Dear Mavis… Amazon Queen

Dear Mavis-

I noticed you are pretty fab at finding fabuless deals on Amazon. You are like the Queen of Amazon. I need your help! I have had this pan for far too long and I really need a new one. Seriously look at how it is falling apart. I do not want that stuff in my food. I am gonna need another 10-12 inch frying pan. I am currently a member of Amazon Mom so I get Free Shipping through Amazon Prime. Can you help me find a fabulous Amazon deal? Pretty Please.

Are you looking to buy something new? Maybe Mavis can help you find it too. Leave your Dear Mavis in the comments!


  • Ashley A

    I’m looking to find a great deal on a Panini maker. Its only my husband and myself, so we just need a little one.

  • Bernadette

    Dear Mavis,
    We are planning a trip from Idaho to California next month. I was wondering if you have any tips for saving on gas. It’s about an 800 mile trip and we would love to do it as inexpensively as possible! Thanks!

    • Tina

      If you have a smartphone get the app called Gas Buddy. It will find the cheapest gas in the vicinity that you currently are located.

  • Kristin

    Dear Mavis,
    My hard drive crashed on my laptop and my tv is not taking advantage of our dish service. I need serious help finding an all in one desktop so I do not miss any more of the fabulous IP’s you link, and we seriously are searching for a 40″+ flat screen-new/used/referb you name it, great quality and value aadvice are needed!

  • Esmer

    Dear Mavis,

    Every since I started to coupon I need ore storage. I have been trying to look for a good size pantry under 100 bucks if possible. have any ideas?

  • Esmer

    sorry I meant I need more storage!

  • anon

    Dear Mavis
    I am looking for a good yonana.

  • Jaime

    was in the market for a new bed, King size, just bought one from Sleep with Grace, they had a 2,000 bed for half off, but… not sure if I like it may have to exchange it. I have to say a new bed is the hardest thing I have ever shopped for.

    I like this post because I want the best deal!!! So, I will be searching for bedding and a new couch next in the next year ( I think maybe Jan/ Feb is the best time to buy)

    • Karma

      HURRY to Shopko for your mattress cover and pillows! They are 65% off through TODAY for Back to School. (I didn’t check other bedding.) Or wait for Black Friday at Shopko and almost all their bedding is normally 60% off.

  • Kristin

    Dear Mavis,
    Along with my dreams of new electronics, my mattress is over 15yrs old….I saw a sleep inovations on Amazon, like tempurpedic(which I have slept on in hotels and loved) any advice or better deals on this type of mattress, I believe it was $450 or so…which I beyond my budget atm condisering I need to replace my computer and tv soon as well. Anyone have a package deal??? ;p

  • Dear Mavis,

    Cathy needs a new car. Can you find me one that will fit 9 people and isn’t a van.


    Crowded and Cheap

  • Heidi

    dear mavis —

    just wondering if you’re regretting starting this thread yet… LOL!!

    heidi in monroe

  • Michele

    Our dog tore a hole in our tent this past weekend any ideas? My kids think they need to bring all thier friends so it needs to be at least an 8 or 10 sleeper.

  • Mavis, what I need can not ne found on Amazon. I need YOU to come visit me in Utah for 1 week and teach me all you know! Or I can come to you. I’m pretty flexable! 🙂

  • Becky

    Dear Mavis-
    I’m in need of some black high heels! Christmas is coming, and there are sure to be parties I need to go to, but most of my shoes would be more comfortable at the dirty dash than at a party! Plus I keep hearing about this coupon class in September, and I’d like to look FAB! Please help me get out of my track shoe rut!
    Please help!

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