Credit Sesame: FREE Credit Score & Monitoring, NO Credit Card Required!

FREE credit score? Yes please!

Free credit monitoring AND $50K identify theft insurance in addition to a free monthly credit score

Credit Sesame is a 100% free personal finance credit and debt management tool with no credit card required or trial period! The sign up was quick and now I get my own personal updated Experian credit score for FREE each month! How cool is that!? Here are a few other things I like about Credit Sesame

  • You can see your own personal loans, payments, rates, and debt to income data all in one place. Sometimes this is an eye opener and motivation to take control of your hard earned money!
  • It provides you with your free updated and monitored credit score. I like this because it gives me an idea of where I’m at and helps keep me on track.
  • You can check out loan and credit card options that could help save you money. Sometimes there are better options out there!
  • It gives you advice and options to optimize your current loans and debt and improve your credit score. I was surprised to learn a few things I will definitely be working on.
  • Credit Sesame is a VeriSigned Secure website and does not share your information.

Ready to see your credit score, take control of your debt and save money all at the same time? For FREE?

Sign up for Credit Sesame today!

4 tips to improve your credit score

  • Pay your bills on time, all the time — every time.
  • Watch your credit card balances, use as little of your available credit as possible and your credit score will thank you.
  • Avoid credit card debt, only charge what you can comfortably afford to pay off at the end of each month. Trust us, it will still build your credit.
  • Maintain a good mix of credit including credit cards, auto loans, mortgage, etc., and manage them wisely.

Have you checked your credit lately? Keep tabs on your credit with your Credit Sesame account and save or improve your financial situation in 2012!

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  • Cindy

    From Consumer Reports:
    CreditSesame’s free identity protection come-on

    Service provides little value and sets up purchase of ‘complete’ protection for $120 to $179 a year
    Published: May 14, 2014 08:00 AM, which promises free loan-shopping tools “so you can save money and live richly,” now wants you to spend a little money.
    In late April, CreditSesame, which has 3.5 million members, launched free identity protection services, which it hyped to the press as “an industry first and a game changer for consumers.”
    But when it comes to protection, the freebie is extremely limited, and CreditSesame knows it. “If you want a more complete set of tools to monitor and protect your identity, check out our premium services,” CreditSesame tells consumers who want to learn about the free service. That “more complete” service will cost you $120 to $179-a-year in subscription fees.
    We’ve never been a fan of identity protection services, because you can more effectively protect yourself for little or no cost. We recently took Target to task for offering free credit monitoring after hackers stole payment card data and personal information of more than 70 million of its customers last year. But CreditSesame’s offering is no better, and in one important respect is even worse :
    • CreditSesame’s free “identity protection” is really credit monitoring, which can only protect you from a small fraction of identity fraud—so-called “new account fraud,” not the “existing account fraud” that makes up about 80 percent of so-called identity theft crime.
    • Like Target’s service, CreditSesame only monitors one credit bureau—Experian—which can leave gaps in the protection, because the three major credit bureaus, which include Equifax and TransUnion, don’t all track the same information, so fraudulent activity not reported to Experian would be missed.
    • CreditSesame’s identity restoration service is “self-service.” That means you do-it-yourself, which is less than the Target identity theft resolution support that provides guidance from a live person.

  • Monica


    For us the credit score is the main value we get out of credit sesame. We do not use them for identity protection. Although it is a nice safe guard when you are more aware of your credit score each month.

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