Crazy 8 Review and Giveaway


We are giving away a $100 gift card to Crazy 8!

I love Crazy 8! They have a really nice selection of childrens clothing and they have amazing sales! Crazy 8 was generous enough to not only give us a $100 gift card to giveaway, but they also gave one to me so that I could buy some clothing from their store.

I love to shop online and the Crazy 8 site is so easy to use, but I decided I wanted to make more of a learning experience for my boys with this purchase so I took them into the store to pick out what they wanted. I gave each of them a $50 budget to pick out whatever they felt like they needed. Pants, shirts, hats, jackets, shoes, socks ect.

It was fun because they were having a buy one get one for $0.88 promotion and they were doing 30% off of the clearance. This was a good opportunity to refresh their brains on calculating percentages. I love opportunities to teach my children how to stretch their dollar.

Many times I buy clothing for my boys that looks nice and they do not want to wear it. Their number one concern is comfort and not too nice looking. Haha. Crazy 8 was perfect for that. We were able to find some really comfortable clothing that was extra warm for winter and it looks nice.


Lined Jeans:

My younger son LOVED these jeans with the fleece liner. He likes comfortable clothing and typically does not like the feeling of jeans rubbing against his leg. He loved the fleece inside his jeans. So comfy. I am excited because they will keep him warm this winter. I also love Crazy 8 pants because they have the adjustable waist. That is a must with my skinny little guys. It is also nice because with these lined jeans we can buy a little big and roll the cuff, then they last longer because we can always adjust the waist. He loved the dinosaur graphic tee and the vest. I wish they would have had this orange vest in store though. The price is even lower and he would have loved the BSU  team color! Another great thing about shopping online is the great selection.


Lined Pants:

I loved these pants! They have the comfy feel of cotton on the inside with a liner that keeps you warm so they feel like a track pant, but look a little more like a slack. They are a little more fitted and not so baggy so it makes them look nicer than a track pant in my opinion. The liner on the inside offers the comfort that my son wants.


Striped Hoodie:

We both loved this hoodie. It has the comfort and the casual feel that my son likes, but it also looks nice. It I would have offered him a rugby shirt similar to this he would have said no, but this one with the hoodie was a slam dunk!


Graphic Tees:

These long sleeve graphic tees are really fun. They have a lot of styles to choose from to fit your childs personality. I let this guy get two white ones, and this black one. Now that I think about it I should have never let him get the white ones. He is going to stain them the first time he wears them. This black one is perfect, grass stains, food stains, bring it on, they are not going to show up on this shirt.


Holiday Deals:

Sorry I left out the girl stuff, I should have picked a few things out for my niece so that you could see some of the super cute things they have for girls. This week find great deals for only $6, $8 and $10! All season look for Gifts for Under $25!


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