Fab Tested and Approved Dryer Balls

All Natural Dryer Balls save Time Money and Electricity

All Natural Fabric Softener only $2.66 per ball!

Have you tried the dryer balls yet? I have to say I wasn’t convinced at first that they would be as awesome as my friends told me they were, but I’ve been using them for about two years now, and they are live up to every word!!

Why are dryer balls so amazing you ask?

  • They shorten drying time! My dryer was taking between 90-120 minutes to dry a load of laundry. I added 4 balls, and it never took longer than 90 minutes. I added another 4 and it shortened it to about 60 minutes!! That means my clothes usually dry faster than they wash!! So I save electricity and time! Depending on your size of dryer, you might need 4-12 balls.
  • They soften laundry naturally. I’m honestly not sure how they do it. But they do.
  • They get rid of most or all of the static. (I have these towels… and they cling to everything, no matter what I do… but everything else? Totally static free!) If you are still having problems with static (it’s crazy in the Northwest), try attaching a safety pin to one or wrapping a single ball in foil.
  • You want to know a little secret? When I break the dryer balls out of the dryer, my kids think they are the coolest toys ever! Don’t ask me why. But they play with them for hours! 🙂 It’s really cute to watch! And if they get a little dirty, I just throw them in the washer with my clothes! No damage done 🙂
  • You can scent them with essential oils!! 4-8 drops is all it takes for a MONTH of scent! They are awesome!

So what does that mean?

  • They last forever. Seriously. I’ve had my original set going on 2 years now, and they look almost brand new!

We know a lot of you like to DIY. And you can totally make these at home. However, after pricing yarn, and factoring in your time, these are an amazing deal!! And buying them pre-made sure does save a LOT of time!!

Smart Sheep 6-Pack 100% Premium Wool Dryer Balls $15.95!!

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  • These are extra large balls, and are about an inch bigger around than a tennis ball! So 6 is probably the perfect number of dryer balls for your average dryer. If you have a high capacity dryer, you might want this pack of 8.
  • When I originally started using dryer balls, I paid $4 a ball, and it was an AMAZING deal. These are  $2.66 a ball!!!
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  • Barb

    I love my doTERRA dryer balls. I still had a little static so I was told to put a safety pin in one of them and it worked no more static!!

  • Leslie

    Ok. So I bought these on your suggestion a month or so ago. I have 8 (but typically have 6 in a load). I added the safety pins to every ball, but I’m still battling static (mostly with large loads of towels, soft fuzzy blankets or anything with athletic type fabric. Putting all 8 balls indoesn’t fix it). What’s the secret? You said you don’t use fabric softener sheets any more, so obviously I’m missing something….

  • Kayli Hicken

    Trying the coupon today, 06/24/2016, and it doesn’t work 🙁 at least, not on the 8 pack.

    • Becky

      That’s sad!! I tried it too, and it’s not working for me either. They must have reached their maximum on code usage. 🙁

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