Homemade Natural Spider Repellent That Works

Homemade natural spider repellent

Truth time. One of my biggest fears is spiders. I know it’s silly. I mean, I’m at least 200 times as big as them, and I have various methods of killing them (drowning, stomping on, blow torch, etc), but I still don’t want them anywhere NEAR me! (ps – if you’ve got more flies than you can handle, check out my DIY Homemade Fly Trap!) Luckily, my 5-year-old thinks it’s funny that Mommy calls her to stomp the spiders, and she loves doing it!

Now, I know spiders are important. They do great, amazing things like keeping the insect population down. However, I think we can all agree, the BEST spider is a spider anywhere but in the HOUSE. Or the car. Did I mention my house? Or generally in my vicinity.

Dear Mr. Spider… why can’t you stay out in the garden where you belong? PS – when I’m watering the garden or picking my produce, you need to stay out of sight if you don’t want to get squashed because I’ll kill you dead. Or at least, my 5-year-old will.

My Secret Weapon: Homemade Natural Spider Repellent

I investigated all over Pinterest, and you know what just about everyone said? Put peppermint and lemon essential oils in a spray bottle with water, and spray down your home where the creepy crawlies could get in. Window and door frames, cracks in the foundation, dryer vents, and do it inside and out. If there’s a place a spider can get in, spray it.

Thanks to this easy homemade spider repellent, I haven’t seen a spider in my house in months. Want to know why? Spiders HATE peppermint! They aren’t a huge fan of citrus oils either, but, they really and truly hate peppermint. That is why this super easy to make natural spider repellent WORKS! Bye, bye spiders! Stay outside where you belong!

Here’s a Quick Spider Reference Guide (just in case you were wondering):

  • Furry – let it live
  • Shiny – kill it dead

Ingredients for natural spider repellent

Homemade Natural Spider Repellent Ingredients

Put everything in the spray bottle, shake well, and apply! Reapply the spider repellent outside about once a month (or after it rains).

This is safe for kids and most pets**, so you can go to town, and make sure every crack is sprayed, even in your baby’s nursery. Especially in your nursery!

A quick note: Pure citrus oils are so powerful, they can eat plastic. So either make it in a glass spray bottle or store the contents in a mason jar. These Mason Jar Spray Tops are super cute, and work great (just swap it out with a regular mason jar lid when you’re done).

Or you can easily adapt this DIY Foaming Hand Soap and Mason Jar Dispenser to fit a spray top you have laying around! If you don’t want extra laying around, waiting for the unsuspecting spider, you can easily double or half the recipe, making whatever you need (about 1 drop of each oil per oz of water is all it takes!)

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homemade spider repellent recipe

**Peppermint is not recommended for cats because they are sensitive to high levels of phenols which are found in it.

Here’s a list of oils not recommended for cats (or would need to be used with caution):

  • tea tree
  • all citrus oils
  • cassia
  • cinnamon
  • clove
  • cypress
  • douglas fir
  • neroli
  • oregano
  • peppermint
  • petitgrain
  • roman chamomile
  • rosemary
  • spearmint
  • thyme
  • white fir
  • wintergreen
  • vetiver

Homemade Natural Spider Repellent That Works


  • 15 drops Peppermint Essential Oils
  • 15 drops Lemon Essential Oils
  • 14-16 oz water
  • 16 oz Glass Spray Bottle (if you only have an 8 oz bottle, use 7-8 drops instead)


  1. Put all of the ingredients into a glass spray bottle, shake well, and apply!


**Peppermint is not recommended for cats.

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  • Love the smell!

  • I never new anything like this existed. I hate spiders a lot and I need to give this a try.

    • I hope you love it as much as we do!! We love being able to share natural solutions to the everyday problems everyone is dealing with!

      • Were you able to try it out Teresa?

      • Is there a way to keep them from spinning webs on patios or porches? I am a true arachniphobe and I have goosebumps just typing this message! I have a Giant spider that keeps spinning a web just out the back door on my patio between my house and car and I need it gone! I am terrified to leave my home or come home after dark!!

        • Put this spider repellent outside! Just have someone else do it for you since he’s already there! haha and I know if you just keep it clean, sweep, keep away the shrubbery, that it will decrease the chances of them being there!

  • I have a suggestion. It’s best to use a glass bottle when using essential oils. There are spray bottles available in glass.

    • You are so right! Did you see our note in the post about this very thing? It’s okay to use plastic short term, (high quality plastic, that is), but if you are storing your essential oils for longer periods, you need to use glass, because the essential oils are so strong they could eat the plastic! 😀 But if you are just using it for an hour or two, you can totally use plastic. 😀

  • Hi! I am putting in a garden and want to keep these big nasty spiders (that I am deathly afraid of) away from my garden, bc my garden is near these large bushes that house these creatures. Do you think it’s safe for my veggies to spray this all around there? Thanks!

  • How often do you have to re-spray the outside and inside of the house?

  • Id love to also try the roach one as well. Here in South Texas they are huge. Everything is bigger in Texas! Would it be 15 drops to the same amount of water as the spider concoction?

  • Where do I buy the peppermint oil &. Lemon oil ? For spiders

  • can I spray this along my baseboard in my finished basement? Will it hurt the woodwork or carpet??

  • I’m all in for doTERRA too! They have the purest oils around. I love them!

    I want to, however, comment on the “This is safe for kids and pets…” First off, mint & citrus I learned can be deadly for cats. See this site that talks about this: https://meowlifestyle.com/6-essential-oil-safety-tips-for-cat-owners/ There are other sites too that discuss this, but I’ll let people research for themselves.

    I do use a few drops of peppermint on some ant holes in the yard where there’s lots of open fresh air. However, I make sure my cat is inside when I do this and not let her out for a while.

    Also, I wouldn’t spray it where children play/sleep. If the oil hasn’t evaporated or there’s still residue, and children touch it and rub it on their eyes or something, it can be very irritating. I’d raise my hand if you asked the question, “Has anyone has ever gotten peppermint oil in their eye?” Yeah, that would be me…ouch!

    I just want everyone to be aware in case you have children & or fur babies.

    • Great tips! I’ve been using doTERRA oils for 5+ years and did not know this, although I don’t have furry friends. I am conscious of my children around the oils though. Thanks for the comment!

  • I would like to use this on my kids plastic play structure. Since it’s plastic is that safe?

  • How do the oil and water mix? Wouldn’t the oils just sit on top?

  • After killing my 5th spider in the house since yesterday’s downpour, and threatening to ban food from the house (thanks to the sudden influx of ants), I find myself here, lol. In addition to the spray bottle approach, I’m planning to soak cotton balls in the solution you suggested and put them in small mason jars with holes poked in the lids, which I will place in every doorway and window in my house to keep those buggers at bay. Is there any reason you can think of why I should NOT do this, safety-wise, I mean? My children are all over 11, so no danger of them trying to eat the cotton balls or shattering the jars, at least, not more than typical pre-teen stupidity. And my only pet is a snake, who won’t ever come into direct contact with the jars, but with my luck, will turn out to be the only species of animal to be violently sensitive to this natural remedy for other creepy crawlies…

  • Thank you so much! I use Doterra oils and I have peppermint and lemon on hand. I can’t wait to mix this blend. I will give a bottle to each of my teenagers, so they can use in their bedrooms. They can spray the corners and baseboards. We have a budgie parakeet downstairs in our home so we don’t want to use any type of bug spray.

    I think I will get each kid a diffuser too. lol

  • Bad example from Doterra….stomping, blow torch and drowning incent being, all while teaching a small child it’s ok to kill. How does that show imagination, by killing everything in front of us?? You are no better than a spider, or bird, a cat, a dog, we should treat all things equal. A spider does not hurt anyone, unless poisonous, and is EXTREMELY good for our environment. So next time you decide to kill something and show your son, take a minute and think how small that makes you. I will not be buying Doterra because of this post.

    • They’re not killing the spiders outside, just keeping them out of their homes. They are plenty of brown recluse and black widows that creep inside that are poisonous.

    • Oh please ! Take it to extremes really! Some people do not want spiders crawling all over the place or on them! Get real, I bet you wouldn’t want snakes crawling all over you or in your house.

  • Thank you for these ideas!!

  • this remedy sounds like it will smell great and a natural gentle way to encourage spiders to make their homes outdoors

    No need to stomp on spiders any more anyone! – as you correctly say, we are 200 times bigger, that qualifies as bullying of the worst kind!

    Thank you for bringing kinder deterrent methods to our attention.

  • Hi there … so this post says that this remedy is pet friendly but when I google peppermint oil and cats I find lots of articles saying peppermint oil is bad for cats. What are you basing the pet-friendly on? Is that for dogs only? Thanks

    • Peppermint is not recommended for cats because they are sensitive to high levels of phenols which are found in it. I will update the post above. For your reference, here’s a list of oils not recommended for cats (or would need to be used with caution):
      tea tree
      all citrus oils
      douglas fir
      roman chamomile
      white fir

  • Excellent idea!! I really want to try this, but concerned about hitting paint on the outside of our house. Will it damage it or cause future paint to not stick?
    We have a HUGE problem with spiders 😨

  • Temel hedefimiz etkin olarak uygulanan ve sürekli geliştirilen yönetim sistemimizle başta peyzaj, çevre düzenleme ve inşaat faaliyetleridir.

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