DIY Pallet Sign: Believe There Is Good In The World – Be The Good

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See how you can make this DIY pallet sign for cheap!

I acquired some lovely, free pallet wood recently and wanted to put it to use as something nice for my home. My friend and I decided to make a few girls’ nights out of it and recreate this cool pallet sign from Blooming Homestead – in true frugal style, of course.

pallet wood sign wood boards and wood glue

Decide on a size for your sign. My size ended up being 24 inches tall and about 37 wide, using 7 pallet boards. Since the wood was from two different pallets, I had to cut a few of the boards to size. It was easy enough to do with my jigsaw though.

How to tell if pallet wood is safe…

Maybe I should talk a little bit about dismantling a pallet…it can be hard work! Some are easier than others. I mostly used a pickax tool to pry boards off with even pressure and the leverage of other boards. I couldn’t salvage all of the wood, but I got what I could! You can find lots of videos and other ideas of how to dissemble pallets online too.

With pallet wood, you want to look for an IPPC logo. If there is an HT, the wood was heat treated. If there is a MB, it was treated with Methyl Bromide. Avoid using pallet wood from a pallet marked with MB. Also, avoid using any pallet wood that appears to have had something spill on it. Here is some more info on how to know if pallet wood is safe.

How to make a pallet wood sign…

Place some scrap wood or something else sturdy on the floor to lift the sign boards off of the ground. Then lay out your boards as you want them to be for your sign. Now flip the boards over keeping them in you same desired arrangement, so you are looking at the backside of the sign.

To hold the boards together, use the scrap wood pieces, wood glue, and nails. My scrap wood was actually more pallet wood that I cut in half lengthwise and cut to length. Spread wood glue on the small piece of wood, put it in place glue-side-down across the pallet sign boards, then hammer in a some nails (about 2 nails per each pallet board should do it). You want the nails to get long enough to go through the small wood and into the pallet boards, but not so long that they come out the other side of the pallet wood.

diy pallet sign believe there is good in the world wood glue and pallet wood

There will be some gaps because pallet wood is not perfect. So once you have the supports nailed on, use wood glue to fill in some of the gaps between the scrap wood and the pallet boards. Let dry.

Neither of us have a Cricut, Silhouette, or anything like that, so we made our own lettering template by choosing fonts, arranging it how we want it, and took it to a print shop to get it printed at the right size for our sign on cheap paper. We had it enlarged and printed to 24×36. Then we used a craft knife and straight edge to start cutting out the letters. Yes, this did take some time, but it wasn’t too bad. 🙂 You might want to put on a funny movie or something while you work. Ha.

cutting out the letters for pallet sign template

If you have a Silhouette to cut letters for you, you might want to check out how Blooming Homestead did it too.

Once the letters are cut out of the template, tape it to your sign and start tracing the letters onto the sign with a pencil. (If you plan to use the template only once, you could probably carefully paint the letters with the template and skip the pencil.)

diy be the good pallet sign hand painted

Remove the template and go over the outline of the letters with the paint color of your choice, then fill the letters in with the paint. The cool part about this sign is that the words “Be The Good” are a different color than the other words. It was helpful for me to test the paint colors next to each other on a scrap piece of wood before I finalized my paint color choices.

diy pallet wood sign be the good instagram

Once it was all finished and dry, I decided to outline the “Be The Good” part with a white paint pen. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

picture hanging wire to hand diy pallet sign

To hang my sign on the wall, I wrapped a long piece of picture wire around one of the outer pieces of wood on the back and then over to the other outer piece. Depending on your wood, the sign might be heavy, so plan to secure it to the wall accordingly.

diy pallet wood sign believe there is good in the world

This is a fun DIY home decor project with a wonderful message. Easy to customize and very inexpensive. I think a sign like this would be a great gift too!

Here’s how my friend’s sign turned out:

yellow and white pallet wood sign


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