DIY Kids Craft: Foamy Finger Paint!

Though Spring has just started, there are still many days ahead where the kids will be stuck inside because of the weather! We are having to find new fun things to do because they are getting burnt out on coloring! 🙂

My kids have been pestering me for more paint for awhile now! Last time I bought paint, I paid $6 for 4 little tiny paints! So you can imagine why I haven’t bought any recently!

So I did some digging around and found a few different DIY recipes but this one sounded the easiest and quickest to do! Plus, the main ingredient this time is surely one a couponer would have as well: Ivory soap!!

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1 Cup of Ivory Soap (I used one whole bars from the 3 packs)
½ Cup of Water
1 Wire Wisk
1 Bowl
Food Coloring
1 Grater

I know what you are thinking right now, this lady is crazy making paint out of soap! I was wondering the same thing myself when I was making it, but I promise you, it works!
So let’s get to making some foamy finger paint!

STEP 1 – Grate your soap so that you have 1 cup.
STEP 2 – Mix your grated soap with the ½ cup of water in your bowl using the wisk!
STEP 3– Keep mixing until you get a product that looks like shaving cream.

STEP 4 - Seperate the mixture into seperate dishes to make different colors.
STEP 5 – Mix food coloring into each one.


Ok! Get some paper and you are ready to start painting!
My girls had sooooo much fun with this paint! It’s not like your traditional boring finger paint. It’s foamy, it smells clean, and it helps those developing sensory skills in the young ones.
It was also a great educational tool for the 3 year old as well. Learning that two colors can make a new color, though I didn’t give a great example. My purple looked more like a red-brown to me! 🙂

I was worried about the food coloring and the thought of it staining clothing, hands, or the table but not to worry – no staining and this project was a quick clean up!!

I paid $1.25 for the food coloring awhile ago and the bar of soap was free, so this makes for a fun, cheap, educational kid’s craft!

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  • does the water need to be hot? and how fine did you grate the soap? This looks like so much fun 🙂

  • I just used cold water! I grated it the same size as cheese, it dissolves in the water very quickly! 🙂 It was sooo much fun!

  • This is amazing. We wanted to use it in the bathtub bet were afraid the food coloring would stain the grout. Instead I dissolved a crayola bath tint tablet in about a tablespoon of water and added that to the mix instead. It worked wonderfully and my toddlers spent an hour in the dry bathtub painting before their real bath. The only thing was making sure that they stayed seated so they didn’t slip. Thank you so much for this idea!

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