Dollar Tree Coupon Deals 1/20-26, 2013

Dollar Tree

New to coupon shopping Dollar Tree? Start here:

Please note: Not all Dollar Tree Stores carry the same items!


– means the price is better than generic/wholesale/mass store prices!
 – means this is when we stock up!!!
If we don’t star an item but it’s listed here, that means it is still a better deal than you would get at a superstore on any given day.



  • Patricia B

    I get all excited thinking I am going to save lots of money. Then I go to the store with all of the match-ups. The Dollar Tree by me has virtually no brand name items. So all the coupons and match-ups don’t help me. I wish things were the same everywhere but how does Dollar Tree stock stuff in one and not another?
    Thx for letting me vent.

    • Jane

      I appreciate the match ups too, but I found my store in Spokane WA did not have many of the products here, or they were the wrong size. I was really excited about the Hefty bags, but the coupon states 13 ct or more. They were 6 and 8 ct. in my store. I did get free reach floss and Crest toothpaste for 50 cents.

  • Elisha

    Which Dollar Tree is this?

  • Heather H.

    I had no idea you could use coupons at the dollar store! Thanks!

  • TexasMama (Peg)

    I think each region is different. I went to ours today and spent $6.50 on a total that would have been $16.51. I was buying Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste, Progresso soup, Superpretzels soft pretzels, Advil PM and I forget what else (oh yeah – 2 sodas that I didn’t have coupons on). Oh – and a Lady Speed Stick deodorant.

    Unfortunately, my coupons for Softsoap and tin foil and stuff like that didn’t match the sizes sold in the store.

    It’s just a matter of going in and getting what you can when they do match. I’d walk around in the store once a week for a few minutes for a month or so and see what major brands they do carry and maybe write them in a notebook for reference – include the sizes (I intend to do that next time).

    I’m already planning my next shopping trip – I forgot to take my $1 off any Planter’s peanut butter with me and I have more toothpaste and toothbrush coupons.

    Also – find out what days are “truck days” and then go the next day!

  • Lori

    Where is your Dollar Tree? Ours carries very few name brands.

  • Melissa

    Every Dollar Tree is different. I have about three within 20 minutes of my house and they are all different.

  • Rachelle

    My Dollar Tree did have Hefty bags that were 13ct so I was able to use my coupons. They say Hefty on the outside but they were a very cheap version of a Hefty bag. They were half as thick and tore very easy. I feel like I wasted my coupons.

  • Leslie

    I have the same problem with my dollar tree, carries very few brand names and I always come out empty handed.
    Also my Walmart in Beaverton is much higher priced and can never find a good deal there either.I can match a few of Winco deals.I don’t even try to match the deals at those stores anymore as I felt like I was beating my head against the wall every week
    I can count on Albertson, Safeway, Walgreens Rite Aid and K Mart. i am very happy with the great deals I find there. However I get so excited about a great coupon and then the Oregonian does have it in there paper. Still ordered the extra papers and come out ahead.

    • Elizabeth Gibbeson

      I have the same problem in Vancouver. The Oregonian doesn’t have the same coupons that are listed. The Walmart here is not only priced higher, they are almost always out of coupon products or only have the largest sizes on the shelf. I usually don’t waste my time/gas for the few I can get.

  • Leslie

    Goofed and let out a word. The Oregonian is often minus the coupons that make things a fabulous deal.

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