I am always on Amazon buying something. I didn’t know that it took up to 2 weeks!! Paying for Christmas makes a good goal too. Thank you again very much!!

      • Susan

        Oh you’re welcome. I’m glad you found it useful.

        Mavis suggested (if I’m understanding her comment correctly) to hang onto your gift card codes until you want to spend them on something at Amazon. That’s a great suggestion if you don’t want to spend them right away because I don’t think there is a way to prevent Amazon from automatically paying for your purchase from your account balance. (if there is, someone please enlighten me.)

        I’m not organized enough to keep track of codes though, so as soon as I get the email with the code, I go ahead and post it to my Amazon account and be done with it.

  • Susan

    Can anyone tell me about that “tag your green” thing they have going on at Swagbucks right now? It’s supposedly an “easy 27 sb’s”, but I’m not sure exactly what you’re supposed to do to get it.

    I won’t put any identifying information on that green map thingies, so hopefully that’s not a requirement.


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