Diaper Stock Up Price Points

When people first walk into my stockpile room — the first things out of their mouth are “The diapers … how … Huggies … that must have cost a fortune?” I will admit, at first sight they were a little overwhelming, however I am hoping I’m stocked up until my youngest is potty trained.

Before I get into this post too much, I do want to explain that Huggies are and have always been my go to diapers. Even way back in the Dark Ages of my life, or my pre-coupon days (you can read this HERE.) Both of my daughters (just like their mommy) have sensitive skin and Huggies are the only diaper that didn’t give them a rash or irritate their skin. So my price points have always been based off Huggies, though for this post I will put in what I feel are good stock up prices for generic brands as well.

So we all know that babies go through TONS of diapers! I have read in articles, the average family spends $1,000 PER YEAR on diapers, per child. So if you have 2 children in diapers, that is $2,000 a year! Do you have goosebumps right now?  I did too! That is a lot of money right there!

So here is a list I have made — and I hand this out regularly to those new mom’s learning to shop with coupons for them to keep in their binder.

Please keep in mind, the price changes buy size because the amount of diapers in the package changes by size.

Also, a tip from one mommy to the next, your child will not be in the Newborn size long, so if you find a great deal don’t by them up like crazy, just a few will do. My first daughter was in them for 2 1/2 weeks, the second, exactly 1 week!!

In the chart below, I consider Huggies and Pampers brand name and everything else generic.

So the next question is where I am going to find these sort of prices??

Typically your drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. You will usually get these prices using  a manufacture coupon + rewards deal and/or store coupon.

However, the #1 hot spot for diaper stock up prices is Amazon! I know what you are thinking. Diapers, Amazon — What the heck is she talking about. But it’s true. Even better, Amazon does the math for you, as in how much you are paying per diaper!

For Example right now you can get Pampers and Huggies on Amazon at Stock up Prices!


Notice how the Pampers and Huggies are both within Stock up price when you select Subscribe and Save?

The importance of Subscribe and Save is that you get an additional 20% of the price PLUS they are shipped to your home on your schedule (like once a month, every two months, etc.) AND the shipping is FREE with this option!

HOWEVER, say you only need one case. Still order it through the Subscribe and Save option, and once you receive it, cancel you subscribe and save order!!!

Another great thing about Amazon is that it has most of the same coupons available to you that your Sunday paper would! About midway on the page you will see something that looks like this if there is a coupon available:

So now the Pampers actually cost $43.83 for a case of 192 size 4 diapers OR $.22 per diaper!

So there you have it —- the big bang diaper theory of mine! 🙂 Feel free to print the little chart above for your own binder!



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