DIY Kid’s Craft: Sandpaper Printed T-shirts!!!

Father’s Day is just around the corner now and I wanted to do something different this year for him as he typically complains if any gifts are bought! 🙂 So after doing some thinking and looking online, I found this great DIY craft idea and it was perfect! It’s still a “gift” per se, but it’s useable and made by the kids!

So this morning I planned it out with a couple of friend’s and their kids. We got together and made some shirts for the daddies!! Let me first say that this is perfect for all ages. If they can scribble with a crayon – they can do this! 🙂


A plain T-Shirt (white will work best)
An Iron
A Piece of Cardboard
I did have to purchase the sand paper and the white T-shirts for this project, but they were both really cheap at Walmart. If you check out the scrapbook/craft section at your local store you can find these shirts from $2-$4 each!

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So let’s get started on this craft, shall we?

First things first – we need an image for these shirts!

Grab your crayons and your piece of sandpaper and let each kid draw their own picture of their shirt! Make sure you are drawing on the sandpaper side! 🙂 Also, we learned the hardway on names & dates: YOU MUST WRITE THESE BACKWARDS for these to go onto the t-shirt correctly. Don’t be embarassed if you have to use a mirrior to figure out how to write something backwards like I did! 🙂 This is the time to push hard with crayons as well, this way they will go on to the t-shirt dark! If your child doesn’t press hard enough, go over it a little yourself. We had 9 kids making shirts and here were their pictures before getting printed onto the white t-shirts!

You will notice all of the names and dates are wrong. If you mess up -  like we ALL did – you can cut this off and write it somewhere else!

Now – let’s get these images on the shirts! Get your iron dusted off and warmed up – we used Med-High heat for this.

Put your piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to prevent the colors bleeding through on to the back of the t-shirt. Now, place your colored sandpaper face down onto the t-shirt where you would like the image to be at! Grab your iron, and start to iron that image one! We ironed ours for about 30 seconds, not letting it sit in the same spot for long.

Slowly peel up a corner of your sandpaper drawing and make sure it’s on the t-shirt. It it is, then you can take it off if it looks good. If not, continue to iron for  few more seconds.

Here is the t-shirt after ironing the image on!

Dry the shirt for 10 or so minutes in your dryer to get the color to set. The first time this is washed, it should be washed alone.

That’s it! I love this craft idea because it is simple, cheap, and extremely kid friendly! We just happened to have Father’s Day coming up, but this craft could be used for many different occasions! If you love this craft idea, Pin it on Pinterest! Plus – be sure  to check out all of our other awesome DIY Ideas!!

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