DIY Fuzzy Bunny Easter Cake!

Easter is around the corner and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do. Chances are, you are too! So, I thought I’d show you how to make one of my favorite edible table centerpieces; fuzzy bunny cake. I’m going to warn you though, you may have a hard time wanting to  eat this total piece of cuteness!

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Here’s what you need:

  • Boxed white (or chocolate) cake
  • White (or chocolate) Icing
  • Coconut flakes (or chocolate  if your making a chocolate bunny)
  • Jelly Beans
  • Jet Puffed Marshmallows
  • Pink sprinkles
  • Green food coloring
  • Pam
  • Round baking tin
  • Cookie sheet
  • Scissors

Bake your cake according to the box directions. Be sure to use a heavily sprayed round baking tin.

Once your cake is done, put it directly into the refrigerator for at least two hours to chill.

While your cake is chilling, pour half of your coconut flakes onto a cookie sheet.


Insert into the hot oven and toast until crispy (or browned for extra bunny color).

Put aside.

Next, when your cake is cool, flip it out of the tin and onto your serving plate or a cake holder. Leave your cake upside down. Cut your cake in half (as evenly as possible or you’ll end up with a slanted bunny like mine) and coat the bottom (flat side) of your cake halves in icing.


Now, fold both sides together and leave standing.


Go ahead and ice your cake completely.


Next, cut a small “shelf” into the top corner of your cake.


Cover the cut slice in icing.

Now, take one of your marshmallows and cut it on a diagonal.


Place the sticky side of the cut marshmallows into pink sprinkles so the sprinkles stick.


Now, place the sprinkle covered marshmallows on the “shelf” you cut into the cake. These are your bunny ears.

Take a handful of your toasted coconut and stick it to the cake icing.


Once your bunny is covered in “fuzzy” coconut, add jelly beans to create eyes and a nose.


Don’t forget to add a tail! Just cut a second marshmallow in half (horizontally this time) and place it on the bunny’s back side.


Now, take your extra coconut and put it in a bowl with a few drops of green food coloring. Use your hand to mix the coconut and spread the green color evenly. Then, place it around your bunny cake to make him look like he’s sitting in the grass.


That’s all there is too it!

Don’t be overwhelmed! This is a VERY easy Easter treat to make and its less expensive than any of the pre-made cakes at the grocery store. This fuzzy bunny cake may just become part of your Easter tradition from here on out!

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  • donna Jones

    Question about the recipe above. What size round cake pan are you using? It looks like the entire cake mix is going into one round pan. If so, what size cake pan are you using. I thought they only come in 8″ and 9″.

    Thank you
    Donna Jones

    • christina

      Hi, Donna!

      Round pans can actually be as large as 18″ but mine was a 10″ (I think. Sorry, it’s old). I did use all of my cake mix but I had to watch it closely because I was afraid it would overflow in the oven and luckily, it didn’t! I hope this helps! 🙂 Happy Easter!

      • Donna Jones

        Thanks for the quick response. I was going to make the cake tonight, but had the confusion about the pan. I’ll have to send hubby (on vacation this week) out looking for me tomorrow. I didn’t know they came in 10″. I’ll do some online research before I head for bed tonight. thx again and Happy Easter. He has Risen! He has risen indeed!

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