DIY Warm Fuzzy Reward System

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I don’t know about you but my kids seem to be fighting A LOT lately.
I kept trying different things to get them to stop and nothing seemed to be helping.
I remembered when I was potty training them both that they responded really well to a reward type system
{like putting a sticker on the chart when they went potty in the toilet} and thought I would give it a try again.
I wanted to reward them for the good things that they did and the nice kind things that they said…..


Here is what you will need to create your own warm fuzzy system:
DSC_0005~A variety of warm fuzzes {craft pom poms work great}
~ A jar for all the warm fuzzes to collect together
~ A jar for each kid
~someway to label the jar {I used alphabet stickers and did the first initial of my child’s name}

Take all your warm fuzzes and place them in their own jar.  I grabbed small plain ones, a package of sparkly ones and some big ones.
Take the individual jars and personalize them for your child.
I just did the first initial, you could do whatever you want or even let your child decorate them 🙂
Place the jars for each child and the warm fuzzes someplace where they can reach them and see them often.

Now is where you can get creative with the Warm Fuzzes…..
I am wanting my children to stop fighting with each other, to listen, and behave.

Here is what I have told my children:
Whenever I see them {or hear them} behaving, listening, and getting along they are allowed to put a warm fuzzy in the jar.
Whenever their jar is full they get to pick what they want to do; what movie we watch that night, what game we play before bed or what activity we get to do.
If they fight, say hurtful things or don’t behave then they have to remove a warm fuzzy and put it back in its jar.

So far it is working!  The first day they did ask me to give them something to do so they could get a warm fuzzy,
so I had to explain to them that that is not how it works 🙂

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Happy Crafting! 😀

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